Might and Main

“I’m taking Asgeir’s lead. I’d rather reach for my dream and die than live and fade away.”

MAM01Wolfborn: Good to see you! When’s your son breaking Jormag’s tooth?
Local: I thought you heard. Fool boy tried, but got drunk first.
Wolfborn: What? Why?
Local: Why else? To impress women. Too bad he ended up making a Jormag’s sized mess.

MAM02Mist Warrior Qigga: Recruiter here. If you have questions about the Mist War, I’m all ears.

MAM03Mist Warrior Hjalla: Just do it! Join the battle for the Mists and put your muscles to good use.

MAM04Mist Warrior Hurstag: Ho there! Come play with us in the Mists! There’s a war on.

MAM05Adventurer: You there. How do I get to the Mist War?
Mist Warrior Hjalla: You have to go to Lion’s Arch to find the portal. You looking to build your legend?
Adventurer: Yeah, I heard the true battle between good and evil happens in the Mists. I’m ready for a real challenge.

MAM06Elder: Tell me what you hunt today.
Hunter: Nothing. I’m off to pay respects to the Spirits.
Elder: Huh. Time was I could visit the hallows daily, but not with these knees.
Hunter: That’s a shame. I’ll ask the Spirits to watch over you.

MAM07Local: I’m taking Asgeir’s lead. I’d rather reach for my dream and die than live and fade away.
Local (2): You think he reached his dream?
Local: Oh, yes. He showed us we could fight the dragon. If I can make my mark like that, I’ll die with a smile.

MAM08Wolfborn: You, listen to what I have to say.
Wolfborn: This will not do!
Wolfborn: Bah, I’m done with this.

MAM09Local: You stand here so much I’m starting to think you don’t do anything else.
Local (2): Aye. The Might and Main is my second home. Look at it!
Local (2): Crisp snow, the bite of frozen air, the painful screams from the fighting pit.
Local: You’re such a norn.

MAM10Wolfborn: Sigfast and I go way back.
Hunter: Yeah?
Wolfborn: Yeah, he got me into the Wolfborn.

MAM11Local: I swear, he was wearing nothing but a helmet!

MAM12Local: Coin wagering. Bah! There’s no pride in that.
Local (2): Speak for yourself! I’d fight for glory and take their money. I’ve plenty of uses for coin.

MAM13Wolfborn: Think Eir will return to adventuring one day?
Wolfborn (2): Of course she will. She’s norn!

MAM14Local: I’ve heard that Skarti Knutsson is torn between his father and his brother over something, but it’s all secretive.