Bear Lodge

“This place has become soft. The house of Whitebear is weak. Knut and the elders sit in their hall, waiting for age to take them.”

BL01Local: We’re hot-blooded. Why else do you think we wear so little armor?

BL02Elder: I remember that day. It was when my grandson swung his first blade. Still brings tears to my eyes.

BL03Charr Traveler: They’re making more ale. They need more grain.
Charr Traveler (2): Next caravan, we’ll make a killing.

BL04Local: She walked out of here a month ago. I don’t know if she’s coming back.
Local (2): If she’s not here by the spring moot, I think you should move on.
Local: It’s a tough choice. I could always go look for her.
Local (2): That depends on whether she wants to be found.

BL05Kyril Stansturm: What does this mean? It’s so bright and vivid. It’s so beautiful.
Kyril Stansturm: (laugh) It’s so intense.

BL06Local: Bones of my ancestors! You and your boots. You lost them, you find them.

BL07Artist: I’m going bear hunting soon. You can use the hide for so many things.
Elder: You don’t want the meat?
Artist: Of course I do! I’m not a wastrel.

BL08Elder: Senile nag-bag! You don’t have half as many scars as I.

BL09Eran Kryfjord: Ah, that broodmother took a chunk out of you, didn’t she?

BL10Bear Shaman: Welcome to the shrine, Bear’s daughter. How are you?
Petitioner: My children are happy and healthy. My family prospers.
Bear Shaman: Then commune with Bear, my child. May her blessings be upon you.

BL11Local: You’re achievements are nothing compared to mine!

BL12Dagar Friesson: Ha! One swig of my specially brewed “Dark Side” black ale, and you’ll never find your senses again.
Dagar Friesson: Sample my “Brown Pinesoul” nut-brown ale, crafted with the best pale malts in the Shiverpeaks.

BL13Hunter: Come hunting with me sometime.
Hunter (2): I hunt better alone.
Hunter: (sigh) Fine. Just remember: it’s not always about what you want.

BL14Urth: So, little brother, what shall we do for fun today?
Skald: Urth, you’re only older by minutes. Why do you continue to call me “little brother”?
Urth: Because it always rubs you the wrong way.

BL15Kalla Ulfsdottyr: My dad lived and died a hunter. Now honor his bravery, and hear me tell his tales.
Kalla Ulfsdottyr: Come, hear me retell the legendary feats of Ulf Gulheim!

BL16Local: If only I could look inside Bear’s head, see what she’s thinking.
Local (2): Probably something like, “Hey! Get out of my head!”
Local: That’s not funny.

BL17Local: My daughter’s lived alone on that mountain for a year.
Local (2): If she’s returning for the moot, I’m sure she’ll have tales to tell.

BL18Local: My son has filled out hunting hall with trophies. I’m so proud.
Local (2): Only a matter of time before he finds a wife.

BL19Local: By the Bear! I’m too damn agitated to focus.
Local (2): What’s bothering you?
Local: Everything.
Local (2): Take a breath, look deep inside yourself, and talk to Bear. Then, listen.

BL20Local: I went to my favorite tree and tried to tap the sap. But it was too cold.
Local: So I made this gigantic fire. And I’m sure you know what happened next.

BL21Local: If Bear and Wolf fought, who’d win?
Elder: That’s like asking if the sun and the wind fought: it’s a useless question.

BL22Shaman Ursel: Why have you come to Bear’s lodge, my friend?
Bann: I need Bear’s counsel, shaman. I face an enemy that I seem unable to defeat.
Shaman Ursel: I see. Will you tell everyone gathered about this enemy?
Bann: Yes, if it is Bear’s will.
Shaman Ursel: All within range, listen, for I suspect this brave hunter has a tale we should all hear.
Shaman Ursel: Tell us about this enemy that has you so defeated.
Bann: (clears throat) I was out in the Borealis Forest, not far from here, and I came across an enraged broodmother.
Bann: I tracked it for a while. I was in a dominant position, until it caught my scent and attacked.
Bann: When the fight was over, the broodmother and its offspring lay dead, scattered in the underbrush.
Shaman Ursel: But… you said that you could not defeat your foe.
Bann: It’s true. My enemy is not the broodmother or her ravenous kits.
Bann: My enemy is the wound I suffered during the fight. It can’t be healed. I can’t hunt. I can’t do anything.
Bann: I’m less than half what I was, and I don’t know how to overcome it.
Shaman Ursel: I understand your challenge, and Bear has a lesson that’ll give you comfort, if you’re ready to learn it.
Bann: I’m ready.
Shaman Ursel: Bear teaches us about the seasons. We have spring, winter, summer, and autumn.
Shaman Ursel: In the spring, the bears awaken, find mates, and form families. In summer, they teach their cubs to survive.
Shaman Ursel: In autumn, they hunt, and the forest belongs to them. In winter, THEY belong to the forest.
Shaman Ursel: In life, we also have seasons that we must respect. Your season has changed, but you’re no less part of the forest.
Bann: I think I understand.
Shaman Ursel: Don’t try to walk autumn’s path in winter. Bear has given you a new mantle to wear and new challenges to overcome.

BL23Barkeep: What do you think of my hair? Does it say “great norn here”?
Local: I think it says you’re desperate.

BL24Explorer: Of all the places I’ve visited, I like the Black Citadel the best. It austere.
Barkeep: The only cities I’ve seen are here and Lion’s Arch.
Explorer: Lion’s Arch? Ugh, that cesspit. I’d have Raven claw my eyes out before going back there.

BL25Wolfborn: And what do you do?
Wolfborn (2): Whatever I want.
Wolfborn: Heh. Sounds like a fantasy.

BL26Wolfborn: This is depressing. I want to go hunt and cleanse my mind, but I have to stay on duty.
Elder: Find something to break. That always cheers me up.

BL28Ana Feldarken: This place has become soft. The house of Whitebear is weak. Knut and the elders sit in their hall, waiting for age to take them.
Local: So say you. Whitebear makes sure we don’t fight each other too much.

BL29Local: Hm. When did my mug get empty?

BL30Local: What? This is excellent for three minutes with a bucket of paint.

BL31Local (2): Need anything for trade?
Local: We could use some honey to make mead.
Local (2): I’ll talk to the next caravan.

BL32Local: This is not as much fun as I thought.

BL33Local: Someone should build a cannon that shoots axes.
Local (2): Yeah! Or a bomb full of axes that fly out when it explodes.
Local: You could shoot that bomb out of a cannon.
Local (2): Magnificent! We should think of more ideas and write them down. These are great.

BL34Local: I drink out of a stone mug, or I don’t drink.
Local (2): But metal is so strong. You should see my drinking vessels!
Local: When you see a stream, is it running over a bed of metal? No. You see stones.

BL35Charr Traveler: You tried to outdrink a norn, didn’t you?
Charr Traveler (2): What’s that pounding? Are the destroyers back?
Charr Traveler: Heh. I could watch you suffer all day.

BL36Local: Moots are all about singing, dancing, and drink. And you can get by with just drink.

BL37Local: ?
Local (2): What’s there to wonder? I know what I like when I taste it. It’s easy to find bad food.

BL38Local: I’ve seen her sneaking out to the caves by Leopard Hall. I think she’s been meeting with those corrupted Sons of Svanir.

BL39Local: Pff, last time I got that drunk, my friends rolled me in grub spit and stuck moa feathers all over me.

BL40Kid: Hey? Lie down! I shot you. You’re dead!