Eastern Commons

“Some say she’s ineffective against the centaurs, and that bandits lurk around every corner.”

Ah, the Eastern Commons. At least this place is much more lively than its western counterpart due to the ongoing carnival. But like my ‘pa always said- Hey look its Shiro Tagachi! Again, it will make sense once you read it.

More talk showcasing the uncertainty of Jennah on the throne. It seems the kingdom is divided on the manner. Some like her, some don’t. What do you think? Is she fit for rule?

EC01“Gwen”: (squeal)

EC02“Melonni”: When I grow up, I’m going to be a brave hero!

EC03Alleyway Lurker: You got the money?
Alleyway Lurker (2): Yeah. You got the package?
Alleyway Lurker: Money here. Package there.
Alleyway Lurker (2): If the package isn’t there, they’ll find your body here. Read me?

EC04Beggar: All donations are tax deductable!

EC05Beggar: Bring me your gently used gold coins and half-full ale mugs!

EC06Beggar: Every little bit helps.

EC07Beggar: Good day. Good day.

EC08Beggar: I accept all gifts with a smile.

EC09Beggar: Money for a poor man?

EC10Beggar: Who says beggars can’t be choosers?

EC11Carnival Worker: A real model of human genius and ingenuity, don’t you think?

EC12Carnival Worker: Amazing, astounding, ear-ringingly awe-inspiring!

EC13Carnival Worker: If it weren’t for Uzolan and the sponsorship of Minister Caudecus the Wise, we wouldn’t have such marvels!

EC14Citizen: Cooking tonight?
Child: Yeah. My mom sent me out for eggs.
Citizen: We’re fresh out, otherwise I’d give you some.
Child: Food costs too much!
Citizen: You can thank the bandits for that. Good luck finding what you need.
Child: ‘Bye.

EC15Citizen: Did you get that delivery?
Citizen (2): I did. He does good work.
Citizen: That’s why he’s in business. Hope you like it.

EC16Citizen: Hi, there.

EC17Citizen: How ya feelin’?
Citizen (2): Not good.
Citizen: No more pies for you, then.
Citizen (2): (moan)

EC18Citizen: How’s it going?

EC19Citizen: If we just show the gods-
Citizen (2): Oh, the gods. If there ever were any, they’re nowhere near us now.
Citizen: Your optimism is overwhelming.

EC20Citizen: Morning
Citizen (2): Hello.

EC21Citizen: The queen deserves respect.
Citizen (2): You’ll hear no complaint from me.
Citizen: Some say she’s ineffective against the centaurs, and that bandits lurk around every corner.
Citizen: They say that Caudecus should take the throne.
Citizen (2): The minister talks a good game, but I don’t trust him.
Citizen (2): The carnival’s fun, though.

EC22Citizen: Watcha got there?
Citizen (2): Mmm, bean cakes.
Citizen: Can I have one?
Citizen (2): Hey, look! It’s Shiro Tagachi!
Citizen: Where?
Citizen (2): Simpleton!

EC23Citizen: We need rain. It’s easier to pick off our little equine friends when they’re trampling around in the mud.
Citizen: We could snap their chain of command if we could send someone in deep enough.
Citizen: Easier to hide in rain and fog than beneath a cloudless sky.
Citizen (2): Hey, I like sunny days. See you around.

EC24Len: Those guards ask a lot of questions. I didn’t expect a Seraph Inquisition.

EC25Len: When dad goes to work, he goes to the pub. Weird. He’s not a bartender.

EC26Little Figo: No girls allowed. Only centaurs!
“Melonni”: You’re not the boss of me, horseface! We were here first.
Little Figo: No, you weren’t. I’m gonna knock your butt in the mud!
“Melonni”: Oh, no you won’t. Gwen! Jora! Prepare to deploy cooties!
Little Figo: Get away! Don’t touch me!
“Melonni”: Rawr! I’m a charr, and I’m going to eat you!

EC27Refugee Farmer: You know where a girl can get some work?
Citizen: What can you do?
Refugee Farmer: Well, I was a farmer… until centaurs trampled my fields and burned my house down.
Citizen: No farming jobs in the city. Check the quarters- you might get lucky.

EC28Reveler: Wanna dance?
Farmboy: I heard about girls like you.
Reveler: You’re a charmer.
Farmboy: Don’t try to seduce me with your womanly wiles. I’m leaving!
Reveler: That’s right. Run home to momma!

EC29Serra Birdsong: Join me in the revelry!
Serra Birdsong: Step up and choose a song!
Serra Birdsong: Life is meant to celebrate!
Serra Birdsong: So come and dance along!

EC30Serra Birdsong: Let me play you all a melody.
Serra Birdsong: Let me share with you a gift.
Serra Birdsong: For music carries memories.
Serra Birdsong: That will make your spirits lift.

EC31Town Crier: ♪whistling♪
Town Crier: ♪humming♪
Town Crier: Move along. Move along
Town Crier: Let’s hear it for the Minister.
Town Crier: (coughing)

EC32Town Crier: My job is better than yours.

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