Reckoner’s Terrace

“I think Caithe is lonely without Faolain. She smiles less often these days.”

The Terrace is the middle level of the grove and it where most of the community meet. It would be the equivalent to a town square. There’s talk about how sylvari train and study, the firstborns, what the Dream can show some sylvari, the relationships of the race, and the very interesting sylvari empathy.

RT01Adventurer: My Dream showed me a portal that leads to the Mists. Are you familiar with it.
Mist Warrior: You’re speaking of the Mists portal in Lion’s Arch. It leads to a great war.
Adventurer: How curious. I believe I’m meant to go there and fight. Thank you.

RT02Citizen: (laugh) It tingles!
Citizen (2): (laugh) It’s the mint that makes it tingle!

RT03Citizen: (laugh)
Citizen (2): Wait, wait. Stop. If you’re going to kill me, let me fix my hair. I want to leave a handsome corpse.
Citizen (3): It won’t matter. The worms will still crawl in and out and in and out.
Citizen (3): I’m bored. Let’s find a traveler and invite them to eat with us.
Citizen: I saw a human and a norn. One of them could be entertaining.

RT04Citizen: I scattered rose petals around the hut and made a special dinner for him.
Citizen: I even brewed a pot of the ginger tea that he loves so well.
Citizen (2): How did it go?
Citizen: Sadly, he doesn’t love me so well. He never arrived.
Citizen: Now, he’s been telling his friends that I’ve been chasing him, like a starving wolf after a sheep.
Citizen (2): That cad! What are you going to do?
Citizen: I’m going to call him to the dueling field and knock the cad right out of him.

RT05Citizen: I think Caithe is lonely without Faolain. She smiles less often these days.
Citizen (2): Her heart is sore. I know I’d be lost if one of you went away.
Citizen (3): Not me. I’d say, “Good riddance!”
Citizen: Ah!

RT06Citizen: I wonder whether he feels the loss of us… the way I feel the loss of him.
Citizen (2): If nothing else, sweet pea, I would imagine that he feels your loss of him.

RT07Citizen: Look at that! That footprint is enormous. Do you think it belongs to a charr?
Citizen (2): (laugh) Either a charr or a baby dragon.
Citizen (3): (laugh) I hope it’s a baby dragon. They’re less frightening.

RT08Citizen: The firstborn sent them on a quest. They didn’t know how long they’d be gone.
Citizen (2): Did they say what the quest was?
Citizen: No. Only that it was important to the Grove’s safety.

RT09Citizen: You assume, my darling, that nothing ever changes.

RT10Citizen: You’re coming with me to the practice field tomorrow, right?
Citizen (2): We’ll be there, cheering for our champion!
Citizen (3): And we’ll toss in a cheer or two for you as well.
Citizen: (chuckle) Oooh! You’re terrible!

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