The High Roads

“A proper necromancer understands Grenth and how powerful he is.”

The High Roads are streets  with a statue of one of the Six Gods that the road is named after. Coupled with the Shrine of the Six in the Upper City, most citizens worship and seek guidance in these roads. As you might of guessed this is where we learn alot about how worship works in the human city and what it means to the common man.

Dwayna High Road

HR01Child: I bet I can run faster than you!

HR02Child: I saw this hunter who had a doggie. It was bigger than me, and it said, “Woof!”

HR03Child: When I grow up, I’m going to be a brave hero!

HR04Citizen: Did you see that norn come through here the other day? Now that’s a man!

HR05Citizen: Dragons? Bah! Never seen ‘em. All fantasy if you ask me.

HR06Citizen: Met a sylvari the other day. Curious low, they are.

HR07Citizen: Oh, I like this, but I need to pay the rent first.

HR08Citizen: Oh, there it is. I thought it was lost for a second.

HR09Citizen: Ran into an asura. Called me a bookah. I think she was hitting on me.

HR10Citizen: Where did he… Oh, he’s probably down at the pub again.

HR11Please note that the Elder is a norn
: Moots, are all about singing, dancing, and drink. And you can get by with just drink.

HR12Gossiping Citizen: Do you think he’s taken?
Gossiping Citizen (2): Who, Logan?
Gossiping Citizen: Who else would, I be talking about?

HR13Gossiping Citizen: He’ll take one look at me across a crowded square and be smitten.
Gossiping Citizen (2): I can hear wedding trumpets already.

HR14Maki Starling: Any sharpshooters out there want an opportunity to prove themselves? Do I have the place for you!
Maki Starling: Think you’re an ace shot? We’ll put your skills to the test at Mina’s Target Shooting!

HR15Noble: Dwayna has really been looking out for me lately.
Child: Oh? How so?
Noble: Everything’s just been going so well. I should offer up some prayers of thanks.
Child: She’d probably appreciate that.

Kormir High Road

HR16Agitated Citizen: I was born inside these walls. I’m probably going to die trapped inside them.
Agitated Citizen: I can’t believe it!
Agitated Citizen: Whaddya know? Another problem.

HR17Child: I can’t wait! Tomorrow, I’m going on a field trip with the Durmand Priory!

HR18Child: When dad goes to work, he goes to the pub. Weird. He’s not a bartender.

HR19Citizen: Excuse me, do you have this in another color?

HR20Citizen: Hmm, where to next?

HR21Citizen: Hmm. I could use one of those.

HR22Citizen: I just don’t know what to do anymore.
Citizen (2): Keep your faith in the gods. Ask for guidance.
Citizen: Yes, I know. And I have been.

HR23Citizen: Of all the gods, I think I like Grenth the least.
Citizen (2): Strange thing for a necromancer to say.
Citizen: He’s just so morbid. Death, destruction, darkness- it’s all too depressing.
Citizen (2): You may want to rethink your choice of profession.

HR24Citizen: Oh, this suits me just perfectly.

HR25Citizen: Relax. You’ll live longer.

HR26Citizen: That’s it! I’m taking my business elsewhere! Rather deal with charr than buy from you!

HR27Citizen: Too rich for my blood. Next payday, I’ll be back.

HR28Please note that the Inventor is an asura
Everyone thinks they know better than the experts. Why is that?

HR29Seraph Soldier: You still at your post? I thought your shift ended an hour ago.
Seraph Soldier (2): We all do our part. Loyalty keeps the kingdom strong.
Seraph Soldier: You’ve sacrificed a lot, you know that?
Seraph Soldier (2): If Logan Thackeray keeps doing his part, I’ll keep doing mine.

Lyssa High Road

HR30Child: Last one to Lyssa’s statue is a grawl!
Child: (squeal)

HR31Citizen (2): How are you?
Citizen: Get lost.

