Council Level

“I have an urgent matter to discuss with our man on the Arcane Council. I learned about a rival proposal I need quashed.”

The council level is where the ruling members of Rata Sum, called the Arcane Council, reside. They regulate all proceedings by the colleges and their krewes. They also regulate important experiments and assignments such as the well known clean-up in the Thaumanova Reactor site. They are the government of the Asura.

The Council Level is a small space but there is some real interesting talks. Concerns about the amount of golems around the city are brought up to the council. One could only guess the ratio of Peacemakers (Rata Sum’s police) and the PM-632z’s. But the most interesting topic is the Inquest and their notable hands within the council. Councillor Yahk represents the Inquest within the council. The Inquest were able to bend the system and loopholes to get a man in the council which allows them influence in Rata Sum. Most citizens aren’t afraid to show their dislike towards this predicament but it doesn’t seem like there is much for the Council to do.

C01Dynamics Expert: When is the Arcane Council going to rule on your proposal?
Dynamics Expert (2): Impossible to say. The Snaff Prize put all other business on hold.

C02Dynamics Researcher: Nice weather we’re having.
Dynamics Researcher (2): It could be improved.
Dynamics Researcher: Oh? How?
Dynamics Researcher (2): I have some ideas for a cumulopolarizer to control precipitation.

C03Golemancer: Didn’t the council ask you to send golems into the hot zone?
Golemancer (2): I refused. They have no idea how the energies surrounding the reactor will affect golems.
Golemancer (2): Besides, anyone still caught in the area is either dead or wishes they were.

C04Inquest Researcher: I have an urgent matter to discuss with our man on the Arcane Council.
Inquest Researcher (2): I might be able to make that happen. What is your concern?
Inquest Researcher: I learned about a rival proposal I need quashed.

C05Peacemaker Officer: I certainly hope there isn’t any precipitation in the immediate forecast.
Peacemaker Officer (2): Afraid you’ll melt?
Peacemaker Officer: My latest golem upgrade isn’t watertight. I’m not entirely certain what will happen if they get wet.

C06Peacemaker Officer: We should petition the council for additional peace-keeping funds to swell our ranks.
Peacemaker Officer (2): Why? We already have ten golems to every Peacemaker. We hardly need more.
Peacemaker Officer: No, for more Peacemakers. This imbalance in power terrifiers me.

C07Retired Researcher: What’s happening on the council these days? Why do they give the Inquest so much rope?
Retired Researcher (2): Inquest simply knows how to play the system. They’re smart and slippery.
Retired Researcher: Why, when I was on the council, we could discern truth from chicanery.
Retired Researcher (2): Funny, I remember you funding a slew of failed weather-control experiments.

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