Eastern Ward

“This is the metropolis of opportunity. If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.”

The Eastern Ward  houses many of the residential areas of the city, as well as outlying farms and traders who chose to stay away from the city life. This area also has the famous Crow’s Next Tavern, the home for Council proceedings.

EW01Worker: Friend of yours?
Worker (2): Funny. Almost as funny as the last hundred times I’ve heard it.

EW02Supervisor: Pick up the pace. We got quotas to fill.
Worker: But how straight is straight enough? I need to check every plank.
Worker (2): You tellin’ me what to do, human?
Supervisor: Yes, I am! I’m your supervisor. I own your hairy tail. You got a problem with that?
Worker (2): Uh, not anymore, ma’am. That was impressive.

Note these revelers walk throughout Lion’s Arch but for clarity it will all be documented here
EW03Reveler (2): Woo! Hey, everybody! It’s her birthday!
Reveler: Three of your sweetest nectars, please, bartender.
Bartender: Coming right up, pretty ladies.
Reveler (3): Woo!
Adventurer: Where’d you get those boots? They’re delicious!
Reveler (3): I had them custom made.
Reveler: Nice! You’ll have to give me the name of your leather crafter.
Reveler (2): Let’s get some ale, and you’ll love norn even more!
Reveler (3): (laugh)
Adventurer: (laugh)
Citizen: Hey! I haven’t seen you in ages! Where’ve you been?
Reveler (2): I just got back from a guild trip. It’s great to see you. Join us!
Citizen: I wouldn’t want to impose.
Reveler: It’s my birthday, and I say you should join us! We’re going to a charr pub next!
Reveler (2): Come on! You’re gonna miss all the fun!
Reveler: Wooo! Anyone else feel like streaking through the Grand Piazza?
Reveler (2): Ahh. I love this city at night. The glow of the moon, the smell of the sea.
Reveler: (laugh)
Reveler: Thank the gods you came along!
Reveler (2): And so Raven said to Bear, “Why the big paws?”
Reveler: (cheer) Yeah, that’s it!
Reveler: Shhhhh. Keep your voices down.
Reveler (3): We have to be polite here.
Reveler (2): (giggle)
Reveler: Don’t make the charr angry.
Reveler: Excuse me, bartender. We would like shots of charr whiskey, please.
Reveler (2): Straight up. No ice.
Citizen: Double them and put it on my tab.
Bartender Silvergrace: I don’t know who’s dumber. You, or them.
Reveler (2): Captain Peter the Lost? Are you nuts? He’s so old…
Reveler: Not so old. Besides, he’s savvy and dresses nice.
Adventurer: He smells good too.
Reveler (3): What? How do you know? What does he smell like?
Reveler: Talk, plant man!
Citizen: If you can’t hold your drink, this isn’t the caravan for you.
Reveler: Ow. These shoes are killing me. Not a good choice for an all-night tavern crawl.
Reveler (3): This is more fun than I’ve had in weeks. I never thought I’d be so glad I was stood up.
Reveler: (cheer) Yeah, that’s it!
Reveler (3): It’s a shame you got us thrown out of the Crow’s Nest last time. They have those little spicy chicken wings I love.
Reveler: Woo hoo! I’ve heard asura make insanely delicious drinks!
Reveler (3): (Laugh) I had a Sparkfly Fenblaster once that was out of this world! An asura invented it.
Reveler: Hey, bartender! Where’s the bartender?
Bartender: I’m the bartender!
Reveler: It’s my birthday, and I want the fanciest drink you make.
Bartender: I’ve got just the thing.
Reveler: What is it? Will I like it?
Bartender: It’s a birthday surprise. You’ll like it.
Patron: Did you just give them glasses of ale with tiny umbrellas in them.
Bartender: And a splash of tomato juice.
Reveler: These are delicious! What do you call them?
Bartender: A Bloody Shame.
Reveler (3): Ooh! Sun’s coming up! No more pretty!
Adventurer: It’s a long walk home, ladies.
Reveler (2): She’s going to have to crawl home.
Reveler: Another round! I’m (hiccup) not tired yet!
Reveler (2): (laugh) Save it for the next time, birthday girl.
Reveler (3): (laugh)
Adventurer: (laugh)

EW04Citizen: Have you heard any news about Logan Thackeray lately?
Citizen (2): No. I assume he’s still sitting at the queen’s side.
Citizen: That’s where I would be if I was him.

