Kessex Hills

“My dream? Imagine shattered corpses, laughing children. Now imagine me, searching. I find only corpses. The laughter yet eludes me.”

Fort Salma

KH01Toosioo: Are you feeling better? Quaggan was so worried.
Keekeesh: Better, yes, but not all goood. Quaggan’s head is aching.
Toosioo: Booooo…

KH02Keekeesh: Quaggan wants to go home.
Toosioo: But the lake, it’s ruined. Quaggans may never be able to go home.
Keekeesh: (sigh) Why does live have to be so hard?

KH03Lyasa: Chickens peck, and chickens munch.
Lyasa: Chickens cluck, and chickens crunch.
Lyasa: Chickens flap, and chickens croon.
Lyasa: Chickens on the table soon.

KH04Nellie: I found the most interesting rock, today. You should come see it.
Caden: A rock. Right. No thanks.
Nellie: No, really! It’s all silvery on the outside, and the center’s a swirling purple.
Caden: Nellie, I wouldn’t go over there for the most impressive rock in the world. Not after last time.
Nellie: Drat!

Delanian Foothills

KH05Deputy Mavronos: Centaurs? I spit on them.
Archen Lun: Words I can drink to, brother.

KH06Villager: (screaming)
Villager: Thank the gods you came along!

KH07Deputy Mavronos: So… Ever been to Lion’s Arch?
Noble: No, but we’re going there someday.
Deputy Mavronos: Well, you should let me take you. I’ve been there. I know the streets. Oh, the things I’ve seen! The glorious things! You should see them.
Deputy Mavronos: There’s asura and charr making strange contraptions and shooting them off at night, there’s norn fighting in arenas, and there’s sylvari talking to anybody they can find.
Deputy Mavronos: I’ve even seen a quaggan chief, or whatever they are, waddling about!
Noble: No, thanks.

KH08Lionguard: Is it okay to run from centaurs? I mean, if there’s a lot of them?
Deputy Mavronos: From a lot of them? You afraid of dying?
Lionguard: Maybe…
Deputy Mavronos: If you’re afraid, you’re not living. You might as well be dead.

KH09Deputy Mavronos: Greetings. I watch over this place, and all visitors, as if they were my own flesh and blood. Deputy Mavronos
Old Woman: Well, a pleasure to meet you, young man. What delight!
Deputy Mavronos: In that case, but me a pint?
Old Woman: I’ll buy you coffee…
Deputy Mavronos: Hm, yes. Coffee. That would be great!

KH10Eereesh: Please, quaggan wants to be far away from this awful place.
Lionguard Adeline: Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you.
Lionguard Adeline: I just want to make sure to find you a nice, quiet new village where no krait will bother you again.
Eereesh: Thank you. Quaggan knows you are trying.

KH11Lionguard Adeline: Welcome to Black Haven. Might I ask what your business is here?
Subassessor Prongg: You might, provided I had you sign a nondisclosure agreement before answering.
Subassessor Prongg: I’m afraid I neglected to bring one along with me. So… my answer is, “I’m not really at liberty to say.”
Lionguard Adeline: I see. Well, my loss, I suppose.
Subassessor Prongg: You could always try guessing.
Lionguard Adeline: No, I’m good.

KH12Subassessor Prongg: Salutations, my rotund little friend. I’m new to your area; could you tell me which way that tower in the lake fell when it came down?
Eereesh: Queggan’s family never returned from that tower.
Subassessor Prongg: Are you trying to remember for me? There may be a tasty fish in it for you…
Lionguard Adeline: What’s going on here? Is this… person bothering you?
Subassessor Prongg: No bother at all. We were just having a nice chat, weren’t we?
Eereesh: This person is bothering quaggan, yes.
Subassessor Prongg: (sputter) Now, I was only–
Lionguard Adeline: Enough! You heard her. Move along.

KH13Lionguard Thetan: I don’t trust lip-smilers.
Lionguard Morris: Lip-smilers?
Lionguard Thetan: People who smile with just lips. They’re obviously hiding something.

KH14Lionguard Morris: I hope I don’t get stuck out here too long.
Lionguard Thetan: (grunt)

Wizard’s Fief

KH15Dillon: This place is fantastic! We should get elementals to help out in our city.
Mriel: You work in a quarry. If a bunch of elementals showed up to do manual labor, you’d lose your job.
Dillon: Oh, right.

