Grand Piazza

“You know what they say: “Lion’s Arch is the gateway to the world.””

The Grand Piazza is the central hub of the whole city; housing the grand Lion’s Statue which was made by different races and cultures, encapsulating all that is grand of the free city.

Note both citizens are skritt
GP01Citizen: Hey! Where’ve ya been?
Citizen (2): Exploring. I found another entrance to the sewers.
Citizen: You shouldn’t go slumming like that. It’s dangerous.
Citizen (2): It’s wonderful! Respectable folks can’t go there, but I wanna live there.
Citizen: If you know about it, the guards have sealed it up by now. Stay up here with me.

GP02Citizen: Will ya look at this? So many people.
Citizen (2): And so much money to make.

Note both citizens are norn
GP03Citizen: We need more sculptures around here. Maybe a hunting scene.
Citizen (2): We commission Eir to carve it.
Citizen: Yes. It could commemorate the Speaker of the Dragon’s death.

GP04Traveler: I just love how well connected we are to every corner of Tyria through the gates.
Traveler (2): You know what they say: “Lion’s Arch is the gateway to the world.”
Traveler: As it should be.

Note Adventurer is human and Citizen is asuran
GP05Adventurer: You know where I can find a temple? I need to make an offering.
Citizen: I wouldn’t know. Gold is my god.
Adventurer: That’s sacrilege! I thought you guys believed in… some alchemy.
Citizen: That’s science. This is business. I’m not here for enlightenment. I’m here for profit.

GP06Traveler: Why do so many notorious killers and brigands roam freely around the city?
Lionguard: Hey. Killers and brigands kept this city alive after the flood.
Lionguard (2): They’ve always been a big part of the Lion’s Arch economy. And it’s charm.

Note Scholar is asuran and Hunter is norn.
GP07Scholar: I’m forming a guild with just asura and norn. It’s called “Brains and Brawn.”
Hunter: Why not sylvari and golems? You could call it “Sticks and Stones.”

GP08Traveler: The product of a genius mind.

GP09Citizen: Oh, Raven, guide me. Give me sight to see the truth of the world.

GP10Gate Technician: I need to run a series of thermalogic diagnostics on the gate later.
Gatekeeper: Any potential problems I should be concerned about?
Gate Technician: There’s a slight possibility of intermittent interruptions in power.
Gatekeeper: Assuming everyone arrives in no more than one piece, I won’t worry.

GP11Traveler: How long will it take to get to Divinity’s Reach?
Gatekeeper: Travel time is instantaneous, ma’am. You enter the gate here and exit there.
Traveler: I need one of these between my house and the market.

GP12Citizen: I hear rumor that Eir herself is in the city. I’d love to see her. A living legend!

GP13Traveler: Why do you charge extra for oversized item? That service should be included.
Gatekeeper: Fine. I’ll even offer free gate travel if you provide me with a lifetime supply of rifles.
Traveler: What would you do with so many rifles?
Gatekeeper: Protect my precious gate from freeloaders.

GP14Citizen: The three orders are at it again, bickering amongst themselves and competing for recruits. They must know something we don’t.

GP15Citizen: I’m surprised it didn’t detonate sooner.

GP16Citizen: Come close. You should hear this.

GP17Traveler: If I track a wounded animal through a gate, would the gate’s energy cauterize the wound?
Gate Technician: I… I haven’t the faintest idea. My ears! What an intriguing question.
Traveler: What do you ears have to do with it.

Note that Traveler is sylvari and Gatekeeper is asuran
GP18Traveler: I hate gate travel. For a split second, I feel completely disconnected from the Dream.
Gatekeeper: It’s perfectly safe. Gate travel was perfected centuries ago. Mishaps are exceedingly rare.
Traveler: I don’t care about centuries. I’m worried about that one second when I’m all alone.

GP19Old Man: I polish my war medals once a month.
Citizen: How nice! I think it’s noble that you honor your past.

GP20Citizen: I love this city.
Citizen (2): Which part? The corruption? The crime? Or the undead?
Citizen: The sunsets. The gardens. The markets. The neighbors saying hi.
Citizen (2): Are we living in the same city?
Citizen: Yes, we are. And I love this city.

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