Trader’s Forum

“Who would have thought a government run by pirates would ever succeed?”

Lion’s Arch is a prosperous city based on the code and law of a pirate haven. The heart of this cosmopolitan is the Trader’s Forum, where the barter of all the grand races allows for a thriving economy under a banner of free trade. There are a lot of talks about the cultures that is mixed and molded throughout the trading hub.

Note Adventurer is human and Citizen is asuran
TF01Adventurer: Hey, which way to the outhouse?
Citizen: We don’t have outhouses. We have water closets.
Adventurer: Like latrines?
Citizen: Nope. They all flow into the same sewer system, and that all goes out to sea.
Adventurer: That’s more than I really need to know.
Citizen: Hey, you asked. Just don’t ask me if anything lives down there.
Adventurer: You’ve got a deal.

TF02Citizen: Well, what good are you?
Citizen (2): Pay twenty gold for two centaur spearheads.
Citizen: Twenty? Yesterday they were ten.
Citizen (2): Today, twenty.

Note both citizens are asuran
TF03Citizen: This is sure better than working on the krewe back home!
Citizen (2): Yes, no more breaking my back for a demented genius.

Note Citizen(2) is a skritt
TF04Citizen: Competition’s getting stiff around here. That ugly ol’ cuss with the booth next to mine lowered his prices again.
Citizen: Now those skritt-heads are talking about hitting us up with a tithe for city upkeep. No offense.
Citizen: You got any grof grass? I got a quaggan that’s begging for it.
Citizen (2): No.

TF05Citizen: I’m looking to hire a guide to take me to Nebo Terrace.
Lionguard: That’s centaur country. Good luck.
Citizen: She’s right. Everyone there wants to come here, and nobody from there wants to go back.

Note both citizens are sylvari
TF06Citizen: Did you see what she was wearing?
Citizen (2): No, I was busy looking at him.

TF07Citizen: Find any bargains?
Citizen (2): Today and every day.
Citizen: Really? I haven’t.
Citizen (2): You have to know where to look… and how to ask.

TF08Citizen: I need an expert blacksmith, and money is no object.
Citizen: I want high quality, low prices, and a minimum of egotistical blather.
Citizen (2): In that case, you definitely want sylvari.

TF09Citizen: Thank you. That was quite helpful.

Note both citizens are asuran
TF10Citizen: Have you ever been to the sewers?
Citizen (2): I don’t go there. You don’t go there. Nobody goes there.
Citizen: I heard skritt go there.
Citizen (2): Well… nobody who matters goes there.

TF11Citizen: When I find that guy, he’s gonna pay.
Citizen (2): I think he’s hiding somewhere in the sewers.
Citizen: Great. Then he’s as good as dead.

TF12Citizen: Have you seen my husband?
Citizen (2): You don’t want to know
Citizen: Drunk again. Great.

TF13Citizen: Who would have thought a government run by pirates would ever succeed?
Citizen (2): Ex-pirates, but I get your meaning. Commerce beats combat.
Citizen: And even defuses long-standing racial biases, it would seem.

TF14Citizen: Did you see what he’s selling?
Citizen (2): By Ogden’s hammer! What savings!

Note the child is asuran and the Lionguard is charr
TF15Child: Your face is funny. All squished an’ weird.
Lionguard: No, your face is funny. It’s like a little raisin.

TF16Doc Halvern: Sickness, flesh wound… there is no ailment that cannot be cured by some of my krait oil.
Hawker Tahrin: Oh, come on. Like that’s going to work on me.

TF17Gorgonis Bonecrusher: Everything’s here.
Gorgonis Bonecrusher: Did you run into any trouble.
Fyr Raggedfur: Nothing I couldn’t handle. I never fail to make a delivery.

TF18Leyah: Hey, do you want to play “ghosts and charr” again?
Jordyn: Only if we can both be charr this time. I don’t want to be some moldy old ghost!
Leyah: Sure, you can be a charr. It doesn’t matter to me what you are. Let’s play!
Jordyn: Monsters!
Leyah: Ahhh! Ghosts!
Jordyn: (panting) Ahh, that was so much fun! I love that game.
Leyah: Yeah, it’s great. But do you ever wonder why our nations used to fight?
Jordyn: I don’t really care. All I know is you’re my best friend.
Leyah: You’re mine too. Just don’t tell my parents. They’ll kill us. (laugh)
Jordyn: I know. Grown-ups act so dumb sometimes. Let’s me rest a minute, then we can play again!

TF19Lionguard: For food, nothing beats this city. Nothing.
Lionguard (2): Hmmm, I hear that.

TF20Lionguard: I heard you quit that asura-sponsored guild.
Citizen: I did. Spent a few months working for them, and that was enough.
Lionguard: Bad boss?
Citizen: I’ll say. I used to think Iron Legion officers were short-tempered and abusive.

Note traveler is human
TF21Lionguard: Where is your group from?
Traveler: Nebo Terrace.
Lionguard: Refugees, are you?
Traveler: Yes. We want to get as far away from centaurs as humanly possible.

TF22Passenger: Well, how… unfortunate. It seems the shipping lanes are not as safe to travel as we were led to believe.
Passenger (2): Bah! Bear curse those pirates. This is why I rarely travel by boat.
Passenger (3): What an interesting experience. I’ve never been plundered before.
Passenger (4): Let’s talk to the captain. He’s responsible for this!
Passenger (5): Do what you like, man. Me? I’m happy they left us in one piece.
Passenger (4): Our things. They’re still down there!
Captain Underheim: Are you sure you can’t spare a few men to retrieve my passengers’ belongings?
Lionguard: Does this armor look water worthy? You’re on your own.
Captain Underheim: If I can have your attention. We’ve got a slight hiccup.
Passenger (4): Hiccup? What’s that supposed to mean?
Captain Underheim: Your belongings have been retrieved. Unfortunately, it was pirates that retrieved them.
Captain Underheim: But we’ll get them back.
Passenger (4): You must get our belongings back from these pirates.
Captain Underheim: Are you sure you can’t offer some help? Ridding the area of these pirates would benefit the safety of everyone.
Lionguard: I suppose I could spare a few men, but I can’t guarantee your passengers will get their belongings.
Captain Underheim: Not to worry, everyone. Your belongings are here.
Passenger (4): It’s about time. I’ve already missed three appointments.
Passenger (4): My pearls! They’re not here!
Lionguard: Well, this is everything we found.
Passenger (4): You! You stole them!
Captain Underheim: Please settle down! What matters is that we survived.

Note both scholars are asuran
TF23Scholar: I need someone with a brilliant mind to assist me in my new project.
Scholar (2): What am I, chopped raptor?
Scholar: I wonder if Zojja is available. She has just the expertise I require.

TF24Scholar: Mapping this city is harder than it sounds. Things change all the time.
Citizen: Any progress?
Scholar: All I’ve got so far are streets and a lot of “under new management” signs.

TF25Sailer: I’ve crossed the sea plenty of times! What did we do to deserve this affliction?
Doc Halvern: Maybe nothing.
Sailer: I just want to get out of here. South, to profitable waters and beyond.
Doc Halvern: I know. So do I.

TF26Worker: What does a sylvari think about?
Worker (2): I’d say no matter what subject, they are astonished and contemplative, wondering and wild.
Worker: I was going to make a bad salad joke, but now I don’t feel like it.

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