KH16Child: Go on, then.
Child: Do your worst!
Child: (laughing)
Child: That’s enough.

KH17Town Guard Plesci: Sometimes, late at night, I hear strange noises echoing in the canyons.
Mayor Manrin: What kind of noises?
Town Guard Plesci: Well, I swear they’re screams, but not… you know, human.
Mayor Manrin: Oh, you’re just trying to scare me. You know the wizard will keep us safe.

KH18Mayor Manrin: The wizard tower tours are expensive. What else can we charge tourists for?
Town Guard Plesci: What else is there? Wizard dolls? Tower construction sets?
Mayor Manrin: Good ideas. Get to work on those.

KH19Clandint: Did you hear about the body snatching?
Tillee: Where?
Clandint: Somewhere west of the canyon.
Tillee: Thank goodness for the wizard. He keeps us safe.

KH20Felna: When I was a little girl, elementals–
Gabriette: –used to destroy your storage sheds and run your livestock off the farm. I know, Grandma. You’ve told me.

KH21Child: This is the best view of the wizard’s tower in town. You can stand here for three gold.
Visitor: I can see the tower just fine from here. Thank you.
Child: I can tell you all about the tower and the wizard for two gold.
Visitor: Go away, kid. You bother me.
Child: That costs five gold.

KH22Visitor: I’ve seen the wizard’s tower. What else is there to do around here?
Lasha: That’s pretty much it. You don’t want to go west of the canyon.
Visitor: Why is that?
Lasha: Way too dangerous. The people out there are practically barbarians.

KH23Visitor: Hey, check this out! (kick)
Visitor (2): (laughing)
Visitor: I can’t believe it!

Giant’s Passage

KH24Wisteri: Sometimes the krait will hamstring their slaves. It must be devastating for a centaur.
Lopp: It would be devastating for me, too.
Wisteri: That’s true.

KH25Lionguard Amita: More refugees, if this keeps up, we’ll have to move into the Mists.
Lionguard Brodnick: I’m sure the dragons would love that.

KH26Lionguard Brodnick: You see the toxic shark they pulled out of the lake the other day?
Lionguard Amita: I did. It had teeth bigger than my youngest progeny.

KH27Lionguard Migra: Too bad so many of the krait have gone, I love hunting them.
Lionguard Viff: There are plenty of other things to hunt now.

KH28Lionguard Viff: Next time we go on patrol, let’s take a pack animal so we don’t run out of drinking water.
Lionguard Migra: You don’t need a pack animal. You’ve got me.
Lionguard Viff: Oh yeah. Good point.

KH29Lionguard: This is a pretty nice place. Once the krait are gone and the world stops falling apart, I think I’ll like it here.

KH30Fisher Wallace: If the krait weren’t around, I could test my tricolor minnow blighter.
Sheriff Bronden: Test it anyway. You worry too much.
Fisher Wallace: What? You can’t be serious. I’m sitting here until the krait are gone.

KH31Reginald Murcan: They kicked me outta the other havens.
Hugh Hillman: Why?
Reginald Murcan: They don’t like me. It’s a conspiracy, see.
Hugh Hillman: Huh.
Reginald Murcan: It is! I know too much, and it makes them nervous. I used to work for the queen, you know.
Hugh Hillman: Why don’t they just kill ya?
Reginald Murcan: They’ve tried. They’re probably trying right now. A little poison in this ale, maybe.
Hugh Hillman: Whatever. I need to finish this now.

KH32Jerry Glenthurne: Let’s see what’s on the menu… hmmm…
Mebeleen Glenthurne: Probably nothing you like.

KH33Mebeleen Glenthurne: We heard krait last night, down by the lake. Isn’t that right, dear?
Jerry Glenthurne: (grunt)
Lopp: What? What was that?
Mebeleen Glenthurne: I said we heard krait. Last night. By the lake.
Lopp: Oh! Krait. I definitely misheard that. I though you said wait or fate or tate or something.

KH34Fisher Wallace: You smell like someone who likes to fish.
Lionguard Airem: Hey, hey! I study fish in my free time. Nothing wrong with that. There are lots of fish around, and they’re in trouble.
Fisher Wallace: Whoa, easy. That was a compliment. Kindred spirits, you and I. See? Take a whiff.

