The Upper City

“These gardens were built over sixty years ago by King Roderick. The design was conceived by the Grand Wizard Garren. “

The upper city of Divinity’s Reach houses some lively talk. Intriguing ministry discussion concerning the war with the centaurs and soldier allocations as well as some disgruntled opinions about Queen Jennah. We also learn the history of the Palace Gardens.

What are your opinions on the centaur war? Should they allocate Seraph to gaurd the city or to attack enemy commanders? What about outskirt settlements such as Nebo Terrace?

U01Assistant: Most intriguing…
Assistant: If we increase the sympathetic resonance, perhaps the power output can be boosted.

U02Child: I can’t wait! Tomorrow I’m going on a field trip with the Durmand Priory!

U03Child: I told an asura I wanted to learn how to cast spells. He said I’d just get a headache.
Citizen: (giggle).

U04Citizen: What’s going on?
Citizen (2): Another ministry meeting. More wasted talk and taxes.
Citizen: Ever wonder why there aren’t more Ascalonian ministers?
Citizen (2): The usual. No land, no vote.

U05Divinity Guide: This is the Krytan Ministry, where most of our laws are written. Minister Caudecus, who also sponsors our carnival, heads it.
Divinity Guide: These gardens were built over sixty years ago by King Roderick. The design was conceived by the Grand Wizard Garren.
Divinity Guide: Worship is very important in Divinity’s Reach. Though we see fewer miracles lately, we know the gods still watch over us.
Divinity Guide: The royal palace is home to Queen Jennah, descendant of Queen Salma the Good.
Divinity Guide: From here, she rules Kryta and works to bring peace to our beautiful land.

U06Minister Etham: The situation in Nebo Terrance is getting worse. They need reinforcements, and they need them now.
Minister: I’ve been told they sent emissaries to Lion’s Arch.
Minister Etham: And Lion’s Arch isn’t helping them. We need to send them Seraph, otherwise they won’t hold out much longer.
Minister: I don’t want to sound cold, but it’s a lost cause. We need the Seraph here in Divinity’s Reach.
Minister Etham: People are dying, Minister! And it’s not just Nebo. The Old Ascalon settlements have been hit hard. Those are some of the oldest villages in the kingdom.
Minister: If the army could push the front line out that far, I’d be all for it, but the centaur army is advancing.
Minister Etham: We don’t just represent the interests of Divinity’s Reach. Our citizens live out in the country, too.
Minister: Then they should return to the city where we can protect them.
Minister Etham: This isn’t over.

U07Minister Rachel: The richer districts have more guard patrols than the poor ones.
Minister: We can have patrols wherever we want; we just have to raise taxes to pay for them.
Minister: But if you want to take a single guard form the Commons, you’re going to have to clear it with the minister.
Minister Rachel: Then the richer areas should be paying for patrols in adjacent quarters, and should give up some of their own guards.
Minister: As long as the centaurs keep raiding, we need more soldiers on the battlefield than in back alleyways.
Minister Rachel: No. We need more troops in the city. What happens if the centaurs storm our gates?

U08Minister Theodus: I’m told it’s getting worse, Centaurs trampling fields, burning houses, killing farmers…
Minister: We have a solid army, and people are coming in droves to help us.
Minister Theodus: Food is in short supply. We can’t get things like we used to.
Minister: If they can reach enemy commanders, this’ll be over in a week.
Minister Theodus: And if they don’t?
Minister:  Don’t talk like that.

U09Minister: I need your support on this referendum. This can’t go on any longer.
Minister (2): Money for patrol guards? This is getting out of hand.
Minister: Business will suffer if those caravans don’t get through.
Minister (2): If centaurs make it to the city, we’ll need men to defend it!
Minister: If we run out of food and supplies, there’ll be no one left to defend!
Minister (2): If a merchant wants to make a profit, let him hire his own guards.
Minister: Mercenaries cost more than soldiers!
Minister (2): Let the heroes handle it. I think we’re done here.

U10Minister: We can’t wait any longer on the next referendum. We should call a vote.
Minister Rachel: We aren’t anywhere near a quorum. We haven’t announced a voting session. Play by the rules, Minister.
Minister: We should vote by proxy. I’ve got enough votes to verify later.
Minister Rachel: Not a chance. I’ll call the vote into question. Any particular reason you want to pursue this without debate?
Minister: We’ve talked enough. I’m pushing this through, Minister, with or without you.

