Rata Sum Port Authority

“Impossible. The ultimate variable IS the Eternal Alchemy. Its reach is unknowable.”

The Rata Sum Port Authority is one of the few areas within the asuran city that is on the ground. It is.. well… a port. But what makes them interesting is the port openely allows pirates to dock with the port. Why? One can only guess… (note: There is info on why in the third novel: Sea of Sorrows).

The port houses alot of dock workers and another Inquest Site. There is of course more talk about the reactor explosion. “Did you hear about that horrible reactor explosion?” and workers who believe they are the one who understood the Eternal Alchemy. “I have accounted for every variable, every nuance of the Eternal Alchemy.” You know, basic asura stuff.

PA01Dock Worker: It was horrible.
Dock Worker (2): And yet oddly captivating and beautiful.
Dock Worker: What? I nearly got my face melted off!

PA02Dock Worker: Once complete, my calculations will reveal the exact age of the universe.
Dock Worker (2): Even if that information was remotely relevant to my work, I would highly doubt its validity.
Dock Worker: I have accounted for every variable, every nuance of the Eternal Alchemy.
Dock Worker (2): Impossible. The ultimate variable IS the Eternal Alchemy. Its reach is unknowable.

PA03Dynamics Researcher Krumz: My proximal invention will revolutionize the field.
Statics Researcher: Where have I heard that refrain before? Oh, I remember. It was the last time we talked.

PA04Dynamics Researcher: Eela’s gadget collection has everything from a sonic plasma blade to a thaumawave oven.
Dynamics Researcher (2): That’s nothing. I got the miniature thaumawave oven. Only five hundred ever made.
Dynamics Researcher: Ooh. I heard you could cook cured, processed pork in one of those. Impressive.

PA05Dynamics Researcher: The gears of the Eternal Alchemy continue to turn. How goes your latest project?
Dynamics Researcher (2): I’ve made great progress with the threat-detection system, but it still draws too much power.
Dynamics Researcher: Power management is always challenging. You may have to make trade-offs.
Dynamics Researcher (2): I could shave weight from the shielding. I believe the risk would be acceptable.

PA06Inquest Apprentice Choona: I believe all is in readiness, sir.
Inquest Researcher: Did you cross-check your equations and verify every variable?
Inquest Apprentice Choona: I ran the data through twice. Everything appeared clean.
Inquest Researcher: Never mind. I’ll perform my own analysis. We can’t leave anything to chance.

PA07Krewe Member: Did you hear about that horrible reactor explosion?
Krewe Member (2): Technically, it was more of a critical-mass event.
Krewe Member: So, you did hear about it.

PA08Krewe Member: Have you ever been to the krewe chief’s quarters?
Krewe Member (2): Only once. The experience disturbed me so much I vowed to never return.
Krewe Member: Shelf after shelf filled with specimen jars. Every room, floor to ceiling.
Krewe Member (2): I swear… I saw shapes squirming inside every jar. Creepiest collection ever.

PA09Student: Why is it always so damp in the jungle?
Student (2): I don’t know. Why?
Student: Because no one knows how to turn off the damp machine.

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