District Promenade

“Dusk has fallen over Divinity’s Reach.  If you can hear my voice… you’ve made it through another day. Good for you.”

The District Promenade is the main marketplace of Divinity’s Reach. Encircling the inner ring of the city, the district loops around allowing easy access at all times. So naturally merchants flocked to the high traffic area.

Lots of chatter from asura and norn attempting the sell products to more interesting information about the cultures outside of the city. We first learned about Cantha in the Commons and the Ossan Quarter, but this time we learn specifically about Kaineng City and cathan cuisine, and we also learn about a little bit about the Elonian language. More mysterious murders are being reported around the city and even though there is relative peace between the Iron Legion and Kryta, there is still obvious animosity.

DP01Andre the Butcher: Hello
Citizen: How’s business?
Andre the Butcher: Same as always. Out for a stroll?
Citizen: Yep.
Andre the Butcher: See ya

DP02Child (2): Tag! You’re it!
Child: I’m gonna get you! Raaawr!
Child (2): Get away!
Child: (laughter)

DP03Child: Rawr! I’m a charr, and I’m going to eat you!

DP04Citizen: Excuse me. How much is that?
Helf Stonebrow: That one’s mine. It’s not for sale.
Citizen: Are you sure? I can pay handsomely. It’s magnificent.
Helf Stonebrow: Why not gaze at my inventory? I sell marvellous, murderous, massive weapons at low, low, prices!
Helf Stonebrow: Would you like a demonstration? Watch me cut! Watch me slice! Watch me butcher an animal in one swift stroke!
Citizen: Oh, my. No! No! Please, please, put the weapon down.
Helf Stonebrow: You’ll be back!

DP05Citizen: Hello, Officer.
Seraph Soldier: Any problems here?
Citizen: Hello, Officer.
Citizen: That charr is back. He makes me nervous.
Seraph Soldier: I’ll keep my eyes open. Carry on.

DP06Citizen: Hmm, where to next?

DP07Citizen: How are you?
Citizen (2): Meh.
Citizen: Feel better.

DP08Citizen: I like it here… but I miss home.
Citizen (2): This is home. You’ve never even been to Cantha.
Citizen: Don’t you want to see the land of your ancestors? Aren’t you even curious about Kaineng City?
Citizen (2): If times were different, of course I would. But I’m not making a pilgrimage to some place that’s probably half underwater by now.
Citizen (2): Besides, all the history books say Kaineng City was a dump.

DP09Citizen: If the charr think they can come here, me and my meat cleaver will tell them otherwise.

DP10Citizen: It’s so hard to find good Canthan cuisine anymore…
Citizen (2): What do you expect? After a hundred years without trade, it’s hard to keep things authentic.
Citizen: My grandma made great red bean cakes. I’d kill for one right now. Really. I bet you think I’m joking.
Citizen (2): I, uh, hear the commons has some. I’d show you, but I have to be… somewhere else. Now. Good day!

DP11Citizen: Necromancer dress like freaks. They smell like freaks!
Citizen (2): I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those outfits.
Citizen: Was that supposed to be a joke?
Citizen (2): Maybe.

DP12Citizen: Oh! It’s you! Hi!
Citizen (2): Oh, hello! How are you?
Citizen: I’m great! And you look fantastic.
Citizen (2): Thanks! ‘Bye!

DP13Citizen: So I says to her, I says, “Hey. If you were built like Lyssa, I wouldn’t have to ask!”
Citizen (2): Charming. And blasphemous. All rolled into one.

DP14Please note that Tierny is a sylvari
: What do you have for sale?
Tierny: Baskets! I pick only the finest reeds. In fact, I knew some of them personally!
Citizen: If I need any “ethically woven” baskets, I’ll keep you in mind.

DP15Citizen: Who do you think would win in a fight-Grenth or Melandru?
Citizen (2): Well, Grenth is the god of death, and Melandru is part tree…
Citizen (2): Death… tree… death… tree… Tough call.

