The Great Lodge

My grandmother fought the dragon before Asgeir did. She didn’t bring back a tooth. She died fighting.”

GL01Graff: Engineer’s log: Elevated readings of sinusoidal deplenration in the trennions. Must replace the retroencabulator.
Graff: Personal log: These norn call me “squab.” I presume they mean it as an insult or taunt.
Graff: Personal log: A surprising amount of charr is getting through. I wouldn’t mind, but their fur gets into everything.

GL02Local: Those kids! So arrogant! So loud!
Local (2): Fills my heart with pride.

GL03Kristyna Sohnstag: Take heed! I haven’t taken leave of my sense. I’ve seen creatures of metal and steam!
Kristyna Sohnstag: Someone listen! An unnatural danger threatens us!

GL04Beigarth: Smithing’s like cooking: the more you love doing it, the better the results.
Beigarth: Ahh, the ring of the anvil is music to my ears.
Beigarth: Years ago, I won the Great Hunt. Still one of my proudest moments.

GL05Elder: My grandmother fought the dragon before Asgeir did. She didn’t bring back a tooth. She died fighting.
Local: That sounds better than getting a trophy from a beast you couldn’t kill.
Elder: Yes. I’m sure she died happy.

GL06Local: Nature is balance. Everything that occurs has an ebb and flow, a rise and a fall.
Local (2): True. But ever since the dragons awoke, the world has felt off-kilter.
Local: It feels like that, but nature’s ways are more mysterious than any of us can know.
Local (2): I’d like to believe we’re living through a natural process, but-
Local: But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight it. Our resistance may play a role in the rebalancing.
Local (2): Exactly. We have to follow our instincts and let the spirits show us the best way.

GL07Local: I tried breaking the tooth yesterday.
Local (2): Every week I try. Every day dozens try. Nothing.
Local: What happens if nobody can break it?
Local (2): Silence that doubt. You sound like a whiny Krytan. Someone will break it, and we will slay Jormag.

GL08Valla Holmgard: Bladesmithing is more than just hear and applied force. It’s an art that gives life to the spirit in the metal.
Valla Holmgard: The outer fold represents Bear’s strength, and the inner fold represents Leopard’s grace and litheness.

GL09Elder: She was an amazing sculptor. Some of her works depicted fallen foes, others were past lovers.
Wolfborn: I bet some of them were one and the same.

GL10Charr Traveler: You see those swords they forged? Damn!
Charr Traveler (2): Yeah, norn do good work.

GL11Egar Svagen: I have never seen a blade so well crafted. Makes me proud to be norn!
Egar Svagen: Ah. Look at that pattern of differential hardening. It’s magnificent –a true work of art.

GL12Barkeep: Another moot can’t come soon enough.
Elder: We could always use another moot.

GL13Elisabet Kardijn: Are your hunts dissatisfying? The Vigil will take your prowess and reforge you into a weapon against the Elder Dragons.
Elisabet Kardijn: The Vigil call! Join us, and fight beside Jhavi Jorasdottir herself.

GL14Samuel Cuttler: We all walk in the light of the Six. Heed my words and be blessed as never before.
Samuel Cuttler: My northern friends! Fill your ears with the glory and grace of the Six True Gods.

GL15Kjell the Artisan: (huff) She got exactly what she deserved. She’s a liar, and I won’t speak of her anymore.
Kjell the Artisan: I hate the Svanir cultists, but sometimes they make sense.
Local: Ridiculous. They’ll destroy us if we let them.

GL16Annika Witterfel: What have we here? Whatever it is, I bet I could make it delicious.

GL17Drunk: Hey. HEY! Boy. Come here. Gimme a kiss. I wanna (hiccup) wanna… what was I saying?
Drunk: Can you help me out here?
Kid: No way! I’m on an adventure.

GL18Drunk: To Eir! She’ll break the fang yet.
Elder: I’m not so sure.

GL19Explorer: Hmm, where should I go next?
Elder: West. We got plenty of charr coming through here. Let’s send some traffic the other way.
Explorer: I could do that.

GL20Charr Traveler: I don’t get it. I give ‘em grief, and they give me stories.
Charr Traveler (2): Yeah, they like to talk about themselves.
Charr Traveler: You insult ‘em, and they just boast more.

