Praetor’s Canton

“Third rule! No whiskey within twenty paces of the loading breech or barrel. If tempted, as Krold Twostumps why we add the rule.”

Praetor’s Canton and the War Wagon Prep Deck is the industrial area of the Black Citadel. It is where the great tanks and machinery of the Iron Legion are created. It is also where commanders and sent to train and get used to new weaponry.

Mustering Ground

PC01Citizen: I want to see you again.
Citizen (2): I didn’t want to see you the first time. Get lost.

PC02Ash Legion Soldier: Don’t get carried away. Everyone’s got to know his place.
Vigil Crusader: But I can challenge a charr. I can fight him in arena.
Ash Legion Soldier: Sure… but then your place is gonna be on the ground.

PC03Citizen: Is that beef fresh? When did you kill it?
Butcher: This morning. I got more coming in. You want to watch?
Citizen: Heh. I just want the dinner. I don’t need the show.

PC04Iron Legion Soldier: Have you heard? The Slice warband is back. They were victorious. No losses!
Iron Legion Soldier (2): Yeah! Woo woo woo!
Iron Legion Soldier (3): Oo-rah!
Iron Legion Soldier: I have to spread the word!

PC05Blood Legion Soldier: After a day of forced march, I have to eat a lot of meat before I can sleep.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): I have to eat a lot when I get up.
Blood Legion Soldier: That, too.

PC06Plebeian: How did you ever manage to build such a thriving metropolis out of such war-blasted ruins?
Iron Legion Soldier: We’re charr. Iron Legion. We can build anything.

PC07Citizen: Those guys on the Guard don’t miss much.
Adamant Guard: We don’t miss anything.

PC08Citizen: I don’t trust a guy who travels alone.
Citizen (2): Especially when he thinks he’s some kind of hero.

PC09Iron Legion Soldier: The warband and I were up at dawn, training. We started by running the city’s perimeter.
Iron Legion Soldier: Then we did weapon drills, lifted weights, and skinned a bushel of potatoes for the cook.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): You’re going to sleep well tonight.
Iron Legion Soldier: That is the final ingredient for making a good warrior.

PC10Cub: That wad fun. Now, I’m starving.
Cub: Yeah. Oh yeah! Woohoo!
Cub: (laugh)

PC11Citizen: Imagine if the Flame Legion ever attacked us here.
Citizen (2): It would be a good year of warfare. More, maybe.

PC12Iron Legion Soldier: You heading to the training field?
Iron Legion Soldier (2): 
My warband’s been doing some special hand-to-hand training.
Iron Legion Soldier: They must be sending you into dragon minion territory.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): Wherever they send us, we’ll do them proud.

PC13Soldier: Follow me.
Soldier: Let’s get started.

PC14Mist Warrior: Hey. Talk to me about the Mist War. We’re recruiting.

PC15Soldier: Blast Adelbern and his Foefire. They’re all that’s stopping us from taking back what is ours.

PC16Old Soldier: I may have lost a step or two, I’ll admit. But I still have enough in me to take down a nest of grawl.

PC17Citizen: Why are we letting all these human mice in our city?
Citizen (2): It’s a sign of our victory. We went to war, they lost. Now they buy our stuff.
Citizen: I guess you’re right. We have to sell stuff to someone. Might be as well be them.

War Wagon Prep Deck

PC18Citizen: Some of these crooked merchants are too sharp for the Adamant Guard.
Citizen (2): Don’t worry. I’ve got something sharper.

PC19Soldier: Our guild has been challenged to fight “any time, any place.”
Merchant: If they’ve got the time, I’ve got the weapons.

PC20Ash Legion Soldier: I worked with a sylvari sniper last year. He was eerily accurate.
Ash Legion Soldier(2): They do that sometimes.

PC21Iron Legion Soldier: The’s got some great war stories. Makes you especially proud to be charr.

PC22Citizen: You should’ve seen it. He was spitting up teeth and blood.
Citizen (2): He’ll think twice before he says that again.

PC23Citizen: You see that fight last night in the arena?
Citizen (2): That runty little asura and the wolves? Yeah, that was a laugh and a half.
Citizen: He was clever and quick. Too bad he got kicked back to the Shallows.
Citizen (2): Clever is good. Victory is better.

