Fort Marriner

“What is evil, anyway? Isn’t it just a different view of the same thing?”

Fort Marriner, name after Cobiah Marriner, the founder of the pirate haven, is the last line of defense from the south. The fort is also the base of operations for the Lionguard as well as the prison or big for incarcerated criminals.

Note Citizen is asuran
FM01Citizen: Our illustrious guildmate has proposed that we go out on a centaur raid.
Citizen (2): Sounds like a good idea to me.
Citizen: Of course it would. You can hit more than just their knees when you’re fighting them!
Citizen (2): Not afraid, are you?
Citizen: Don’t be ridiculous. There are few things more efficient than hamstringing them.

FM02Mist Warrior: All you have to do is step through the portal, and you’re there, in a magical land of glory, victory, and triumph- most days.

FM03Mist Warrior: The Mist War needs world defenders willing to put their lives on the line. Step through the portal, and you’ll see.

FM04Mist Warrior: Who’s ready for a real fight? The kind that hardens your whiskers. Let’s talk Mist War.

FM05Mist Warrior: Now recruiting for the battle for the battle for the Mists! Is your life a dead end? Looking for meaning? I have the answer to your existential dilemma right here.

FM06Adventurer: I beg your pardon. I want to join the campaign in the Mists. Am I in the right place?
Mist Warrior: Yup. Just get yourself through that portal and watch your back. It’s no festival in there.
Adventurer: I’m prepared. I’ve been training for this battle ever since I was in the crib.

FM07Mist Warrior: What is evil, anyway? Isn’t it just a different view of the same thing?
Mist Warrior (2): Spend some time in the Mist War, and you’ll get it. Evil is the enemy. It will destroy us, so we must destroy it first.
Mist Warrior: I see so many go through that portal who never come out again.
Mist Warrior (2): That’s evil’s work. You recognize it by how it kills- without purpose, need, or gratitude.

FM08Mist Warrior: Troop movements in the Mist War follow a predictable pattern except when radial field theory implies otherwise.
Mist Warrior (2): Uh… hm. Uh huh. All I know is that this soldier is heading back through the portal tomorrow, and my movements will be completely badass.

FM09Citizen: Takes a real man’s man to do what I do. Yeah.
Citizen (2): It certainly does.

FM10Lionguard: If Mai returns, she’ll face the full weight of Lion’s Arch justice. And the full weight of my boot on her face.

FM11Lionguard: If Mai resists arrest, we subdue her with overwhelming force. Magnus says that in her case, breathing counts as resisting.

FM12Lionguard: A golem ran through the portal, and then a norn ran in after it. Funny thing was, the golem sounded like a little kid.

FM13Lionguard: If you see Mai Trin in there, punch her in the face once for me. Or better yet, send her out and I’ll do it myself.

FM14Lionguard: I saw a big norn kid chase a golem through this portal. Not sure what to make of that.

FM15Lionguard: Stay alert. Mai Trin is on the loose.

Zaishen Trainer: Groups! Bow and commence combat!
Zaishen Trainer: Congratulations to the winners! Return to you starting positions.

Zaishen Trainer: Fighters, take your positions, and begin when you are ready.
Mercenary: Okay, okay! I surrender.
Zaishen Trainer: Excellent! Return to your lines and prepare for the next round.

FM16Citizen: Your guild tryout will take place next week. We found you a worthy opponent.
Citizen (2): I hope so. I wouldn’t want it to be too easy.
Citizen: I like your attitude.
Citizen (2): Are you sure one opponent will be enough?
Citizen: It has been for other guild members.
Citizen (2): I’m not the other guild members.
Citizen: Remember. You get only one shot to impress us into letting you join our guild.
Citizen (2): That’s all I need.

FM17Bartender Silvergrace: Hey. You want some shots.
Soldier: Yep. Set ‘em up. I’ll knock ‘em down.
Bartender Silvergrace: You got it. Reloads comin’ up.

FM18Citizen: Gimmie a drink.
Bartender Silvergrace: You got it.

FM19Canach: Incarceration is hard. I don’t mind the isolation, but the children chanting “karka killer” grows tiresome.

FM20Canach: I met Scarlet briefly when she went by the name Ceara. She treated me with slight regard then, as well.

FM21Canach: The Consortium isn’t likely to forget about me. Thankfully, I’m safe here, so that won’t be an issue until my release.

