Snow Leopard Lodge

“Is it a crime to kill in silence? I strike my foes unseen. Is that cowardice?”

SL01Kol the Valiant: Ah, feel that icy air. Smell those evergreens. It’s good to be alive.
Kol the Valiant: Ah, what a day to hunt. Or to drink. Or to drink and hunt.

SL02Astyr Eyrbirgen: These snow leopards are beautiful, but not as beautiful as you, Brud.
Astyr Eyrbirgen: I haven’t gone to see Valharantha in a long time. I wonder if she still thinks of me.

SL03Hemlig Hjordsdottir: They hide in plain sight; that’s how they get close to you. Don’t let them get you too.
Hemlig Hjordsdottir: They’re like the old beings, like the Mursaat, manipulating from afar, they even make pawns of the Elder Dragons.

SL04Local: Why would you give up the hunt to play with those little traps?
Trapper: Give up? You understand little. Some of us can both trap and hunt.
Local: Got any traps for frost wurms?
Trapper: No, but I bet I could make one.

SL05Snow Leopard Shaman: Son of Snow Leopard. What troubles you?
Petitioner: Is it a crime to kill in silence? I strike my foes unseen. Is that cowardice?
Snow Leopard Shaman: Not for you. Snow Leopard cloaks the sound of your steps, and she guides your blade.
Petitioner: Then I’ve come to contemplate my kills.
Snow Leopard Shaman: You’ve come stained with blood. Meditate, and go with peace in your heart.

SL06Snow Leopard Shaman: Your walk quietly. Welcome to Snow Leopard’s shrine.
Petitioner: I’ve spied on camps of grawl. I’ve stalked jotun and ambushed giants.
Snow Leopard Shaman: You honor your totem. Commune with Snow Leopard, and find truth in silence.

SL07Hunter: Great smoke! The way he looked at you…
Hunter (2): Not interested. He has kids.

SL08Local: None of your nonsense! The Spirits gave us our task, and that is what we’ll do.

SL09Iogaer Syllvang: Bear curse it! Useless turrent, sitting there like a spark-shooting toy!
Iogaer Syllvang: This should be simpler. Maybe I chose poorly.

SL10Local: (growl) That was bracing! Nothing like a skinny dip to wake yourself up.

SL11Nika Morkvist: You only see me coming when I choose.

SL12Local: I admire your hair.
Sculptor: So do I

SL13Keil Hallinger: Welcome, one and all. You think Divinity’s Reach has unusual creatures? Wait till you see my menagerie.
Keil Hallinger: Feast your senses upon these wonders, these amazing creatures from the farthest reaches of Tyria!

SL14Carpenter: I bet I can design the biggest building in the world.
Local: Do it, then.
Carpenter: I will!
Local: Okay!

SL15Charr Traveler: He killed ’em for the skins! And he left the meat behind!
Charr Traveler (2): We should gather it all up and ship it back home.

SL16Wyld Hunt Valiant: Warmth and light, wolf brother. My fellow knight and I are stalking the most challenging prey. We need your help.
Wolfborn: Well, sprout, spit it out. I have patrols to get to.
Wyld Hunt Valiant: Have you knowledge of an agent of the Nightmare Court passing through here?
Wolfborn: Nightmare what? (laugh) I think you took a wrong turn somewhere, my leafy friend. But don’t wallow. Let me buy you an ale!
Wyld Hunt Valiant: (Sigh) Although it is imperative that we track down our quarry, I have been curious to try norn ale.

SL17Nikolas Haraldsson: Beware. There are Sons of Svanir in the caves, devotees of Elder Dragon Jormag. They’ll rip you apart if you’re reckless.

SL18Local: Ah, your husband: more prankster than hunter. I’m surprised he could catch a badger.
Local (2): I know. Apparently, he got it drunk on a bowl of ale first.
Local: Funny, that’s how I ended up with my last boyfriend.