PC24Blood Legion Soldier: Where have you been?
Blood Legion Soldier (2): 
I went out with Rytlock and his legionnaires.
Blood Legion Soldier: You’re kidding! Did he get in any fights?
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Rytlock mocks and shames them. A few grim words, and they concede defeat.

PC25Citizen: Have you ever seen a statue of Scorchrazor?
Citizen (2): Of course. She led a rebellion, brought females to the battlefield, and took down the shamans.
Citizen: Someday I’ll match her victories, and they’ll make a statue of me.

PC26Citizen: That matron soldier is fierce.
Citizen (2): I like ’em fierce.

PC27Scrapper: Are you really my father?
Citizen: That’s right. Some dads don’t watch their cubs. I do.
Scrapper: Why are you here?
Citizen: To brag if you win and walk away in shame if you lose. Don’t lose.

PC28Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Pay attention, scrubs. You’re looking at the most sophisticated defense system ever designed.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: The Iron Legion worked tirelessly for weeks to get these devastating weapons into your hands.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: You’re the vanguards for your units, and you’ll be required to pass along everything you learn today.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb:  Now, before I talk about how to employ these beauties, let’s go over the rules.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: First rule! Do not cross in front of the muzzle at any times during the cleaning, the loading, or the firing procedure.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Second rule! Do not fill charges with more than three scoops of powder from the keg. Ever.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Third rule! No whiskey within twenty paces of the loading breech or barrel. If tempted, as Krold Twostumps why we add the rule.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Moving on! Snouts up. I’m going to enlighten you to the process for loading and firing this weapon.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: First, you clean the vent and the bore. Make sure both are clear and free of powder remnants.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Next, load the powder. Remember, three scoops! No more. No less. If less, you’ll fall short of your target. If more you’ll have a very, very bad day.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Now, you’re ready to pack in the projectile. Make sure the load is fully seated, or you will burst the barrel.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Lastly, check there’s nothing forward of the muzzle, and call our to your crew before igniting the charge. Then, prime the vent and fire the weapon!
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Seems simple, but failure to follow these steps will result in death and mutilation- yours. We need every soldier in one piece. Now, get out of here.

PC29Citizen: That guy’s an idiot.
Citizen (2): Watch it. He’s in my warband.
Citizen: I’m just sayin’.
Citizen (2): We’re a band of brothers. He may be an idiot, but he’s still my brother.

PC30Iron Legion Soldier: I’m on duty at the armory later. I work in weapons maintenance.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): We must have a lot of blades to sharpen.
Iron Legion Soldier: I don’t mind the blades so much. It’s cleaning the rifles that gets to me.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): Why’s that?
Iron Legion Soldier: They don’t need it. Have you ever met a charr who didn’t keep his weapon pristine?
Iron Legion Soldier: And yet, we have to take the rifles apart and clean them again anyway.

PC31Iron Legion Engineer: That happens if we smelt these metals together in different proportions?
Iron Legion Engineer(2): Is there anything stopping us from finding put?
Iron Legion Engineer: Nothing. Out orders are to produce a stronger alloy to axles. We’ll do whatever it takes.

PC32Iron Legion Engineer: They send over the new schematics for the new tank design. You’re gonna love this!
Iron Legion Engineer (2): I can’t wait to see ’em. I heard they’re genius.
Iron Legion Engineer: We’re on the cutting edge here. It’s incredible. Nobody builds war machinery like we do.
Iron Legion Engineer (2): Oo-rah!

PC33Adamant Guard: The only way I ever remember anything important is if it comes with a good scar.

PC34Citizen: This purposed truce with humans isn’t going to be an easy bone for for either side to swallow.

PC35Citizen: I’m glad we have those norn on our side. We’re going to need their help.
Citizen (2): After we push back the Flame Legion, they’re the ones I’d like to share land with.

PC36Cub: I learned to know where your weapon is. And the best way to use it.

PC37Cub: If that Ash cub wants my rations again, I’m gonna give him a lesson in pain.

PC38Cub: Never turn your back on a devourer, or you’ll get a tail full of poison.

PC39Old Soldier: I’ll never forget first time one of those war wagons rolled into camp. Right then and there, I knew I wanted to be Iron.

PC40Ash Legion Soldier: I like sylvari, but every time I see one, I’m tempted to use them to sharpen my claws.

PC41Ash Legion Soldier: I don’t know. I’m loathe to climb inside that metal monstrosity. Give me a trusted blade and shield any day.