Ossan Quarter

“Until the blighted river Elon- curse Joko’s name- once again flows within its banks, we are Krytan.”

The Ossan Quarter is the home of the Elonian humans. Little history: roughly two centuries ago Palawa Joko stopped the Elon river from flowing into Vabbi and other regions. Many fled and sought refuge in Kryta, which they found here in Divinity’s Reach.

Once more we get the sense that a job and financial security is hard to come by in the big city with the war going on and all. Also there seems to be murders going around, and most importantly, it seems marrying a bard is frowned upon. Got to remember that one.

OQ01Beggar: Bring me your gently used gold coins and half-full ale mugs!

OQ02Beggar: Good day. Good day.

OQ03Beggar: Spare a little change?

OQ04Beggar: Who says beggars can’t be choosers?

OQ05Child: (laugh)

OQ06Child: (squeal)

OQ07Child: But I don’t want to go to school. I want to grow up and bash some charr!

OQ08Child: Daddy, why can’t I have a golem?

OQ09Child: Do you think the gods still watch over us? Mom doesn’t think so, but I do.

OQ10Child: I bet I can run faster than you!

OQ11Child: I saw this hunter who had a doggie. It was bigger than me, and it said, “Woof!”

OQ12Child: I told an asura I wanted to learn how to cast spells. He said I’d just get a headache.

OQ13Child: Tonight, I’m going to sneak in and see the queen!

OQ14Child: When I grow up, I’m going to be a brave hero!

OQ15Citizen: (giggle)

OQ16Citizen: Dragons? Bah! Never seen ‘em. All fantasy if you ask me.

OQ17Citizen: Good day
Citizen (2): Ahai.
Citizen: The merchants are importing less and less from the other cities.
Citizen (2): What I wouldn’t give for a good patani salad or some fresh iboga.
Citizen: Could be worse. We could be living outside the city.

OQ18Citizen: I can’t take my job anymore. I need another beer.
Citizen (2): At least you have a job. You could be starving.
Citizen: Or I could be on the front lines. I get it. But I’m not going to work tomorrow until I’m good and drunk tonight.
Citizen (2): Fair enough. You get this round. You’re the one with the job.
Citizen: Bartender, two more. Make ‘em tall, just like my problems.

OQ19Citizen: If the charr think they can come here, me and my meat cleaver will tell them otherwise.

OQ20Citizen: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Citizen (2): Outside the city walls would be nice.
Citizen: I’m serious. Where would you go? Pretend that the roads and rivers are safe.
Citizen (2): My grandfather told me stories of Shing Jea Island when I was young. He talked about the busting ports and the great food.
Citizen (2): There was even a menagerie full of wild animals. He made it all sound so lush and beautiful.
Citizen: I’m coming with you.

OQ21Citizen: Leaving for work?
Citizen (2): Got to make a livin’ somehow.

OQ22Citizen: Met a sylvari the other day. Curious lot, they are.

OQ23Citizen: My sister’s getting marries again.
Citizen (2): Stranger things have happened. Like necromancy.
Citizen: She’s marrying a bard, the guy with the pan flute who plays drinking songs.
Citizen: I can accept the dead returning to life, but marrying a musician makes no sense whatsoever.

OQ24Citizen: That Caudecus the Wise, I like him. Good head on his shoulders, he has.

OQ25Citizen: To Divinity!

OQ26Divinity Guide: Our residents are descendants of Elona, the Land of the Golden Sun.
Divinity Guide: Many fled during Palawa Joko’s terrible ravages, fifty years ago, and were glad to have found a home here in Kryta.
Divinity Guide: This fine house belongs to Zamon, our representative in the Ministry.  Best not to speak too much of him, though…
Divinity Guide: Be cautious in this area. The bandit group known as the Left Hand is said to use this well as a meeting place.
Divinity Guide: It’s best to be on your guard, and keep an eye on your purse.
Divinity Guide: Until the blighted river Elon- curse Joko’s name- once again flows within its banks, we are Krytan.
Divinity Guide: Queen Jennah has given us shelter and friendship, and in return, we give her our loyalty. May Kormir show you truth, traveller.

OQ27Noble: Ah, that’s a fair price. I’ll take two, my good man!

OQ28Noble: Best be getting home before I worry the wife.

OQ29Noble: Excuse me, do you have this in another color?

OQ30Noble: Hmm, where to next?

OQ31Noble: Hmm. I could use one of those.

OQ32Noble: Oh, I like this, but I need to pay the rent first.

OQ33Noble: Oh, there it is. I thought it was lost for a second.

OQ34Noble: Oh, this suits me just perfectly.

OQ35Noble: Too rich for my blood. Next payday, I’ll be back.

OQ36Noble: Where did he… Oh, he’s probably down at the pub again.

OQ37Seraph Soldier: What’s the word?
Seraph Soldier (2): Doesn’t look good. Krytan male. Young. Marks of distress. Lots of blood loss.
Seraph Soldier: Keep your voice down. We don’t need rumors spreading.
b: Guard the area. Don’t tell anybody anything.

OQ38Shining Blade Guard: Problem?
Seraph Soldier: Yeah. Another one. Marks of violence. Lots of…
Shining Blade Guard: Any witnesses?
Seraph Soldier: No one’s come forward, but I bet somebody saw somethin’.

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