U11Minister: We need to show support for Ebonhawke. If we can’t send troops, we can at least send diplomats.
Minister Ailoda: Do you really think they want a treaty with the charr? The land they would lose has been theirs for centuries. They’ve fought and died for it.
Minister: And they’ll keep dying, if nothing changes. The charr are winning. Ebonhawke is losing. Compromise is their only hope.
Minister Ailoda: Is that what we do when our back’s to the wall?
Minister Ailoda: We can’t make a treaty with the charr. They can’t be trusted.
Minister: The Searing is ancient history. Get over it.

U12Mist Warrior: Doesn’t it seem a disservice to people, giving them the impression that we’re off having fun in the Mists?
Mist Warrior (2): We ARE having fun. When I step through that portal in Lion’s Arch, I’m grinning from ear to ear.

U13Mist Warrior: Got questions? I got answers. The Mist War awaits!

U14Mist Warrior: Hmmm. No, I’m not convinced any of you are smart enough to survive the battle for the Mists.

U15Mist Warrior: Think we’ll hit our quota? The world team could sure use some muscle and magic.
Mist Warrior (2): Sure. Who doesn’t want the chance to travel to the Mists and clash with evil? It’s the vacation- and vocation- of a lifetime.

U16Refugee Farmer: Our boys will be old men by the time the queen shows herself.
Refugee Farmer (2): My feet hurt.
Refugee Farmer: What is she doing while the rest of us are victimized?

U17Refugee Farmer: When can we see the queen?
Shining Blade Guard: Her Majesty is tending to other duties. Please wait here.
Refugee Farmer: How long must we wait while our homes are robbed blind?
Shining Blade Guard: The queen is concerned for all her subjects. She’ll hear your grievances when she’s ready.

U18Soldier: Excuse me, Minister?
Minister Ailoda: Yes?
Soldier: You have visitors.
Minister Ailoda: Escort them to the ministry. Be sure their needs are met. They’ve had a long journey. Tell them I’ll join them later.
Soldier: Yes, ma’am.

U19Stanton: These youngsters don’t know what they’re talking about.
Waldheim: That handsome man in the corner seems to be doing okay.
Stanton: You’re not listening to a word he says. He’s going to drag this war out for another year or two!
Waldheim: Why would he? The centaurs drag this war out. And if I get to watch his speeches for another year, is that so bad?
Stanton: Remember that when the food runs out. Then you can invite him to your house for humble pie.

Update: Shrine of the Six

U20Citizen: If the gods are so great and so powerful, where are they? Where’s the proof?
Citizen: What prayers have they answered for you lately? What miracles performed?
Citizen: Can’t you see the futile nonsense of it all?
Follower of Dwayna: Just because proof is not immediately apparent doesn’t mean it’s not there.
Follower of Dwayna: True faith sees with the heart and the soul, not the eyes.
Follower of Dwayna: Do not lose hope! Keep your hearts open to wonder, and you may be surprised.

U21Follower of Dwayna: Oh, Dwayna, help me today to provide the power of thy healing to all that I-
Citizen: Excuse me- do you think you could tone it down a bit?
Citizen (2): Yeah, it’s hard to hear myself think while you’re carrying on.
Follower of Dwayna: How will Dwayna hear me if I don’t shout to her?
Follower of Dwayna: DWAYNA! I require thy most prudent guidance!
Citizen: Oh my.

U22Priest of Balthazar: What is it?
Citizen: I lost everything I’ve ever cared about.
Citizen: Ask Balthazar to give me strength. My sword is ready. Make me an agent of his vengeance.
Priest of Balthazar: You are no soldier! Do not rush so eagerly into death’s embrace, but instead, use your talents to exact revenge.
Priest of Balthazar: The kingdom needs blacksmiths to forge weapons. Without them, the army will fall.
Citizen: Then let Balthazar stoke the fires of my anger! I’ll hammer out a thousand blades, and Krytans will cut down centaurs like wheat.
Priest of Balthazar: Forge your steel with Balthazar’s hand.

U23Priest of Dwayna: What troubles you?
Citizen: My family is in Lion’s Arch. They don’t know I’m here.
Priest of Dwayna: Know that the goddess still watches from the heavens, blessing every traveler who feels the soft caress of the evening breeze.

U24Priest of Grenth: Yes?
Citizen: My son has fallen in battle. I’m here to perform rites.
Priest of Grenth: Grenth will take him to his proper reward in the Mists. Is the body preserved?
Citizen: I only received his battle tags.
Priest of Grenth: A body is mere clay. His spirit dwells in the Mists forever, and we will shepherd its journey.

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