The Golems Mines

“Don’t let Zojja hear you say that. As far as she’s concerned, Snaff could do no wrong.”

The Golem Mines (a twist on the term ‘salt mines’) is the main work zone for all krewes within Rata Sum. If they don’t have a lab out in the field, they will have a lab within the Golem Mines. The area is the third and last floor of Rata Sum, the rest inaccessible.

The Mines also is host to The Peacemakers HQ and The Inquest Facility. Given that an Inquest Member is on the Arcane Council, it is not a surprise to see they are able to work within the city.

We learn of a rival of the Super Adventure Box. There seems to be alot more to this story then what we currently see and only time will tell… “He’s back. Back at the Creator’s Commons. Back with that stupid, flashy abomination.”

We learn alot more about Zojja. She is a revered golemancer and within a legue of her own. Zojja appears to know alot about the golem structure and the way they act. “You should talk to Zojja. She helped me solve a golem quandary. Her solution was elegant and brilliant.” She seems the type of person you don’t want to get angry. “I don’t know. Zojja scares me. I ran into her once and she nearly bit my ears off.”and “I know just the type. I once worked with Zojja.”

We get even more talk about a certain reactor explosion. This is something big considering the most Inquest don’t know about it either. “Who or what caused the accident is of no consequence. We can and should benefit from it.”

In the Interdisciplinary Accessium we heard about the golem uprising, we’ll here we overhear peacemakers talking about Snaff. “Not too may hiccups. Remember when Snaff lost control of them? What a mess.” I believe Snaff lost control of the golems and caused the ‘uprising’. This has caused an unease for the peacemakers such as the one in the Council Level. “This imbalance in power terrifies me.” More so, the golems sometimes can be seen acting up such as the one in the Interdisciplinary Accessium and another found in the Mines. “Halt. Desist. You- will- be- termina- (bzzzt) Reset. Good- day, citizen. Carry- on.”I have to say this is starting to even make me a little uneasy…

There is alot of dialogue here so check it out yourself!

GM01Ferocious “Bear”: Come on, let me out! I’m not really a bear!
Prison Warden Zikki: Keep it down, talking bear. You’re going nowhere.
Prison Warden Zikki: Hey, “Doc,” your talking bear is at it again.
Mad Scientist Bluup: I already told you the talking bear isn’t one of mine, you imbicile.
Prison Warden Zikki (to an Ethereal Chicken): Hm, I still don’t know what you are…
Zaiyah: (sigh) Can I go home now?
Prison Warden Zikki: Have you figured out a solution for the quadradic matrix of a cubic paradigm when used in a flux inhibitor yet?
Zaiyah: No.
Prison Warden Zikki: Well, when you can answer that simple math problem, I’ll let you out.

GM02Golemancer: Do you think my latest generation of golems are as good as Zojja’s?
Golemancer (2): I haven’t examined them yet, but I highly doubt it.

GM03Golemancer: I’m having trouble with the guidance gyros on my latest generation of golems.
Golemancer (2): You should talk to Zojja. She helped me solve a golem quandary. Her solution was elegant and brilliant.
Golemancer: I don’t know. Zojja scares me. I ran into her once and she nearly bit my ears off.

GM04Golemancer: Was that a Model-O golem I saw in your lab?
Paovi: You have a keen eye for golems. That’s the prize piece in my collection.
Golemancer: I didn’t realize any intact original Oola golems still existed. I’m impressed.

GM05Inquest Apprentice: Did the Inquest have anything to do with the reactor explosion?
Inquest Researcher: I’m not at liberty to say.
Inquest Apprentice: You don’t know, do you?
Inquest Researcher: Who or what caused the accident is of no consequence. We can and should benefit from it.

GM06Inquest Apprentice: I can’t decide what to pursue for my research project.
Inquest Apprentice (2): How about a weather-control machine? Think of the possibilities for mischief.
Inquest Apprentice (2): You could deny water from farms; bury the city under a blizzard…
Inquest Apprentice: Right! Like no one has ever thought of that before. I need something original.

GM07Inquest Apprentice: I have some great ideas for next year’s Snaff Prize.
Inquest Apprentice (2): I don’t even know what I’ll be working on in a year. How could you have any salient ideas?
Inquest Apprentice: All of my ideas revolve around sabotaging other entries.
Inquest Apprentice (2): Ah. Of course.