GL21Elder: What brings you into Hoelbrak, jotun? You realize the risk you’re taking, I’m sure.
Thrulnn the Lost: I know. I’m here to talk to your Whitebear. I’m the last of my people storytellers.
Elder: I’ll be blunt. Your people are known more for their violence and warmongering than their storytelling.
Thrulnn the Lost: True. But there have been some who wanted better.
Elder: What is your name, then?
Thrulnn the Lost: I am Thrulnn, the last ancestor of the last giant-king of the Jotun.
Thrulnn the Lost: In the distant past, the majority of my people were storytellers. Later, the minority. Then, there were only a few per generation.
Thrulnn the Lost: Now, there is only one in every generation, and I’m afraid I am the last.
Elder: I’ll speak to Knut Whitebear for you. What do you want me to tell him?
Thrulnn the Lost: Tell him my people no longer keep our oral traditions. They don’t listen anymore, but I know the norn still respect ancient stories.
Thrulnn the Lost: I want to stay here and share the legends of the jotun, so the norn can help us keep them alive.
Elder: I’ll see what he says. Wait here. Feel free to share a take or two while I’m gone. Visitors here will find them entertaining.

GL22Thrulnn the Lost: (roar) I am Thrulnn of the jotun, and I will tell you a tale about the time before, when the jotun ruled the world.
Thrulnn the Lost: Long, long ago, the jotun had magic and power. They were kings of the land, respected by all races.
Thrulnn the Lost: Think twice next time you face a jotun in battle, and remember the height from which the jotun have fallen.
Thrulnn the Lost: If you want to hear more, talk to me. I have many tales to tell about the world as it was in ancient times.

GL23Henja Danfjur: Cordin, did you hear what the jotun said about our ancestors?
Cordin Danfjur: I heard. Do you think it’s true?
Henja Danfjur: If it is, then we owe more than we ever though to the grace of the Spirits.
Henja Danfjur: Just imagine. What if there were once norn kingdoms with great magic and power?
Cordin Danfjur: Don’t be silly. We’re not like that. We don’t have kings. It’s everyone for themselves. C’mon, now. I’m thirsty.
Henja Danfjur: But maybe it wasn’t always like that. Maybe…

GL24Hylek Visitor: Pardon me, god norn, but can you tell me if the weather is always this cold here?
Local: Cold? This? Hah! This is downright balmy for Hoelbrak. Just wait until the height of winter. Then you’ll feel real cold.
Hylek Visitor: Gah! You were right, clan brother. This land will not make good spawning grounds. Let’s hurry back to Lion’s Arch.

GL25Sonja Denrota: Ah! A challenger worthy of crossing blades with me!
Sonja Denrota: This reminds me of the time when I single-handedly killed a dozen dredge after stumbling into one of their camps.
Local: Everything reminds you of that.

GL26Rancher: What about you? How big is your axe collection?
Local: Don’t have one.
Rancher: Ah hah! So I have more than you do.
Local: I collect guns.
Rancher: Oh.
Gardener: Thirteen. Fourteen if you include the skritt one, but that’s more like a hatchet.
Rancher: Thirteen’s a solid number. Not bad. I only have nine.

GL27Local: Have you noticed how the Sons of Svanir take only men into their circle?
Local (2): I never thought about it. Is that because they don’t like females or because females don’t like them?
Local: I’ve heard a few of them talking. They say females cannot survive Dragon’s tests.
Local (2): In my younger days, I would have taken that challenge.
Local: Praise Raven’s wisdom that you’re not that rash anymore.

GL28Local: Dragon has no love for anyone.
Local (2): If that’s true, then why is he drawing all these male hunters away from us?
Local: The first rule of hunting is to isolate the prey from the safety of the herd.
Local (2): And make our men easier to kill and consume. I see what you mean.
Local: What happens to a pack if all the males are killed?
Local (2): It scatters, or it dies.
Local: I think Dragon has our extinction in mind.
Local (2): Oh. I just experienced fear for the first time in my life.

GL29Lady Sarah Marduke: How disappointing. I wanted pottery, not hand-woven mats.
Lady Sarah Marduke: Ah, now this is a fine specimen. Yes, this will go quite well in my study, next to the Orrian music stand.

GL30Varin Magnesson: It’d be a shame if anything happened to your stall. You’d have a hard time replacing those goods, yeah?

GL31Varin Magnesson: The Wolfborn? Bah, they’re just pups. If you want true protection for your goods, you talk to me. I’m just saying.

GL32Explorer: I found a cave, but it’s not on the map you sold me.
Cartographer: Oh, really?
Explorer: Pay me and I’ll tell you where it is.

GL33Kid: Eir’s so brave. I’m going to be just as courageous!

GL34Charr Traveler: How do you like living in HeolbraK?
Prospector: I don’t. The buildings block the wind. I feel like a caged animal.

GL35Kjalt: I’ve skinned monsters bigger than you.