DP16Citizen: You’re not gonna believe this. My no-good brother-in-law wants to move to Lion’s Arch.
Citizen (2): How’s he supposed to get there across a battlefield full of centaurs? And why would he risk his life like that?
Citizen: His wife deserves better. Lion’s Arch used to be a respectable place. Now they’ve gone rogue. Independent. They must think they’re too good for the queen, I guess!
Citizen (2): Heh. Maybe you brother-in-law’s planning on becoming a pirate.
Citizen: Yeah, right. When I’m done with him, he’s gonna wash up on shore.

DP17Grikka: Trinkets and treasures! Low, low prices! No one can beat my bargains!
Helf Stonebrow: Like a crazed berserker, I am slashing prices!
Helf Stonebrow: No one is crazier than I am! With prices this low, I am practically giving things away!
Helf Stonebrow: No one has deals like I do! No beast! No man! No god! I am literally killing the competition!
Helf Stonebrow: My slaughter will flood this marketplace in an ocean of bloody bargains! Buy or die!

DP18Halan Frohmanj: Good day to you, madam! Should I be so bold as to introduce myself? Or would you find it overly forward of me?
Citizen: What?
Halan Frohmanj: A lovely name! My name is Halan Frohmanj. With an “h”. Forgive me for being overly familiar.
Citizen: How do you do, Mr. Fromard?
Halan Frohmanj: It’s pronounced Frohmanj. The “h” is silent. It is one of the myriad nuances of the Elonian language.
Citizen: If you say so, Harlan.
Halan Frohmanj: It’s Halan. I am overwhelmed by such linguistic prowess! If you will forgive me, young woman, I must rapidly depart. My studies await!
Citizen: Step out for some sunlight once in a while.

DP19Please note that the Mercenary is a charr
: Out of my way.
Citizen: What’s your problem?
Mercenary: You thin skin.
Citizen: Can’t you just say “excuse me” like everyone else?
Mercenary: Fine. “Excuse me”. Now get out of my way!

DP20Seraph Honor Guard: We need to keep these routes clear.
Seraph Honor Guard: Move along!
Seraph Honor Guard: Please keep moving, everyone.
Seraph Honor Guard: Stay alert, stay safe.

DP21Seraph Soldier: What’s the good word?
Seraph Soldier (2): They found another body in the sewers.
Seraph Soldier: Was it…
Seraph Soldier (2): Uh-huh.

DP22Shining Blade Guard: We have some questions.
Citizen: Is there something wrong?
Shining Blade Guard: We’re looking for a woman. Early thirties. Long blonde hair, fair skin. Very tall. Scar on her jaw. You see anything?
Citizen: She works for me. Haven’t seen her for a few days. Does this have something to do with the queen?
Shining Blade Guard: You see her again, you tell us right away.
Citizen: I’ll keep an eye out. I’m just glad someone’s looking for her.

DP23Please note that Uwe Roaldson is a norn
How can I help you?
Uwe Roaldson: I need ale, and I need it now!
Tierny: This isn’t a bar.
Uwe Roaldson: I’m almost sober. It’s horrible!

DP24Town Crier: Dusk has fallen over Divinity’s Reach.
Town Crier: If you can hear my voice…
Town Crier: …you’ve made it through another day.
Town Crier: Good for you.

DP25Town Crier: humming
Town Crier: whistling
Town Crier: Move along. Move along.
Town Crier: Let’s hear it for the Minister.
Town Crier: (coughing)
Town Crier: My job is better than yours.
Town Crier: Shouldn’t you be killing things?

UPDATE: 18/10/2013

DP26Citizen: Logan Thackeray came through here!
Citizen (2): How did you know it was him?
Citizen: He looked angry, like he was on his way to a fight.
Citizen (2): Yep, that’s Logan.

DP271Citizen: My kids are driving me crazy. Every day they pretend they’re arena fighting.
Citizen (2): I’ve never even seen an arena.
Citizen: It gets better. They’re forming a “guild” against the Ascalonian kids.
Citizen (2): Those kids are trouble. Too wild. Someone’s gotta teach ‘em a lesson.
Citizen: Through imaginary combat?

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