GM08Inquest Researcher: How are the machinations progressing?
Inquest Researcher (2): I’m not at liberty to… Ah. Yes. A ritual greeting. Fine, thank you.

GM09Inquest Researcher: Is your latest device ready for deployment?
Inquest Researcher (2): I need additional time for stress-testing. The reaction is not quite stable yet.
Inquest Researcher: Stress testing is best done in the field. Fine some live subjects and move this project forward.

GM10Inquest Researcher: The Eternal Alchemy holds the answer, if only we can divine its full influence.
Inquest Researcher (2): More gifted alchemists than you have tried to crack the code.
Inquest Researcher: But were they willing to do anything- sacrifice anyone- for their work?

GM11Ketto: At least this is better than the Intravenous Intelligizer. (snickers) Remember that debacle?
Yavvi: I can still recall the odor of burning plasma coils.
Ketto: Still, the disaster did pave the way for the Somno-Scholar.
Yavvi: Let’s keep the immolations to a minimum this time.
Yavvi: Of course, there’s the nausea factor we need to resolve.
Ketto: Oh, uh… yes. Obviously.
Ketto: If you had it to do all over again, would you have made the original Adventure Box?
Yavvi: Of course. It was a worthwhile project. The aftereffects, I don’t think anyone could have predicted.
Yavvi: I still think you should give the presentation. Once we perfect the experiment, of course.
Ketto: But you thought up this next phase.
Yavvi: I know. I just don’t feel like standing up in front of a group of people again. Last time it happened…
Ketto: I won’t act like he did. I promise.
Yavvi: Don’t make promises.

GM12Ketto: He’s back. Back at the Creator’s Commons. Back with that stupid, flashy abomination.
Yavvi: (sigh) I know. Nimbb told me. Took me an hour to calm him down.
Yavvi: He’ll be gone soon. Don’t go and instigate anything.
Ketto: He’s taunting us. You know that. He’s saying “Oooo, look how great I am. Don’t you wish you were as clever as me?”
Yavvi: You’re falsely extrapolating on data that isn’t present. Drop it! We have experiments to run.
Ketto: Do you think he knows what he’s done?
Yavvi: If you’re referring to whom I assume you are, then stop. It’s… draining.
Ketto: Aren’t you angry at what he did? I thought you of all people would be agitated, especially after he-
Yavvi: It was a long time ago. Life goes on; krewes proceed.
Yavvi: Or something like that.

GM13Ketto: Learning while you slumber. Why, the Somno-Scholar will make me famous.
Yavvi: Ahem.
Ketto: Oh, yes. It’ll make us famous.
Yavvi: Yes, but that’s not what I meant.
Yavvi: Our fame is premature. We haven’t cracked memory retention. The subjects are only retaining 40 percent of the sleep-education sessions.
Yavvi: We need a device to document your sleep-based lessons and convert them into data you can consult the next day.
Ketto: And where are we going to get that?
Yavvi: Then, by linking the rendering to the captured brain waves, we use the Adventure Box to interface with what’s recorded.
Ketto: The original Adventure Box was a massive undertaking of nuance and complexity. You expect it to be portable?
Yavvi: The Adventure Box was built years ago. Advancements in hardware will make it a snap to convert to a handheld gadget.
Ketto: Oh. Ohhhh. Why didn’t I think of that?
Yavvi: I thought it would have been elementary.
Ketto: Yes, well. Wortt, get off your posterior and retrieve the Adventure Box schematics.
Yavvi: Nimbb, put your hardware skills to use building a handheld display. And lay off the sugary drinks. They make you act like a charr.

GM14Ketto: Wortt! Get a move on and reformat those crystallite subroutines.
Ketto: So, be sure to take care of that. I’m counting on you.
Ketto: Um… yes. Good talk. Keep up, uh, the good work. Yeah.

GM15Krewe Member: I don’t believe I can return to my lab. I may need a new position.
Krewe Recruiter: What happened?
Krewe Member: I dumped my krewe chief’s toolbox and he practically exploded.
Krewe Recruiter: I know just the type. I once worked with Zojja.

GM16Krewe Member: I thought I saw some Opticalium goons skulking around the lab today.
Krewe Member (2): Ooh. Interkrewe espionage. How exciting.  We must really be onto something.
Krewe Member: Thaumaturgical research is always lucrative. Everyone needs new power sources.

GM17Krewe Member: I’m tired of trudging through caves and swamps. I signed on to create, not collect.
Krewe Member (2): What do you mean? We’re important cogs in the Incinergen machine.
Krewe Member: Bah! You sound like a recruiter. You may be happy as a cog. Me? I want to be a piston.

