Gladium Canton

“The world’s changing. This place is safe. Outside, it’s getting worse.”

The Gladium Canton also known as the Shallows is the under-city of the Black Citadel. It is where those that have disgraced their warband, or have become a gladium by circumstances are sent to live the rest of there meaningless lives. Other races are also sent to live here, as they are not seen as equal to the charr.

It is connected to the Junker’s Scrapyard and the Great Imperial Smelter where the iron is created for the Legions and their war with the threats around them.

Junker’s Scrapyard

GC01Soldier: Trash is starting to pile up near my barracks. Maybe we should start burning it.
Soldier (2): You like fire a little too much. Is there something you’re not telling me?

GC02Citizen: I’m going to make my grandsire as proud as Pyre Fierceshot was of Kalla Scorchrazor.

GC03Citizen: Why’d you have to tell me that? Why don’t you just punch me in the face next time?
Citizen (2): That was my original plan.

GC04Cub: Have you seen the new war machines at the arsenal? They’re unbelievable!

GC05Soldier: It’s not worth the stress.

GC06Soldier: You been to Steeleye Span? Mm. Makes my chest swell with pride to see it stand in defiance against the dragon’s servants.

GC07Citizen: Why do you give the outsiders so much grief?
Citizen (2): They’re weak. I hate weakness.
Citizen: But now they’re insiders. They live here.
Citizen (2): And they have to earn the right to stay, just like the rest of us.

GC08Soldier: Nice tattoo.
Soldier (2): That’s not a tattoo; that’s a battle scar!
Soldier: It’s so detailed; I figured it had to be the work of a talented expert.
Soldier (2): The norn who gave it to me was an artist with the axe.

GC09Iron Legion Soldier: I heard you campaigned out in the for west?
Iron Legion Soldier (2): Yeah, it was miserable. First we had a huge, depressing jungle to slug through.
Iron Legion Soldier: I hate jungle.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): Then we got to a desert with hot, nasty wind and dusty air; it was like a furnace.

GC10Citizen: The guy’s bum! I’ve seen him fight in the Bane, getting scratched up real bad.
Citizen (2): At least he fights. I know a lot of punks around here who are all talk.
Citizen: If he goes back in, he won’t talk anymore.

GC11Soldier: The Black Citadel is both a strategic victory and a technological marvel. The Iron Legion should be proud.

GC12Citizen: You’re lookin’ at him like a slab of beef.
Citizen (2): That’s right. You got a problem with that?
Citizen: Yeah. You’re blocking my view.

GC13Old Soldier: It’s been a long time since I had my muzzle down in blood and mud. I miss those days.

GC14Old Soldier: I’ll never forget the first time one of those war wagons rolled into camp. Right then and there, I know I wanted to be Iron.

GC15Old Soldier: It’s nothing, especially in the long run.

GC16Cub: I learned to know where your weapon is. And the best way to use it.

GC17Cub: I hate those old soldiers! They’re talking rust. We’re ready to become a warband, even if they say we’re not.

GC18Cub: Have you seen the new war machines at the arsenal? They’re unbelievable!

GC19Citizen: Cornered animals are the worst. They have nothing to fear or to lose.

GC20Soldier: My only fear is that I’ll end up a gladium. I’m not so good being by myself.

GC21Citizen: That place is amazing. They butcher a cow and have fresh meat for dinner every night.
Citizen: Yeah. Dinner, red in tooth and claw.

GC22Citizen: I heard some enginner invented a device he calls a “cattlepult.” I’m dying to see it in action!

GC23Citizen: Eh, we should just conquer Orr already.

GC24Citizen: I hate wild animals. Except the ones I can pick up and eat.

GC25Citizen: Magic can be a powerful tool, but no way I’d trust my life to it.

GC26Citizen: This place is beautiful. Be even better without other races tromping in here.

GC27Soldier: Don’t pick a fight with a wild animal unless you know what you’re facing.

Gladium Canton

GC28Vigil Crusader Saxton: Do you have a moment?

GC29Soldier: The only way I ever remember anything important is if it comes with a good scar.

GC30Plebeian: Perhaps you’d like to watch me fight in the Bane tomorrow?
Citizen: You? In the arena? Nice knowing you.
Plebeian: I’ve got six bouts and six wins on my record. How many do you have?
Citizen: Heh. Guess the twig’s growing some bark. Yeah, I’ll check it out.

GC31Plebeian: With all due respect, I think diplomacy and tact are required.
Citizen: What? You think I should lie?
Plebeian: The matter requires subtlety.
Citizen: Better to resolve it quickly, once and for all.

GC32Citizen: Look at those humans. Just a bunch of walking meat.
Citizen (2): What do you have against humans? They’re fighting on our side these days.
Citizen: So? A human’s got to prove himself, same as anyone else.

GC33Citizen: What are you looking at, mouse?
Vigil Crusader: Right now, I’m looking at a charr who’s looking for a fight he may not win.
Citizen: Heh. You’re all right. Carry on.

GC34Citizen: Is it over? Are we through? I want to see you again.
Citizen (2): It’s not you. It’s me. I’m the one who doesn’t like you.

GC35Soldier: My warband is still out in the field. I was dispatched here with a missive for the imperator.

GC36Plebeian: How do you deal with all the threats and violence here?
Plebeian (2): It’s not as bad as the human cities.
Plebeian: You’re kidding.
Plebeian (2): I know when a charr wants to fight. Humans aren’t as honest.

GC37Soldier: As if you could understand my duties. Don’t stain yourself.

GC38Plebeian: How can you put up with it? The anger… the violence…
Plebeian (2): The world’s changing. This place is safe. Outside, it’s getting worse.

GC39Citizen: Where’d all the sylvari come from?
Citizen (2): They’re tougher than they look. Once they set down roots, they’ll make this place stronger.

GC40Plebeian: Welcome to the Shallows! Would you like to buy some leafy greens?
Soldier: No, thank you. Greens are for civilians. Soldiers eat meat.

GC41Adamant Guard: Where’d that coward go?
Citizen: Which one?
Adamant Guard: The one who’s hiding from me.
Citizen: Haven’t seen him.

GC42Plebeian: The locals don’t talk to you like they talk to me. Why is that?
Vigil Crusader: I fought in the arena.
Plebeian: You fought in the arena? Is that all it takes?
Vigil Crusader: It’s more than that, but fighting and not dying would be a good start.

GC43Citizen: Did you hear the Heart warband is in town? They’re passing through, on their way to Diessa Plateau.

GC44Soldier: When I look down into the pit of what was once Rin, I’m awed by the magnitude of our victory.

GC45Soldier: Our warband was on the march yesterday. Today, we’re watching paint dry. That’s the military life, eh?

GC46Soldier: Note to self: make sure we have enough provisions for the next field operation.

GC47Soldier: Only the weak and dumb allow themselves to get killed by a lowly animal.

GC48Soldier: Bah! Those Adamant Guards have no sense of humor. All I wanted to do was test their readiness.

GC49Cub: I can’t wait to jam this weapon through a grawl’s skull.