KH35Fisher Wallace: Nothing compares to asuran lures. The fish practically jump on the hooks.
Gardener Keemi: Well, I’m not surprised. Why don’t they spend more time inventing better horticultural machines? I could do so much.

KH36Fisher Wallace: There’s krait around. So now I barely survive by fising, but I just can’t bring myself to leave.
Sheriff Bronden: We’re all here with you. Keeping you alive so you can fish is one of our highest priorities, I promise.

KH37Gardener Keemi: What is the Dream like?
Lionguard Airem: My dream? Imagine shattered corpses, laughing children. Now imagine me, searching. I find only corpses. The laughter yet eludes me.
Gardener Keemi: Oh. Well, try a little gardening. That’s what I do when I need to relax.

KH38Gardener Keemi: If my spectral calcimitor wasn’t on the fritz, I could analyze the soil here.
Lionguard Airem: What magnificent device is that? I want to try! It sounds utterly amazing. It sounds like something I’d use every day.
Gardener Keemi: A spectral calcimitor. It measures, well, it measures the soil. And it’s broken. SO you can’t use it.

KH39Wisteri: Fishing looks like hard work, but the workers seem happy.
Hugh Hillman: Well, they should be. We pay enough for fish these days.
Lopp: I don’t think they’re making much money. Fish are hard to get with all the krait.

Triskellion Vale

KH40Deputy Tolmkiln: I loves me a good fight.
Klondurj: You look like it.
Deputy Tolmkiln: Why, thank you.
Klondurj: That wasn’t really a compliment.

KH41Fishmonger Gilbert: Come on now, I’m sure it’s perfectly (gulp) safe to eat.
Fishmonger Gilbert: I’ve had better schemes…
Fishmonger Gilbert: Surprisingly inexpensive fish for sale here!
Fishmonger Gilbert: Don’t all crows me at once. Plenty of perfectly edible fish to go around.
Fishmonger Gilbert: Entertaining all offers on my entire haul of (gulp) tasty, tasty fish.
Fishmonger Gilbert: At these prices, I must have brain damage!
Fishmonger Gilbert: Did I hear fifty copper? Hello?

KH42Lionguard Crushkrait: (sniff) What is that stench scorching my nostrils? Why are you still here?
Fishmonger Gilbert: Oh, come on, now. I mean, I’m just trying to make a living.
Lionguard Crushkrait: I should arrest you for attempted murder.
Fishmonger Gilbert: Ha ha! Just a little fun at my expense, folks.
Fishmonger Gilbert: Please don’t arrest me.
Lionguard Crushkrait: Pack up your stinking toxic fish and shove off, or I just might. (spit)
Fishmonger Gilbert: Yes, sir.

KH43Brewer Roger: We used to have ale tasters traveling here all the time. But they’ve stopped coming.
Duhny: Wonder why.
Brewer Roger: Duh. Maybe the war? Or haven’t you noticed?
Duhny: Well, maybe they found ale they liked better or something. The war doesn’t keep us away.
Brewer Roger: Nobody has found better ale! Besides, it’s become too dangerous for the tasters to travel.

KH44Klondurj: Don’t tell him, but I brought my own ale.
Duhny: Yeah, his gets old.
Klondurj: Want some?
Duhny: Sure!

KH45Lionguard Fritz: You know the secret to a top-notch fighting force?
Brewer Roger: What?
Lionguard Fritz: Uniforms.
Lionguard Fritz: Uniforms represent state of mind. Look you best, feel you best, fight your best, I always say.
Brewer Roger: Really?
Lionguard Fritz: Unequivocally. Appearance is key. And the enemy understands that too. You’d do well to keep that in mind.
Brewer Roger: Believe me, I understand. That’s exactly how I feel about my ale. I didn’t realize the same concept applied to war.

KH46Villager: Sheriff! What is that beast doing here!
Villager: Yah, I’d heard there was a centaur in the Haven, but I just couldn’t believe it.
Centaur Emissary: I am here as an emissary, human. Do not trifle with things you do not understand.
Villager: Shut it centaur! Or I’ll gut you where you stand!
Sheriff Sauchaa: You’ll do nothing of the sort! What she says is true, she’s here as an emissary.
Sheriff Sauchaa: …and as such, she is under our protection.
Villager: I can’t believe this! You’ve sold out your own people!

