“Brothers! The humans cower in wooden shacks and whisper to their children that we will butcher them. And they are right!”

Village of Shaemoor

Q1Jorbin: Have you see the mayor doing anything strand lately?
Caleb Jones: Why? You want his job?
Jorbin: No! I just care.

Q2Jorbin: How can we help him?
Dornus: Who?
Jorbin: The mayor.
Dornus: Take care of the bandit problem and we’ll all feel better.

Q3Jorbin: What level of insanity is acceptable in politics?
Seraph Guard: All politicians are crazy. Just accept the fact and get on with life.

Q4Jorbin: The mayor looks tired.
Loralei: He’s got a tough job, but even with all the stress he’s okay, right?
Jorbin: I think we should keep an eye on him.

Q5Jorbin: You think I could do a better job running this town?
Yuna Trinn: One foot after the other. It’s easy to forget the world’s problems when you only focus on your next step.
Jorbin: I’m not sure that answered my question.

Q6Villager: Lock your kids in at night. That’s when bandits are at their boldest.
Villager (2): Blasted bandits! Who wants kids underfoot all evening?

Q7Villager: Captain Thackeray must be dedicated to make rank so young.
Villager (2): I know! Too bad he only has eyes for the queen.
Villager (3): I’m not sure I trust him. He’s too good looking. Too handsome, too slick.
Villager: You would say that.

Q8Villager: Your son joined the Seraph, didn’t he?
Villager (2): Yes, but I haven’t heard from him in months. I’m worried sick.
Villager: He’s stationed in the old Ascalon settlement, isn’t he?
Villager (2): Yes. Last we heard, the centaurs were making a push down from the north.
Villager: The next letter you send, tell him we’re all very proud of him here in Shaemoor.

Q9Villager: I hear the sylvari live beneath a giant tree that’s the size of a city.
Villager (2): What I wouldn’t give to see that.

Q10Villager: I have to head into the city later to pick up some new tools.
Villager (2): Mind if I join you? I have a few errands to run myself.

Q11Villager: I’ve never actually spoken to a norn. They intimidate me.
Villager (2): They aren’t so bad, once you get past all the shouting.

Q12Gravekeeper Dumpy: Four, five, six… Why am I counting the graves again!
Gravekeeper Dumpy: You never know when one might go missing!
Gravekeeper Dumpy: They can do that? Just climb out and shamble off?
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Well, not like that. That would be crazy!
Gravekeeper Dumpy: The weeds need watering again.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: You mean, the flowers. The flowers need watering.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: What’d I say?
Gravekeeper Dumpy: What was that? I heard a noise.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Just your imagination, stupid. Don’t be such a scared moa!
Gravekeeper Dumpy: I’m not afraid of nothin’. Well, maybe bandits, and bats… and mustaches.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Did you pull the weeds and water the flowers?
Gravekeeper Dumpy: (heavy sigh) Pull weeds, water flowers. Pull weeds, water flowers.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Did you dig the new grave? No? Well, I guess I’ll have to do it.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Watch out! The bats are back.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: What bats? I don’t see any bats.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Are you batty? They’re everywhere!
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Only in your belfry.

Q13Villager: Food prices are rising.
Villager (2): Everything’s scarce with all the raiding going on.

Q14Villager: You got the stud?
Villager (2): Depends. You got the gold?
Villager: I think you know the answer.

Q15Villager: What’s with all the bandit incidents?
Villager (2): Those guards need to drink less and do their job!

Q16Villager: Maybe I should join the bandits.
Villager (2): “Maybe I should join the bandits”. Do you realize how naïve you sound?
Villager (2): You don’t just “join” the bandits. They’re not a social club.
Villager (2): They’re a buncha thieving murderers!
Villager: Geez! Can’t a guy dream of a better life?

Q17Villager: Have you see my dog?
Villager (2): No, is he loose again?

Q18Villager: Have you ever actually travelled by asura gate?
Villager (2): A few times. It’s a strange sensation, but totally safe. Or so I’m told.

Q19Villager: I swiped some rations from the Seraph.
Villager (2): They’re too busy fighting ponies to notice, I bet.

Q20Seraph Soldier: Why do the centaurs keep attacking, anyway?
Seraph Soldier (2): To get our apples.
Seraph Soldier: I’m serious. This war has been going forever. Do we even know why it started?
Seraph Soldier (2): And I tell you it’s the apples. They’re worth fighting for.

Q21Villager: I’m going to meet my future husband this year. The fortune-teller said so.
Villager (2): Lemme guess, he’ll be rich as a merchant, strong as a Seraph, and smart as a scholar.
Villager: Exactly! Do you know where I can find him?
Villager (2): In your dreams.

Q22Villager: Oh dear. I don’t know what I’d do if I saw a bandit.
Villager (2): For all you know one of your friends could be moonlighting as one.