EW05Citizen: Let’s start with things that are interesting to me.
Citizen: Come along. I won’t be late again. I pay you well enough. You should try to keep up.
Citizen (2): Quaggan is sorry, sir.

EW06Citizen: I heard Caithe was in town the other day.
Citizen (2): Really? Did you actually see her?
Citizen: You never see Caithe unless she wants you to.

EW07Citizen: Did you remember to bring my other pair of gloves?
Citizen (2): You didn’t ask for them, sir. Quaggan will go back.
Citizen: No, never mind. I’ll just have to do without.

EW08Citizen: My uncle thinks he can but his way into the council.
Citizen (2): Oh, really? Why does he think that?
Citizen: Money, pure and simple. His guild looted a pirate ship, and now they’re rolling in cash.

EW09Lionguard: Vipers. That’s the way to do it.
Lionguard (2): Are you still thinking about that?
Lionguard: Of course. How can I get vipers?
Lionguard (2): I don’t know. Let’s talk about something else.

EW10Local: Come with me to Postern Ward later on so I can harass that handsome bartender. Best drinks in town, and he’s so kissable when he’s angry.

EW11Worker: This is the life. Working with your hands in the open air. Ahh!
Worker (2): You don’t long for the hunt, the thrill of the kill?
Worker: The constant prospect of death? The long winters without food? No.

EW12Local: Come close. You should hear this.

Note both citizens are charr
EW13Citizen: You getting your claws dirty? Gut any punks lately?
Citizen (2): Oh… no. A sylvari was teaching me to… um… garden.
Citizen: You’re kidding me.
Citizen (2): It’s okay. I’m teaching her to stab people. Her kidney shots are getting more precise.
Citizen: Oh, good. I was starting to worry about you. The arena could use more deadly sylvari.

EW14Citizen: Who’s up for drunken Catch the Axe? I mean, Catch the Axe?

EW15Citizen: Never fight something with more arms and legs than you.

EW16Scholar: I’ve come to gather information for our comprehensive history of Lion’s Arch.
Citizen: You’re wasting your time. Nothing ever happens in the suburbs

EW17Citizen: (laugh) Hilarious!

EW18Reveler: I love norn! My best friend is a norn!
Reveler (2): Let’s get some ale, and you’ll love norn even more!
Reveler (3) (laugh)

EW19Adventurer: (laugh)

EW20Citizen: Captain Magnus runs the Lionguard with aplomb. I wouldn’t want to sail on the wrong side of him, that’s for sure.

EW21Citizen: I’ve never heard the calling, but I feel like I was meant for something more. When the time comes, I will answer.

EW22Citizen: Have you heard any news from Claw Island lately? I’m always the last person to hear anything in this city.

EW23Hunter: I love this pub! If it hotsprings, I’d never leave.
Hunter (2): I’m not sure I’d want to soak with those charr. All that hair.
Hunter: You’re one to talk.

EW24Traveler: This place is deceiving. They make it easy to get in but almost impossible to leave.
Citizen: They don’t make it impossible, just significantly less attractive than staying.

EW25Citizen: You know what I like about this place?
Citizen (2): Wine and poetry?
Citizen: Uh… no. Whiskey and fighting. And I get to start fights with guys who aren’t charr.
Citizen (2): Where would you do such a thing?
Citizen: Maybe I should start with the places that have wine and poetry. Naw. No challenge in that.