KH47Sheriff Sauchaa: We’ve received word that centaurs have been attacking merchants under Lionguard protection.
Centaur Emissary: Then you have been given faulty information, Sheriff.
Sheriff Sauchaa: I’m not so sure, but I’m also not in a position to take action.
Sheriff Sauchaa: The treaty protects you for now, but know that if you keep pushing, my Lionguard will gladly push back.
Centaur Emissary: I assure you, we have nothing against the Lionguard. You presence on our lands has been… accepted.

KH48Duhny: I think those mountains are unstable. They rumble and sigh all the time, like an army of old men.
Klondurj: You could be hearing ettins or something.
Duhny: This is definitely shifting ground. Unstable.
Klondurj: Maybe it’s giants.
Duhny: Unless they’re underground, I don’t think so.

KH49Sheriff Sauchaa: Seems like all the training we do is just polishing our weapons.
Brewer Roger: Well, weapons have to look good too, right?
Sheriff Sauchaa: No. They just have to work.
Brewer Roger: I wouldn’t serve ale in subpar containers. I wouldn’t serve food on dirty tables! Why should we expect less for our troops?
Sheriff Sauchaa: They’re vastly different! Drinking ale has nothing to do with training.
Brewer Roger: Oh.

KH50Injii: Kessex Haven serves the best moa stew outside of Shaemoor.
Seraph Soldier: I think your stew is the best.
Injii: Oh, my! Flattery will get you everywhere.

KH51Rhundall: I gave up mining because they didn’t want to do it my way.
Seraph Soldier: Oh, well maybe–
Rhundall: Yep. My way. Would’ve solved so many problems. What’s wrong with people?

KH52Injii: Why do our crops look so… sparse?
Rhundall: Maybe because we’re miners and nor farmers?
Injii: The centaurs trampling them all the time doesn’t help either.

KH53Rhundall: Fetch me a beer, you, and make it quick. I’m thirsty.
Injii: Get it yourself, you ungrateful toad.
Rhundall: Now, now. You know I was only joking.

KH54Seraph Soldier: Did you hear that? Sounded like a centaur shadow.
Seraph Soldier (2): A centaur shadow? I think you’ve been on patrol too long.

KH55Seraph Soldier: You know what we need? We need us a wall.
Seraph Soldier (2): To sit on? Good idea. I could use a rest.
Seraph Soldier: Naw! To keep the centaurs out.

KH56Injii: What do centaurs need with our ore, anyway?
Rhundall: Well, they use swords and guns, so I guess…
Injii: It was a rhetorical question.

KH57Fisher: The lake is teeming with krait!
Dalles: You’d still get your quiet life. It’d just be very short.

KH58Villager: Maybe you should fish for krait instead. I wonder what they taste like?

KH59Villager: I don’t want to raise a family out here in the wilderness.
Villager (2): Wait! A family?

KH60Fisher: Light catch. Gonna be a hard winter. Blasted krait foul the nets and steal our fish.

KH61Fisher: They taste like harpy.

Viathan Lake

KH62Meme: I think I turned one the other day. How many seasons have you seen?
Pellan: I have no idea. Some of us don’t embrace that peculiar concept of time.
Pellan: Other races put numbers on their lives because they can’t remember their childhood.

KH63Vanus: I feel restless. There is so much work to be done in this forest.
Vanus: I have never understood the need of other races to stand and do nothing.
Meme: I like waiting around. It gives me a chance to ask more questions.
Meme: Like, I know why the sky is blue, but how big is it?

KH64Pellan: My dream led me to the charr… and captivity.
Pellan: But, the skills I learned there helped me escape and made me who I am.
Meme: I think I’m glad I didn’t pay attention to my dream.

KH65Togatl Hylek: Krait attack every time we go hunting.
Chief Tlatoa: Fight back. We hylek are strong.
Togatl Hylek: Too many krait. Too fast. We can’t beat them.
Chief Tlatoa: Find a way. Hylek don’t give up!

KH66Gwoppip: AaaooOOOoo! Quaggan is so embarrassed –quaggan will never show his face in Moogooloo again!
Halooha: Gwoppip did not mean to reveal his shame face. The nasty krait forced him to.
Gwoppip: But the whole village saw! Quaggan is disgraced. Quaggan will find a rock and live under it.
Halooha: Boooo.

