Western Ward

“It doesn’t matter if I’m armed, unarmed, teamed up, or solo. Put me in that arena, and you’ll make money betting on me.”

The Western Ward is the second residential area of Lion’a Arch. It also is home to the Moran Memorial and opens up the port unto Sanctum Harbor.

Note both scholars are asuran
WW01Scholar: You Statics types. Pff! You’ll never achieve true genius.
Scholar (2): We’ll get there before you. Dynamics always fails in the long term. Worthless!
Lionguard: Keep it down! If you idiots wanna fight, join a guild.

Note both citizens are norn
WW02Citizen: These bars keep running out of ale!
Citizen (2): They will remember the norn.

WW03Citizen: I’d love to take a ship south, to see what lies beyond the vast seas with my own eyes.

WW04Citizen: Thanks to my asura neighbor’s clothing washer, I never have to touch my husband’s smallclothes again.

Note Patron is asuran
WW05Patron: Are you a master mixologist? Can you mix me up a Sparkfly Fenblaster?
Bartender: I’m a bartender. I serve liquor, not swamp water.
Patron: My order is indeed an alcoholic beverage. Shall I show you how to mix it?
Bartender: Take one step behind my bar, and I’ll give you a Hoelbrak Hammer.

Note both citizens are sylvari
WW06Citizen: I’ve never felt more at home anywhere else outside the Grove.
Citizen (2): Why is that, do you think?
Citizen: I don’t know. Maybe the sea air. Perhaps the spirit of cooperation.

WW07Citizen: You look great. You got any plans later?
Citizen (2): They don’t involve you.

WW08Citizen: The adventurers I saw attacked east of her haven’t yet returned. I’m really worried.

WW09Adventurer: You got any plans tonight?
Adventurer (2): Yeah, I’m meeting my guild later.
Adventurer: Really? Are you gonna fight in the arena?
Adventurer (2): No, we mostly fight with each other. You know how it goes.

WW10Pirate: Take my advice: don’t mess with anything twice as big as you.

WW11Citizen: So far, so good. Keep it together!

WW12Bartender: Remember Yakington?
Citizen: Yeah?
Bartender: When I went to the bazaar, I saw a dolyak for sale, descended directly from the professor himself!

WW13Citizen: Oh, that would be amazing.

WW14Citizen: This city runs on cash, and I don’t have any.
Lionguard: You’ve got choices: work, fight, or beg.
Citizen: Yeah, well… none of those really suit me.
Lionguard: Wow. Too lazy, cowardly, and proud to make money. Your future’s so bright I’m squinting.

WW15Priory Scholar: Have you read that new scroll about King Doric?
Priory Scholar (2): Quite a tale. The part where he spilled his own blood on the bloodstones…
Priory Scholar: …in Arah? The city of the gods? Yes, very well written.

WW16Priory Scholar: I’m looking for more legends about Arah.
Priory Scholar (2): The more scholars land on the beaches of Orr, the more we’ll learn.

WW17Child: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9…
Child: …98. 99. 100! Here I come!
Child: You can’t hide from me!
Child (2): Go find you own hiding place! I was here first!
Child (3): I don’t know where to go.
Child (3): Go over there! Just hurry! You’re going to give us away!
Child: Gotcha!
Child (2): How’d you find me?
Child: I saw your tail again.
Child (2): Dang it.
Child: I got you!
Child (3): You can’t see me. I’m invisible.
Child: I can too see you. I see you right there.
Child (3): (squeal!)
Child: No!
Child: You did not. I tagged you back there.
Child (3): No, you didn’t

Note Citizen (2) is asuran
WW18Citizen: Come kiss me goodbye, my darling!
Citizen: I’ll probably die out there!
Citizen: My love! Why do you treat me with such disregard?
Citizen (2): Go away.
Citizen: You looked taller in the pub last night.
Citizen (2): You’re at the wrong address, you idiot.

WW19Citizen: What wasn’t?
Citizen (2): Oh, nothing.

WW20Citizen: Cobiah Marriner would be proud of his grandson’s reign as commodore. Lawson’s done an exemplary job presiding over Lion’s Arch.

Note Citizen is skritt
WW21Citizen: If the Captain’s Council took shinies as payment, I’d have a seat. My nest is filled with only the best shinies.

WW22Citizen: If you think I can fight, wait till you see me dance.

Note Citizen is charr
WW23Citizen: We may call this place home, but if the legions ever called us, we’d go. That’s just how it is.

Note Citizen is asuran
WW24Citizen: Quite an interesting perspective.
Citizen (2): Oh? You mean from your angle? Yes, that would change it.

WW25Citizen: Could you lend me your ear for a few minutes? Not literally, of course.

WW26Citizen: Come, show me a better way to do this!

WW27Fisher: The Council must find a solution to the undead problem.
Fisher (2): Like what? Add more patrols to the fishing lanes? We’re barely holding them back as it is.
Fisher: Find a new strategy, then. I’m barely surviving by fishing in shallow water.