Q23Child: Betcha can’t catch me!
Child (2): You just watch. I’ve been training all week!
Child: I’ve seen siege turtles faster than you!
Child: Hey, what’s that?
Child: (laugh)
Child (2): (squeal)
Child (2): All right, I surrender!
Child: Success!
Child (2): Okay, you be the asura, and I’ll be the charr.
Child: I wanna be the charr.
Child (2): No way. You’ve got the bigger ears.
Child: Fine, you be the hairy, oversized cat, then.
Child (2): Prepare to suffer!
Child: Oh, man. This just isn’t my day.
Child (2): That’s far enough.
Child: Do your worst!
Child: All right, I surrender!
Child (2): (squeal)
Child: (laugh)
Old Woman: That’s enough.
Old Woman: Ah, now that’s a view.
Child: Wow. I bet I can see all of Tyria from here.
Child (2): Wow, pretty!

Q24Nicholas: I’ll be Logan.
Bertie: I want to be Zojja.
Catherina: Zojja’s a girl.
Bertie: So what?
Lulu: He can be Zojja if he wants. I’m Caithe.
Nicholas: I will serve Queen Jennah until I die!
Lulu: Quit stepping on my leaves, or the queen will be lonely pretty dang soon.
Roger: Rrrrawwrrrr. Quit fighting. We have a dragon to kill!
Lulu: Rytlock, you need to use your magic sword, and Eir, you better get your axe.
Nicholas: I’ll give the orders here. I’m Captain Logan Thackeray of the Mighty Seraph.
Catherina: Norns don’t take orders from nobody. Just so you know.
Nicholas: It’s the enemy!
Lulu: Run away!
Bertie: Boop boop beep biddle dee breep. (whistle)
Lulu: What are you doing, Zojja?
Bertie: I’m talking to my golem. I’m teaching it how to make cheese and pickle sandwiches.
Catherina: You really are a genius, little one.
Nicholas: I’m hungry.

Q25Ande: I’m gonna get you, chicken!

Q26Villager: Centaurs were right at this very spot.
Villager (2): I can almost smell them. Filthy barn animals.
Villager: They would’ve burned Shaemoor to the ground if we hadn’t fought them off.

Shaemoor Garrison

Q27Seraph Soldier: What happened to those burned-out farms?
Seraph Soldier (2): That was a bad one. Centaur horde pushed north, burning everything in its path.
Seraph Soldier: Did you see action?
Seraph Soldier (2): Worst day of my life. Cost me my best friend and nearly both legs.

Q28Seraph Soldier: How many centaurs do you think you’ve killed?
Seraph Soldier (2): I don’t think, I know. One hundred sixty-seven.
Seraph Soldier: You keep track? Why?
Seraph Soldier (2): Because I plan to kill ten of those centaurs for every friend I’ve lost.

Q29Seraph Soldier: Do you think we have to go on patrol because the captain dislikes us?
Seraph Soldier (2): No. I think he just doesn’t like to walk himself.

Q30Seraph Soldier (2): Did you hear that? Sounded like hooves.
Seraph Soldier: Well, this is farm country. Probably a cow. Maybe even a moa.

Q31Seraph Soldier: Why do you think they hate us?
Seraph Soldier (2): Do they need a reason? They’re centaurs.
Seraph Soldier: They must have a reason. They’re not animals.
Seraph Soldier (2): Aren’t they?

Q32Seraph Soldier: Divinity’s Reach sure looks beautiful at night.
Seraph Soldier (2): They must burn an awful lot of candles. No wonder our rations get cut short.
Seraph Soldier: I like seeing it all lit up.

Q33Seraph Soldier: How did you end up at the garrison?
Seraph Soldier (2): Just unlucky, I guess. I really wanted to protect the queen.
Seraph Soldier: We protect her city. Someone has to do it.
Seraph Soldier (2): Just not quite the same on this side of the city walls.

Q34Villager: I dropped off a pie for you earlier, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Ryder: You know I can’t take bribes, ma’am.
Villager: It’s not a bribe. It’s a thank you for keeping us safe.
Lieutenant Ryder: Then I’ll share it with the other tonight. Thank you.

Q35Seraph Soldier: The night sky brings back memories.
Seraph Soldier (2): Of?
Seraph Soldier: My first skirmish. Hostiles rode up from the south, eyes glowing like fire.
Seraph Soldier: I lost a lot of friends that battle.

Q36Seraph Soldier: This is where centaurs swarmed the garrison and cut me off from my unit.
Seraph Soldier (2): What happened?
Seraph Soldier: I died! What do you think happened? I fought through a dozen of those animals to reach safety.
Seraph Soldier: Lost so much blood I fainted just past the gate.

Shaemoor Fields

Q37Seraph Guard: Fighting men need to look good to feel good.
Lieutenant Francis: That’s why I became a guard and not a criminal.

Seraph Guard: Work, work, work. Where’s the fun in that?
Lieutenant Francis: Fun is getting to spend your hard-earned pay. Remember that, and you could even end up like me.

Q38Seraph Guard: Bandits bother me.
Seraph Guard (2): It’s tough times. A guy’s gotta eat somehow.

Q39Seraph Guard: Patrolling is difficult. So many different things to watch.
Seraph Guard (2): You’re doing it wrong. Take in everything in at once and look for disturbances in the patterns.
Seraph Guard: Oh.