KH67Rushioo: Ookie-dookie. The relocation effort is underway.
Varonos Quaresa: Good. In this crazy life, quaggans must learn to be flexible.
Rushioo: Quaggan is round. Not flexible.
Varonos Quaresa: Quaggan has arranged for a shipment of fish and food plants for the workers. It should arrive soon.
Rushioo: Oh, quaggan is hungry. Even more hungry than sad.
Varonos Quaresa: Quaggans will pretend it is winter, and spring is on the horizon.

KH68Glubblug: Quaggan got enraged. Once. When a centaur got too close to the water.
Plunckdu: Foo. Quaggan doesn’t want to talk about that.
Varonos Doolbroo: It’s better to lose control because of a centaur than another quaggan.
Plunckdu: Quaggan still doesn’t want to talk about.

Lychcroft Mere

KH69Villager: I don’t see what good this is doing.
Villager (2): Any life worth living is drenched in rain and sunshine.

KH70Villager: I’m going to pause for a brief meditation.
Villager (2): I don’t see what good this is doing.

KH71Villager: What’s the toughest creature to track?
Villager (2): Charr.
Villager: But they’re, you know, big! And they have lots of claws, right?
Villager (2): Exactly.

KH72Villager: I once tracked a charr ten miles downriver before I realized it was tracking me.
Villager (2): Why? What happened?
Villager: I… don’t want to talk about it.


Lionguard Tria: The Lionguard strive to protect the trade routes to and from Lion’s Arch. But time are tough, and our ranks are wearing thin. Bandit holdings are quickly growing throughout the wilderness of Black Haven, and I fear things will only get worse if someone doesn’t step in.

Seraph Soldier Warren: The Seraph are all the stands between order and chaos out here. Even now the Harathi are gathering materials to construct great siege engines, which lay waste to everything within range. Please, stand with us, and put a stop to their plans.

Pedran: I came here seeking my fortune fishing near Triskell Quay, but I was driven into Lionguard protection at Overlake Haven by the Toxic Alliance. Now the lake is polluted and ettin have attacked my new home. Please, fight for Triskell Quay and Overlake Haven.

Hwaichin Thundersquawk: A massive volcanic fissure has erupted by Mafic Core, and destroyers have begun to burrow out of it. Sangdo Swiftwing is desperate for help containing them. If left uncontested, they will threaten this land as well as the wall itself. Travel east from here to assist him. May your ancestors guide your path.

Fisher Hedke: This lake was our food source and livelihood and nightmare Court polluted it with their vile tower. We could sure use your help cleaning up the mess they left behind.

Fisher Dina: Those vile krait are a menace! The lake was a great source of food and jobs until they came along. They terrorize everyone and raid nearby settlements for slaves, even taking hylek and quaggans. It’s rumored that sacrifice their captives to feed their barracuda pets. The water feels polluted with evil. We could use some help.

Seraph Soldier Cassidy: When the Toxic Alliance’s tower came down, bandits returned to the ruins at Mudbay Digs and resumed searching for metal scraps. Their ties to local centaurs and Overlord’s Greatcamp make them a threat worth putting down.

Warden Perth: When Zhaitan rose, countless undead spewed into the lands. They seemed to bubble up all over, especially in this swamp. Shadowheart was set up to contain the undead, but holding so many back is a struggle. There’s an asuran krewe researching what compels these monsters, but they don’t have answers yet. We’ll never give this place up, but we can’t defend it alone.

Seraph Soldier Belad: The hub of the centaur occupation of Kessex Hills, Overlord’s Greatcamp, poses a constant threat to Fort Salma. With its great siege engines primed, the fortress stands ready for war.

Sergeant Benjamin: Fort Salma is charged with the forward defense of Queensdale. We have constant skirmishes with the centaurs of the Greyhoof and Wallwatcher camps. At times it seems like this wall will never end, but we stay vigilant. Someday, with the help of citizens like you, we will finally crack the centaur offensive and be rid of them for good.

Seraph Solder Buck: The ruins of Mudbay Digs have long lain dormant on the shores of Viathan Lake. Recently, however, bandits have been spotted harvesting the area for metal scraps. The bandits have known ties to the centaurs, and they must be stopped before they strengthen Overlord’s Greatcamp.