Interdisciplinary Accessium

“You’re not the krewe responsible for that reactor explosion, are you?”

The Interdisciplinary Accessium is the second floor of Rata Sum.  It is the home of the main commerce and banking as well as the union halls of the colleges. These union halls don’t find much talk since most of the krewes in the city are either up in the Creator’s Commons or their personal labs in the Golem Mines. But there is still some interesting topics.

We hear two students taking about the thaumanova explosion. This is a hot topic with the asura and it is a very important subject that we should learn about more soon enough. Everything is strange there, like water running uphill? “Did you know water runs uphill there now?”
We learn about the Snaff Prize and the competition surronding it. “I gave up on that dream long ago. It’s the same story every year. Either Zojja’s newest apprentice wins or the Inquest steals it.”

We learn a little small piece of asuran history: The Golem Uprising of 1284. In the Council Level, the peacemaker were getting anxious over the amount of golems. And now we hear the golems are acting up again. “Those golems are acting up again. I think they need a complete memory purge.” I will come back to this topic in the Golem Mines since I believe this can connect with something there.

IA01Student: Did you hear about the big explosion?
Student (2): My dad said that the Inquest blew it up. I hate them. They’re mean.
Student: I heard it was destroyers. Did you know water runs uphill there now?
Student (2): No way. That’s incredible!

IA02PM-632z: Enemy-detected.
PM-632z: Error. Code-46: logic-fault. Combat-mode-terminated.
Peacemaker Officer: You have a great day, now!
Citizen: Is that a threat or a prediction?

IA03Peacemaker Officer:  So, what should we do in the case of a golem uprising?
Peacemaker Officer (2): Impossible. The sedition inhibitor prevents any insurgent behaviour.
Peacemaker Officer: And if someone determined a way to suppress the inhibitor?
Peacemaker Officer: Well, then we die or we bow down to our new golem overlords.

IA04Citizen: Those golems are acting up again. I think they need a complete memory purge.
Resident: They don’t actually have a memory. Just a list of directives compiled in a neural nexus.
Citizen: Huh! Well someone should check that, then.

IA05Resident: Have you ever attended a council session at the Ministerial House?
Citizen: Oh my! No! That sounds dreadfully boring. Administrative discussions exhaust me.
Resident: Actually, they’re quite entertaining and enlightening. Participation is encouraged.
Citizen: Participating isn’t really my thing. I’d rather complain about the process afterwards.

IA06Progeny: Initiate the action.
Guard Golem 23 X: Target- reassignment: hostile.
Jode: Tactical retreat, tactical retreat!
Guard Golem 23 X: Warning. Target- escaping. Engage- pursuit- mode.
Jode: Need backup here!
Jode: This can’t be happening.
Jode: Hostile contact.
PM-632z: Withdrawal-mode-recommended. Please-comply.
Pm-632z: Operation-successful.
Jode: Oh, jubilation!

IA07Citizen: Another year, another Snaff Prize.
Resident: I gave up on that dream long ago. It’s the same story every year.
Resident: Either Zojja’s newest apprentice wins or the Inquest steals it.

IA08Student: My brother once threw a rock at the golem that patrols our street.
Student (2): Wow. That’s incredibly stupid. What happened?
Student: It crushed the rock and then carried my brother by the ears back to the Peacemakers.

Dynamics Union 

IA09Dynamics Apprentice: You look exhausted. You’re working too hard.
Dynamics Apprentice (2): You know what they say: “A rotating cog amasses no sporophyte.”
Dynamics Apprentice: You’ve not spent a lot of time in the jungle, have you?

IA10Krewe Member: The stench of hylek emanates from every pore in my body.
Vacc: Tell me about it. As soon as I get home, I plan to scrub my body from ears to toes.
Krewe Member: My ears itch, but I’m afraid to scratch until I was the hylek secretions off my hands.

IA11Resident: How does the day find you, Peacemaker?
Peacemaker Officer: Like every other day, by forcing sunlight between my eyelids.

Statics Union 

IA12Peacemaker: Does the Inquest have any current plans involving the Peacemaker golems?
Peacemaker (2): None that I am at liberty to discuss.
Peacemaker: Just give me some warning before you activate anything.

IA13Statics Apprentice: You’re not the krewe responsible for that reactor explosion, are you?
Krewe Recruiter: Absolutely not. Our safety record is well above average. Those reports of lab incinerations were exaggerated.

IA14Statics Expert Levv: Ahh. I’m glad to be taking a break from krewe duty. The lab has been harrowing lately.
Statics Expert Samma: We’ve definitely taken a hit to our safety record.
Statics Expert Levv: It’s the price we pay for being on the cutting edge.

IA15Statics Expert Samma: Seems like Inquest has set their sights on Opticalium. I’m actually afraid at work.
Statics Expert Levv: Would you rather slog through the swamp, harvesting hylek secretions?
Statics Expert Samma: When you put it that way, I guess a few moments of terror every now and then are bearable.

IA16Statics Researcher: I wonder what will win the Snaff Prize next year.
Statics Researcher (2): New and improved golem designs?
Statics Researcher: You make the same prediction every year.
Statics Researcher (2): And my odds of being correct continue to improve.

Synergetics Union 

IA17Synergetics Researcher: How does the Eternal Alchemy treat you this fine day?
Synergetics Researcher (2): Like a cog wedged into a broken tooth on the main flywheel.

IA18Retired Researcher: You remember the great golem uprising of ’84?
Retired Researcher (2): How could I forget! I spent two days hanging by my ears from a sign post.
Retired Researcher: You should have known better than to ask for directions. They hate that.

IA19Retired Researcher: The magic is in the minutia, as my mentor always used to say.
Dynamics Researcher: What in the Alchemy does that mean, exactly?
Retired Researcher: It means triple-check every detail if you don’t want to blow up the lab.

IA20Retired Researcher: You remember the freak snowstorm all those years ago?
Retired Researcher (2): I remember huddling in the caverns until it was over.
Retired Researcher: A few of us went out to play in it. To this day I’m not sure it was snow.

IA21Retired Researcher: I hate the open air. You know, my old krewe once proposed placing a giant dome over the city.
Resident: I never heard about that project. What happened?
Retired Researcher: Our prototype crumbled while half the council was inside.

IA22Synergetics Researcher: I am absolutely positive someone is attempting to steal my research.
Synergetics Researcher (2): Has someone disturbed your experiments or stolen your notes?
Synergetics Researcher: No. But every morning, my notepad is exactly one micrometer left of center.
Synergetics Researcher (2): That does sound suspicious.

IA23Retired Researcher: So, I said to him, “Those aren’t altostratus clouds. They’re altocumulus.”
Retired Researcher (2): Was he even able to formulate a response?
Retired Researcher: He flung a nag of cloud seed at me. Struck me between the ears. I was deaf for a week.

IA24Synergetics Apprentice: Are you currently looking for krewe members with a background in synergetics?
Krewe Recruiter: Not at the moment, but those types of positions tend to be very fluid. Check back later.

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