Did you know #3: The Priory’s tomes and books are distributed through printing presses.

The printing presses are used wide scale to print books and tomes for the Black Citadel. The charr then sold a few of the presses to the Durmand Priory. The Priory uses the printing presses for mass distribution of books mainly throughout Kryta, but they can also be found elsewhere. The charr also sold some presses to independent groups after they saw the profit that can be gained. Not all presses come for the charr however; some presses were able to utilize old wine presses for their manufacturing.[1]

[1] Chikage: There are so many books to read. I wish I had time for them all. The Durmand Priory’s been busy since getting their hands on printing presses.

Player: All these books came from Durmand Priory?

Chikage: Not all of them. There are few independent presses around. Since the charr sold a few presses to the Priory, some other groups figured they could profit from it as well.

Player: I’m surprised the charr were so willing to sell the Durmand Priory all those presses.

Chikage: Oh they didn’t all come from the charr. Although I believe a few of the independent presses might be made from old unused wine presses.

Player: Wow, clever. Well it’s been nice talking to you. Bye!