Canton Factorium

“Come down here to spend your gold and gems. It’s our financial and trade canton, Factorium. Merchants and crafters congregate here. Stay close. We heading east, deeper into the citadel.”

Canton Factorium is the mercantile area of the charr. The factorium opens up to the mustering grounds with one of two physical gates out of the Black Citadel. Here many heroes to the charr are immortalized in metal.

Memorial Quadrant

CF01Plebeian: You’ve heard the old saying about not beating your head against a brick wall?
Blomm: Absolutely. It’s better to pull out the one brick that brings the whole thing down.
Plebeian: To my mind, that aphorism describes the charr perfectly.
Blomm: Oh? To my mind, they are quite capable of smashing through said wall.
Plebeian: And yet clever enough to known they don’t have to, and shrewd enough to find the right brick.

CF02Blomm: Step right up, warrior! One gate, no waiting!
Citizen: We need more troops around this gate. I don’t like having a back door to the citadel.
Blomm: I assure you, sir, my gate is perfectly secure! Nothing could go wrong!

CF03Blomm: Please excuse us sir! A few adjustments to the intersticial mana matrices…
Citizen: If it’ll speed things up, I can recommend a good charr engineer.

CF04Blomm: This is a grand and remarkable city, even by asuran standards.
Adamant Guard: The Black Citadel is grand and remarkable by any standards.
Blomm: Of course. I meant no offense.
Adamant Guard: None taken. I just want to make sure you have your facts straight.

CF05Blomm: The problems associated with a city this large and diverse must be enormous.
Plebeian: And yet this place runs as smoothly as a spinning top.
Blomm: The charr are great problem-solvers. Give them one, and they’ll all work it until it’s solved.

CF06Mist Warrior: Don’t be shy. The Mist War needs folks like you.

CF07Mist Warrior: We’re losing the Mist War. Don’t expect someone else to fight it for you.

CF08Adventurer: Tell me about the Mist War. Is it worth my time? Worth the risk?
Mist Warrior: You want to know if defending the world is worth your time? Your life? Go see for yourself. The portal lies in Lion’s Arch.

CF09Mist Warrior: I’m already itching to get back in the fight. I wonder how they’re doing without us?
Mist Warrior (2): Losing. They better send our replacements soon, before they lose our world and everything we care about.

CF10Soldier: You going out for some food?
Soldier (2): Maybe. I’m going hunting. Let’s see what I catch.

CF11Iron Legion Soldier: That girl’s like black powder. One spark and she explodes.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): Just make sure we keep her pointed in the right direction.

CF12Soldier: Hey, I know you. You fought in the arena last night!
Kaven Sharpeye: That’s right. I’m a merchant by day, but I’m a champ in the Bane.
Soldier: Dealing with customers makes you want to hit things, eh?
Kaven Sharpeye: No, I just want to be more than a merchant.

CF13Kaven Sharpeye: You break it, you bought it.
Citizen: The joke’s on you. I don’t have any money.
Kaven Sharpeye: Okay. You break it, I break you.

CF14Iron Legion Soldier: I smell black powder.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): Smells like home.

CF15Blood Legion Soldier: Remember the north?
Blood Legion Soldier (2): We had to melt snow for water.
Blood Legion Soldier: It was so cold we had to double up under the same blanket. Not something I want to do again.

CF16Plebian: Thanks for getting us out of there in one piece.
Plebian (2): Yeah. Even with the truce, I never thought a charr would rescue a human.
Adamant Guard: It’s got nothing to do with the truce. In our city, everyone obeys the same rules.

CF17Citizen: You’ve seen the Rin ruins, haven’t you?
Citizen (2): No. I thought the Searing burned it all down.
Citizen (2): I guess some things never die.