WW28Citizen: Always have a backup weapon handy.

WW29Citizen: That’s nothing. I once killed a minotaur and used IT to kill another minotaur.

WW30Pirate: I heard a rumor that Commodore Marriner’s ship, “The Pride,” will be the first fitted with new charr cannons when she docks again.
Pirate (2): Excellent.

WW31Citizen: Every day, I wonder if the Wyld Hunt will call me.

WW32Citizen: There is nothing better than the sunlight on your back.

WW33Citizen: Let’s not speak of this.

Note Citizen is hylek
WW34Citizen: I tried to convince the council to let us hold a solstice festival here. They did not agree.

WW35Pirate: He has serious trouble keeping that sword of his in its sheath where is belongs. Reminds me of my husband.

WW36Citizen: They say a sprig of goldenrod will attract your true love.

WW37Citizen: Trahearne is so noble, standing watch between us an Orr. And to do so without being part of any of the orders… (sigh)

WW38Harvester: Did you talk to the pretty quaggan?
Harvester (2): Quaggan has not had a chance yet. You’ll be the first to know when quaggan does.

WW39Harvester: Glad you’re here. Quaggan has something to ask you.
Harvester: No time! Quaggan is behind schedule. You can ask later.

WW40Local: Quaggan is thinking about starting a business. So many races like coral braided into their hair.
Local (2): You should! You’d make a lot of gold if you did.

WW41Harvester: Hoo! You’re back!
Harvester (2): Quaggan is back with a delivery.
Harvester: Quaggan is happy you’re here. Stay awhile.
Harvester (2): Quaggan must return to the ruins. Quaggan has an important mission.
Harvester: Foo.

WW42Harvester: Hoo!
Harvester (2): Hoo.
Harvester: Foo.

WW43Local: Any other advice for a new seaweed harvester?
Local (2): The best advice quaggan can give is to not get noticed. Don’t make waves, and you’ll go home safely.

WW44Leader: Business is thriving. Seaweed sales are up twenty percent this month.
Assistant: Coo! Should quaggans hire more harvesters?
Leader: No. Just add an extra hour to the work day.

WW45Harvester: Delivery! Time’s wasting. Have to run.
Harvester (2): Did you see the cute quaggan who just left here?
Harvester: No. All quaggan sees is the pay lost for every bundle quaggan doesn’t deliver.

WW46Leader: Quaggan’s going to speak to the council about permission to build an enlarged processing plant.
Assistant: They’ll approve it. They must see the role seaweed plays in the local economy.

WW47Harvester: You’re new. Are you a gatherer?
Harvester (2): Quaggan needs to earn gold to put food in the family basket.

WW48Harvester: Do you run into monsters when you’re out harvesting?
Harvester (2): Sometimes. Quaggan recommends you carry a big knife when you go out.

WW49Assistant: Have you thought about hiring private guards to accompany the harvesters.
Leader: Quaggan has thought about it. The numbers don’t support it yet.
Leader: If the number of harvesters killed by undead increases, then it will be worth the expense.

WW50Pirate: What happens to all our loot if this place floods again?
Pirate (2): Nothing. It’s all secure, so it can’t float away, and it definitely can’t sink anymore.
Pirate: What about us?
Pirate: That depends on how greedy you are, and how long you can tread water.

WW51Pirate: I’m bored hiding out in here. I need to get a real job.
Pirate (2): Not me. Nothing’s more tedious than an honest day’s work.
Pirate: I’d give anything to work with Captain Scarclaw. He may be older than me, but I bet he could teach me something about raiding.

WW52Citizen: It doesn’t matter if I’m armed, unarmed, teamed up, or solo. Put me in that arena, and you’ll make money betting on me.

WW53Fisher: We need a fishing guild. Maybe then we’ll get some respect.
Fisher (2): You mean you’re not a member of the Fisher Kings?
Fisher: No. Are they recruiting?

WW54Citizen: Indeed. I must purchase measuring instruments, preferably asura-made, before we proceed.
Citizen (2): What do we need instruments for? We have our eyes, our ears, our minds. Those are the best instruments.
Citizen (2): The ocean beckons.
Citizen: It never hurts to have backup. You can never prepare too much.

WW55Citizen: I’m going to pause for a brief meditation.

WW56Citizen: I have so much trouble understanding charr technology. It’s so lifeless. But I continue to try.

WW57Vigil Crusader: Heading out to Fort Trinity?
Vigil Crusader (2): Sure am. Can’t wait!

WW58Local: Quaggan hates going to the market. It never ends well.
Local (2): Quaggan has bruises on bruises from the market.
Local: Someone should design quaggan boots to protect quaggan toes.

WW58Local: Quaggan hates going to the market. It never ends well.
Local (2): Quaggan has bruises on bruises from the market.
Local: Someone should design quaggan boots to protect quaggan toes.

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