GM18Krewe Member: You look exhausted. Have you been burning the midnight oil again?
Duxxi: Elemental essence, actually.

GM19Krewe Recruiter: Have you ever considered the exciting world of the Hydrone krewe?
Dynamics Apprentice: I have a cousin in Hydrone and she spends all her time collecting… hylek secretions.
Krewe Recruiter: All that and more can be yours at Hydrone. Would you like an application?

GM20Krewe Recruiter: Opticalium is definitely the place for an aspiring synergetics student.
Synergetics Apprentice: You want me to dirty my hands with practical applications?
Krewe Recruiter: Theorems may advance knowledge, but they do not advance your earnings.
Krewe Recruiter: Why you get tired of eating noodles and broth, look me up.

GM21Paovi: I thought you were going to enter your latest golem design in the Snaff Prize.
Golemancer: It wasn’t ready yet. I need to perform further testing. Maybe next year.
Paovi: That’s what you said last year. I think you’re afraid of Zojja.

GM22Peacemaker Officer: The Peacemaker golems certainly are functioning well these days.
Peacemaker Officer (2): Not too may hiccups. Remember when Snaff lost control of them? What a mess.
Peacemaker Officer: Don’t let Zojja hear you say that. As far as she’s concerned, Snaff could do no wrong.

GM23Rata Sum Protector: Good-day, citizen.
Shady Alchemist Grack: I didn’t do anything. Why do you persecute me?

GM24Rata Sum Protector: Halt. Desist. You- will- be- termina- (bzzzt) Reset.
Resident: What in the Alchemy was that about?
Rata Sum Protector: Good- day, citizen. Carry- on.

GM25Rata Sum Protector: You- are- in- violation-of- city- ordinance- one- oh- one. You- will- be- fined.
Resident: What? I’ve done nothing! What is this ordinance?
Rata Sum Protector: All- ordinances- are- on- file- in- the- basement- of- the- Ministerial- House. Good- day!

GM26Retired Merchant: Can you be helped?
Citizen: Excuse me?

GM27Retired Researcher: Need assistance?
Retired Researcher (2): Why? Do I look incapable of helping myself?

GM28Trainer Gill: Begin.
Trainer Gill: Desist movement!
Trainer Gill: Begin.
Trainer Gill: Abscond!

GM29Yavvi: Hmm. Lining up the data tables, the subjects are only recalling 40 percent of what the Sumno-Scholar tells them.
Yavvi: We’ll have to see if it’s a memory-retention problem in the subjects or an apparatus issue. I’ll start running tests.
Ketto: Right, otherwise we have a bunch of test subjects as dumb as humans running around.
Yavvi: Diagnostic test 1. Memory retention viability. This will determine the maximum memory load for users of the Sumno-Scholar.
Yavvi: Beginning data buffer. Running simulation. Emulation set to typical asuran brain patterns.
Yavvi: Capturing neurolinguistic matrix response in… 3… 2… 1.
Yavvi: Capture complete.
Yavvi: Hmm. Interesting. But let’s see what the next test reveals.
Yavvi: Diagnostic test 2. Determining if the Sumno-Scholar is instigating a performance bottleneck.
Yavvi: Activating Somno-Scholar architecture. Isolating first mnemonic sample.
Yavvi: Nominal response: 212 by 145. Isolating second mnemonic sample.
Yavvi: Exceptional response: 411 by 78. Isolating third mnemonic sample.
Yavvi: Above-average response: 302 by 111.
Yavvi: Experiment ends. Logging data. Now, what does it all mean?
Yavvi: Hmm. The tests are inconclusive.
Ketto: Which means we don’t know what’s wrong?
Yavvi: Which means we need more testing. Our problem exists outside of the simulacra we’ve made.
Yavvi: Times like these, I wish we had an unorthodox mind like… No, never mind.
Ketto: We don’t need him. I can be as unorthodox as he was. What if… um… I volunteered?
Yavvi: Ketto, we aren’t the Inquest. I don’t want you to risk your mental acuity when it’s  not necessary.
Ketto: I insist. After all, what’s progress without a little discomfort from time to time.
Yavvi: It’s not the discomfort I worry about.
Ketto: You… worry about me?
Yavvi: You’re a fellow krewemate. I worry about all of us.
Ketto: Oh…

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