CF18Zyron Hopecrush: One sylvari named Glynneth and one norn called Tallfir. Right? Good. I’m Zyron Hopecrush. You’re with me. I’ve been tasked with showing you around the quarter.
Glynneth: I do appreciate your hospitality.
Zyron Hopecrush: Yeah, well. Sooner begun, sooner over. Take note. To the west, you’ll find the gate to the Lion’s Arch, in case you decide you need to leave. Now, follow me.
Glynneth: Can I ask you a question?
Zyron Hopecrush: Later. There’ll be plenty of time for questions at your destination.
Zyron Hopecrush: We’ll pause so you can admire the magnificence of Iron Legion design. The Iron Legion build this city as their headquarters. We put the Blood and Ash Legions to shame. I’ll give you a moment to take it all in.
Glynneth: Oh, it’s amazing. I was wondering-
Zyron Hopecrush: No time. We need to keep moving. I’m sure you’re both exhausted.
Glynneth: Not really.
Tallfir Winge: I’m fine.
Zyron Hopecrush: Come down here to spend your gold and gems. It’s our financial and trade canton, Factorium. Merchants and crafters congregate here. Stay close. We heading east, deeper into the citadel.
Zyron Hopecrush: This is your stop, Tallfir. Serrated Blade Tavern. The order you’re looking for is up to the ramp over there. I don’t recommend sneaking up on them. Oh, and try to not to drain bar dry.
Tallfir Winge: I make no promises. Thanks.
Zyron Hopecrush: C’mon, sylvari. We’re almost home.
Glynneth: Wait! I have to ask. Are those Ascalonian ruins?
Zyron Hopecrush: (sigh) Yeah. We’ve got a lot of those around here. Don’t look on me like that. We reclaimed this land from the humans. They stole it from us first.
Glynneth: I’m not looking at you like anything. But, now you have a treaty with the humans, right?
Zyron Hopecrush: Not a treaty, no. We have a ceasefire. It’s not the same thing.
Glynneth: Oh, but what about-
Zyron Hopecrush: Let’s get moving. The Durmand Priory is right over there.
Zyron Hopecrush: Here you go. Durmand Priory. These people will be glad to answer your questions. Have a pleasant stay in the Black Citadel.
Glynneth: Oh, thank you so much. Your assistance has been greatly-
Zyron Hopecrush: See you around.
Glynneth: -appreciated.
Zyron Hopecrush: (huff) Tourists. They better be spending their gold, that’s all I have to say.

Canton Factorium

CF19Citizen: Is that trouble making punk back again?
Citizen (2): You’ve got to rip into him this time. Without scars, he won’t remember.
Citizen: I’ll mark him so he never forgets.

CF20Butcher: You want some greens with that?
Citizen: What for?

CF21Soldier: So, the youngest cub says, “You hold him down. I’ll kick him in the ribs.” (laugh)
Soldier(2): I swear. Cubs these days.

CF22Citizen: Sometimes I wonder what the Order of Whispers is really doing.
Citizen (2): They’re watching everyone, but who’s watching them?
Citizen: Exactly.

CF23Scrapper: Somebody hold me back! I’m going to tear him apart!
Citizen: Shut up punk. You are nothing.
Scrapper: Your days are numbered!
Citizen: Pick a night in the arena, cub, or shut your mouth.

CF24Citizen: Stay away from me. I’m not interested.
Citizen(2): Well, well. Kitten’s got claws.
Citizen: Kitten’s got sword, too. Back off.

CF25Barkeep Gallowknot: You want a beer?
Citizen: Beer is for cubs. I want whiskey.

CF26Citizen: What d’ya think of her?
Citizen(2): She’s cute. I like the way she scowls.

CF27Ash Legion Soldier: Ever had to eat leather to survive? I sure have.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): It’s best when it’s well-boiled.

CF28Grunt: We’re done, right?
Grunt (2): Only if you’re happy eating bread. You want steak? Keep working.

CF29Citizen: I went to the Priory once, but they kicked me out after my claws snagged on an ancient scroll.
Citizen (2): Guess you forgot to trim.
Citizen: I left the mark of an educated charr.

CF30Citizen: I’ve been watching the fahrar cubs train. Mine got another scar today!
Citizen (2): One scar today makes a champion tomorrow.