EW26Citizen: I dropped my axe off at the weaponsmith to have it repaired.
Citizen (2): You mean your hatchet.
Citizen: Keep it up, beer-gut.

EW27Citizen: I’ll probably have dinner with the commodore soon.
Citizen (2): The commodore! Wow!
Citizen: Though I wouldn’t mind dining with a lady once in a while.
Citizen (2): I hear that.

EW28Child: Just a few more years, and I can be a guard!
Citizen: Keep it up, kid.

Note both citizens are asuran
EW29Citizen: This is the metropolis of opportunity. If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.
Citizen (2): Well, almost. You were exiled from Rata Sum, remember?
Citizen: A mere miscalculation. If I had carried the three, no one would have died.

EW30Child: Can I be a farmer when I grow up?
Child (2) : Sure! I’m going to be a largos!

EW31Adventurer: Did you see what happened in the marketplace this morning?
Adventurer (2): Those two guilds? Yeah. If looks could kill…
Adventurer: They’re going to fight! And it’s going to be good.

EW32Citizen: How’re the kids doing?
Citizen (2)Well, the youngest, he’s working on his garden. The oldest, he’s hanging out with charr.
CitizenThat’s terrible.
Citizen (2)I know. I don’t want my boy to be a gardener!

EW33Villager: I trained my cat to sit on my shoulder.
Villager (2)I trained my dolyak to stand on one foot.
Villager (2)And jump.
Villager (2)Incredible.

EW34Lionguard: Look sharp. We’ve had more reports of travelers smuggling goods through this fort.
Lionguard: We need to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious.
Lionguard (2): We’re on it.
Lionguard (3): Yes, sir!
Lionguard (4): You can count on us.

EW35Villager: I can’t decide: raised flower beds or pots?
Villager (2): For kraitweed? I’d say raised.
Villager: Yeah, I was thinking the same.
Villager (2): It grows everywhere!

EW36Patron: Lion’s Arch may be the only city where the black market does more business than the open market.

EW37Hunter: I swear, it was an Order of Whispers sylvari. She was spying.
Hunter (2): How could you tell?
HunterShe just sat there, watching and listening.
Hunter (2)She’s a sylvari. They’re all like that.

EW38Traveler: Is this crowd’s good cheer infectious, or am I just tipsy?
Citizen: Given the fact that you’re drinking water, I’d say it’s the crowd.

EW39Scholar: Inebriated? Preposterous! I’m the genius behind the most successful guild in the city.
Patron: You’ve still had too much, my friend.
ScholarThat does it. Fetch me a stool so I can punch you in the belly.

EW40Citizen: You from here?
Adventurer: Nope. I’m from Beetletun.  Had some nice cornfields there, until the centaurs came.
Citizen: Beetletun’s not a bad place. It’s no Lion’s Arch, but it’s got a charm of its own.

EW41Citizen: Hey, twig! Wanna get some food?
Citizen (2): You’re asking me?
Citizen: Yeah! We’re gonna butcher a cow. It’s fun.
Citizen (2): I know I should try new things. Do they sell spring water there?
Citizen: We’ll stop off at a spring. And then we’re gonna surprise a farmer.
Citizen (2): Yes, that definitely qualifies as somethings new. I’m in.

EW42Whispers Agent: Hello! You’re new around here, aren’t you? What do you know?
Scholar: I have spent my entire life pursuing knowledge. I know many, many things.
Whispers Agent: Let’s start with things that are interesting to me.

EW43Whispers Agent: I’ve got some Ash Legion charr lined up for a dice game.
Whispers Agent (2): You want the ones that always come up odd, or even?
Whispers Agent: Both. I’m not sure how I want the game to go yet.

EW44Whispers Agent: I’ve acquired a valuable scroll. Should I keep it, sell it, or turn it in to the Priory?
Whispers Agent (2):  Why not make duplicates and do all three?

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