Raven Lodge

“I’m unworthy of Raven’s gaze. I passed on false information and, because of it, hunters died for no reason.”

RL01Raven Shaman: When does your journey end, traveler?
Petitioner: Never. Even beyond death, my spirit will soar forever.
Raven Shaman: Truly, you are Raven’s child.

RL02Elder: I keep hearing the pups second-guessing us. They sound like us when we were that age. Damn fools.

RL03Local: I’m in love. I thought it wouldn’t happen, but there it is.
Local (2): Do you even have the energy for that?
Local: Sure. Juggling a couple of males is easy.

RL04Finn: No, no, and no! Have you ever seen a reverse geomantic divination produce this effect? I think not!
Priory Scholar: I don’t think you understand my argument at all. Do you even know-
Finn: Enough! This prophecy contradicts every predictive model made by the Eternal Alchemy, therefore it MUST be incorrect.

RL05Artist: Inspire me, Raven!
Elder: Raven flies far these days.
Artist: Yes, he does.

RL06Maerny Modig: I’ve just returned from Divinity’s Reach. I met all the challenges of being a norn author there.
Local: I hated that place. A pit of weakness, full of cushy seats and beds with two mattresses. I slept terribly the whole time.

RL07Elder: I wish more and more for my younger days. Time has been cruel, and I feel the spirits pulling me. I’ll join them soon.

RL08Cartographer: I heard you’re leaving Hoelbrak. Take a map, so you know where to go.
Local: No need. I’m going nowhere in particular. Just wandering.
Cartographer: My maps are perfect for wandering!
Local: No, a map in the opposite of wandering. Nice try, though.

RL09Erik Oevermar: It saddens me that all references to the Orrian syllabary have been lost. Now that Orr has risen once more, it guards it secrets jealously.

RL10Elder: Have you thought about using more natural materials?
Artist: Everything I use is natural.
Elder: Are you sure? Some dyes have-
Artist: Don’t worry about it.

RL11Local: Bear’s jaw! You test my patience like no other before you. It’s a good thing you know how to sharpen my axe.

RL12Kid: Are you a miner?
Prospector: Prospector, actually. Someday, when you’re older, I’ll explain the difference.

RL13Raven Shaman: Why have you come to Raven’s lodge only to lurk in shadow?
Marit Tonleig: I’m unworthy of Raven’s gaze. I passed on false information and, because of it, hunters died for no reason.
Raven Shaman: Did you bring a symbol of your shame?
Marit Tonleig: I brought three stones stained with the blood of those who were killed.
Raven Shaman: Good. Put two of them with Raven’s treasures, and keep the other to remind you always of your mistake.
Raven Shaman: You’re only unworthy in Raven’s eyes if you don’t learn from your missteps. Raven rewards the clever and sincere.

RL14Local: I can never remember… is it skin, gut, joint, or skin, joint, gut?

RL15Local: Moots are all about singing, dancing, and drink. And you can get by with just drink.

RL16Alaric Torgan: Have you heard rumors about some hag up in these mountains called the “Iron Witch”?
Elder: No, but perhaps in your travels you’ve come across the story of King Jalis Ironhammer’s treasure?
Alaric Torgan: According to my information, that tomb lies buried beneath the ruins of Krok’s Hollow.

RL17Elder: So there’s this scar on my back. I got it from trying to ride a moose.
Local: A moose? But if you were riding it, how did it get your back?
Elder: I meant, I tried to ride it backwards. Too easy to face forward.

RL18Raven Shaman: You look happy.
Petitioner: We’ve been rolling boulders down mountains! The grawl scattered like leaves.

RL19Kid: I didn’t do anything! Ask Raven.
Local: No, I think we’ll let your mom decide.

RL20Elder: Knut is a strong hunter. If he wasn’t so in love with Gaerta… well, I’d drag him to my fire.