Scholar’s Terrace

“I experience greater adventure in the minds of my novices than I could ever find elsewhere.”

Scholar’s Terrace, the second part of the Terrace level houses many conversations, but most predominantly about the famed sylvari empathy. “I brought you some leftover cinnamon bread. I felt your hunger. ” There is also talk about sylvari trainings, and the purpose and calling of their kind.

ST01Citizen: Did you see that fall he took? How he walked away from that, I have no idea!
Citizen (2): It was impressive. I couldn’t believe he held on to his bow and came up shooting!
Citizen (2): The way he swung that axe around, I thought he was going to take off my head.
Citizen: He thought so too. Did you see the look on his face?
Citizen (3): I had it under control the whole time!
Citizen (2): (laugh)
Citizen: (laugh)

ST02Citizen: I brought you some food.
Citizen (2): I’m not hungry. I’m too swollen with sorrow to eat anything.
Citizen (2): They found… his body. They believe… it was undead that killed him.
Citizen: I’m so sorry. Your suffering is breaking my heart.
Citizen: His death was not for naught. He was answering the call and will be remembered as a hero.
Citizen (2): But I should have been with him.
Citizen: The only thing you “should” do is respond to your own calling. Not everyone has the same destiny.

ST03Citizen: I could enter warden training as well, and then we could train together.
Citizen (2): If the Dream calls you to it, then I say, “Yay!” If not, then to force it would be disastrous.
Citizen: They’d put me with elementalist trainees, I suppose. My gifts lie there.

ST04Citizen: I’m starving. Let’s find something to eat.
Citizen (2): I could use some warm honey mead.
Citizen (3): To the nectar hut!

ST05Citizen: Mm. When irises are around, there’s a message inbound.

ST06Citizen: One of the few thing you can count on in this world is diversity.
Citizen (2): (laughter) So true. We are all special flowers.

ST07Citizen: We on for tomorrow again? I can’t believe how out of practice I am.
Citizen (2): What are you talking about? You hit the target nine out of ten times!
Citizen: I was trying to be nice. You guys are the ones who need practice.
Citizen (2): Oh! Is that a challenge, sir?
Citizen (3): (laugh)

ST08Mentor: Do you ever tire of teaching? Or dream of making your way beyond the Grove?
Mentor (2): No. I experience greater adventure in the minds of my novices than I could ever find elsewhere.
Mentor (2): My next class starts shortly. I need to return to my novices.
Mentor: May their minds find purchase upon the wisdom you share.

ST09Vigil Trainer: You might have a made a mark in your old life. But in the Vigil, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real difference.

ST10Warden: Good day to you.
Mentor: And to you.

ST11Warden: I brought you some leftover cinnamon bread. I felt your hunger.
Warden (2): What a sensitive fern you are. I hope you have an interesting day.


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