HR32Citizen: Did you find out?
Citizen (2): Yeah.
Citizen: Did she?
Citizen (2): Yup.
Citizen: That’s great! Let me know what happens next.
Citizen (2): Don’t worry. I will.

HR33Citizen: I’m in love, but she doesn’t return my affections. She won’t even look at me!
Citizen: I suspect she loves another.
Priest of Lyssa: A quick glance can never show the depths of desire.

HR34Citizen: There you are. You’ve got some nerve.
Citizen (2): What is it this time?
Citizen: Like you have to ask. You’re all the same.
Citizen (2): Hey. What you see is what you get. I’ve got work to do.
Citizen: Whatever. Don’t come back.

Grenth High Road

HR35Citizen: I’m ready for the Mists.
Priest of Grenth: Would you freely abandon something so priceless?
Citizen: Then I’ll meet death on the battlefield.
Priest of Grenth: Go safely into his arms, child.

HR36Citizen: Our duties are to the people, not to invisible wisps of weak ideas.
Citizen (2): That seems a bit harsh.
Citizen: You mourn the losses for your reasons; I’ll mourn them for mine.

HR37Please note that both the Explorer and Undertaker Diarmand are sylvari
: What are you doing here?
Undertaker Diarmad: I work here. I tend to the dead. I’m a corpse collector.
Explorer: You… put dead bodies in the ground?
Undertaker Diarmad: Yes! For some strange reason, most folks don’t want this job. They get squeamish around the dead. It’s bizarre.
Undertaker Diarmad: I guess they don’t like getting their hands dirty. Anyway, if you need any corpses cleared, let me know.

HR38Noble: A proper necromancer understands Grenth and how powerful he is.
Child: I told you I don’t want to be a necromancer, and I don’t care about Grenth.
Noble: That’s just a phase. Once you grow out of it, you’ll be glad I made you listen.
Noble: Now pay attention.

HR39Shining Blade Guard: How’s work?
Lakish: It pays.
Shining Blade Guard: Just be careful. If things get ugly, we’ve got your back.

Balthazar High Road

HR40Citizen (2): Guess who’s in town? More charr. And another charr mercenary howling threats at everyone.
Citizen: I’m sick of this crap. The charr want to fight on the battlefield, fine. I don’t want ‘em fightin’ in the streets.
Citizen (2): I lost friends to the charr. We don’t need bloodshed in the city.
Citizen: Hey, if that mercenary wants to start trouble, he’ll get it. We’ll shed some blood, all right.

HR41Citizen (2): When I was a kid, the worst we ever did was tip cattle.
Citizen: Heh. When I was a kid, we never had cattle. We didn’t even have pigs.
Citizen (2): It wasn’t like it is now, with all the killing. Disgraceful.

Melandru High Road

HR42Citizen: Hello.
Citizen: Where does the ministry convene?
Seraph Soldier: City center. You can’t miss it.
Citizen: Thanks.
Seraph Soldier: Don’t disturb the ministry during proceedings. Anyone caught disrupting politics will be publicly flogged.
Seraph Soldier: Just kidding. Minister Caudecus outlawed flogging months ago.
Citizen: Uh…
Seraph Soldier: Have fun now. And stay out of trouble!

HR43Citizen: How are you?
Citizen (2): Great. You?
Citizen: Can’t complain.

HR44Citizen: I’m worried about the queen.
Citizen (2): Centaurs or bandits?
Citizen: Why hasn’t she married? And what happens if she falls ill… or dies… or worse! Who would rule the kingdom?
Citizen (2): I’m sure she’ll find a just king. If she doesn’t, she can always settle for me.

HR45Priest of Melandru: What troubles you?
Citizen: My crops are failing. My cows aren’t giving milk. My children are starving!
Priest of Melandru: War is hardest on the gentlest souls.
Priest of Melandru: Melandru has felt your hand in the soil. Tend your land. As the seasons change, so will your fate.

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