FM22Canach: I am here until my time is served or someone buys my billet. Given my popularity, I expect to serve the full sentence.

FM23Sheriff Siriam: It all happened so fast. Scarlet’s minions were everywhere. They had out backs to the wall from the very beginning.
Sheriff Siriam: One of them broadcast Scarlet’s voice. She said, “Vacation’s over, Mai. I have work for you in the Mists.”
Sheriff Siriam: The invaders took Mai to a portal outside. They had to fight past a squad of Lionguard to get there. And two strangers.
Sheriff Siriam: A golem and a norn lad with a fearsome mace. After Mai entered the portal, the golem went after her.
Sheriff Siriam: The norn shouted for it to stop, but it wouldn’t. It declared “Leave me alone! I know what I’m doing!” and actually ran faster.

FM24Sheriff Siriam: So, Canach, why didn’t you escape with Mai? In all this confusion, it would have been easy for you.
Canach: Scarlet’s forces didn’t even glance my way. I should be offended, but for once I’m glad to have been overlooked.
Canach: Yes, Scarlet and I share a certain… fixation on self-determination, but we are not natural allies.
Canach: I seek to define my role in this world. She seeks to tear this world down and use the rubble as her throne.
Canach: I’ve seen eyes like hers… in the mirror. She’s not in control. Whatever drives her is destroying her day by day from within.
Canach: But the truth is, I did not wish to escape. I’ve made more than my share of mistakes already.
Canach: I’m determined to serve my time and pay my debt. And even more determined not to put myself in this position again.

FM25Sheriff Siriam: I hope Magnus put guards on that portal. We don’t have the forces to pursue Mai, but we can keep her from coming back.

FM26Sheriff Siriam: I take full responsibility for the breakout. My deputies are beyond reproach. They kept things from being much worse.

FM27Sheriff Siriam: Canach continues to be a model prisoner. I hope that means he learned something after the debacle on Southsun Cove.

FM28Sheriff Siriam: Magnus has to make Scarlet our only priority. She can’t be allowed to keep targeting Lion’s Arch with impunity.

FM29Sheriff Siriam: I’m surprised Scarlet didn’t spring Canach as well. They seem like a good fit, though he really hates hearing that.

FM30Vigil Crusader: Those gates are something.
Vigil Crusader (2): Asura technology, astounding and inventive.

FM31Lionguard: The Lionguard is the place for me.
Lionguard (2): And me.

FM32Citizen: The Lionguard better be watching for Inquest. They’re hiding in plain sight! (sniff) I can smell ‘em.

FM33Citizen: Let’s not speak of this.

FM34Citizen: I think I need one of those for my lab.

FM35Worker: Who needs dredge miners or heavy machinery? We’ve got this covered.
Worker (2): You got it covered, little man. All I’ve got is a crick in my back.

Worker (2): I came to this city to make a name for myself, not break rocks.
Scholar: I presume you mean a name for yourself as a warrior?Worker (2): Yeah, that’s right.
Scholar: Don’t despair. Some guild will notice you hammer-swinging technique and sign you up.

FM37Lionguard: I like pancakes. And they like me.
Lionguard (2): Indeed they do.

FM38Lionguard: I’ve been to the south and back. Not good.
Lionguard (2): Pirates?
Lionguard: And undead.
Lionguard (2): Ouch.

FM39Lionguard: All the pondering I do about life really works up a killer appetite.
Lionguard (2): You ponder?
Lionguard: Slowly, but yes.

FM40Citizen: Didn’t Rytlock fight in the Zaishen battle a long time ago?
Citizen (2): I heard about that. He and the human captain and that sylvari twig lit up the place.
Citizen: I’m sure Rytlock carried the other two, Ever seen him fight? Brutal!

FM41Villager: You see those dancing girls they got in town?
Villager (2): Which ones? The krytans, or the sylvari?
Villager: Those norn women.
Villager (2): I think you’ve been on the farm too long.

FM42 Worker: I need some help with my working song.
Scholar: What have you got so far?
Worker: “We have to dig, dig, dig, dig all day long.”
Scholar: You’re right: It’s not quite there yet.

FM43WorkerThis job makes me nervous.
Worker (2)Why? we’re just diggin’ up rocks.
Worker: Dwarves dug too deep, and now…there are no dwarves.
Worker (2): I think you should work more and think less.

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