Q40Lieutenant Francis: We should be with Logan. No offense to you guys, but Logan is where the action happens.
Seraph Guard: I’ve seen more combat in a day than he’s seen all year.
Seraph Guard (2): More combat? More food, maybe.

Q41Seraph Guard: When do we kill more bandits?
Lieutenant Francis: Killing by itself is a terrible motivation for action. It needs context.
Seraph Guard: Fine. When do we get to kill more bandits to “defend our homes and property?”

Q42Farmer Eda: Most people don’t realize trees are male and female. If you don’t have both… no fruit.
Farmhand Paris: Yeah, I don’t think about that too much.

Q43Farmer Eda: Check for punctures. Spiders like to inject eggs into the cores.
Farmhand Paris: Yeah, wouldn’t want to taste that!

Q44Farmer Eda: I can’t bear the thought of selling the farm. Too many memories.
Farmhand Paris: Mmm-hmm. And hey, without you running things there’d be a serious pie shortage.
Farmer Eda: Best time to pick an apple is right before it falls. Too soon and its tart. Too late and it’s bruised.
Farmhand Paris: I hate bruised apples, but I don’t mind the tart ones.

Q45Farmer Eda: Some farmers use sylvari workers during the growing season. I want to look into that.
Farmhand Paris: I hear they’re great at getting crops to grow.

Q46Villager: I admire Eda. She keeps that orchard running ever after she lost her husband.
Villager (2): Yeah, and now her trees are infested with spiders. Fortune doesn’t smile on that woman.

Q47Worker: Nothing’s as soothing as the sound of healthy pumps.
Worker: That’s right, my children. Carry the water where it’s needed!

Q48Worker: I hate the night shift.
Worker (2): It’s not so bad. I like the quiet.
Worker: Sometimes it’s too quiet. Creeps me out. What if bandits or assassins are lurking about?
Worker (2): Or dragons! You should hear how ridiculous you sound. Get back to work already, will you?

Q49Worker: Beautiful night.
Worker (2): Don’t even think about it. I don’t date coworkers.
Worker: Easy. I just like the stars. Makes me think about our place in the universe.
Worker (2): You should think about cracks in the pipes and if they’re spreading.

Q50Seraph Soldier: Any problems to report?
Worker: Pumps at full capacity.
Seraph Soldier: Until the next attack, huh?
Worker: They do keep us busy. You too, I bet.

Q51Worker: Even when I was a kid, I knew I would end up in waterworks.
Engineer Dalin: That’s some dedication there.

Western Divinity Dam

Q52Worker: I think we’ve got another leak over on the east side.
Worker (2): Just one? Must be a slow day.

Q53Worker: This is a thankless job.
Worker (2): Maybe so, but we’re all that stands between Shaemoor and a massive flood.

Q54Worker: This is tough work.
Worker (2): And the harpies don’t make it any easier.

Q55Worker: Bandits attacked the pump house again.
Worker (2): You sound surprised.

Q56Worker: Bandits, centaurs, and now harpies. Feels like the whole world is against us.
Worker (2): That’s because the whole world is against us.
Worker: Plenty of other races have their troubles… take the norn, for instance.
Worker (2): I don’t see any norn up here fixing this dam.

Q57Worker: If I was in charge, I’d solve this harpy problem… with kicking!

Queen’s Forest

Q58Valerius Woodlin: I can’t get the sound of the buzzing out of my head! Argh!

Q59Bry: Many a might beast has succumbed to my might.
Grismettle: That reminds me. Did I tell you my wife is pregnant?
Bry: How does that remind you of your wife?

Q60Lodgemaster Carthage: I almost have enough skins to make a coat and shoes for the wife.
Grismettle: I’m saving mine for the baby.
Lodgemaster Carthage: Skins are good.

Q61Bry: They called me “bug hunter” when I was a kid.
Lodgemaster Carthage: Oh-ho! Big man.

Q62Bry: We should go hunt us some centaurs.
Lodgemaster Carthage: They in season?
Bry: They’re always in season. There’s a war on.

Altar Brook Vale

Q63Seraph Soldier: You know what I could go for right now?
Seraph Soldier (2): What’s that?
Q64Seraph Soldier: A big slice of my mother’s marionberry pie.
Seraph Soldier (2): Yeah, I doubt if my pigs would even touch the slop out here.

Township of Claypool

Q65Sergeant Soto: Pick up a rifle and get in formation. Remember, don’t release your shot until the order is given.
Rifle Drill Sergeant: Take aim…
Rifle Drill Sergeant: Hold…
Rifle Drill Sergeant: Fire!
Rifle Drill Sergeant: Not bad. Not bad at all. Let’s keep at it.
Sergeant Soto: It’s not enough to hit the target! You must learn to hold until commanded!

Q66Sergeant Soto: That rifle is property of the Seraph! You can’t just walk off with it!

Q67Sergeant Neal: Pick up a training sword if you want to train. Wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt.
Sword Drill Sergeant: Come on! That’s way too slow! Try attacking me as I LOWER my guard.

Q68Sergeant Liddy: Show these whelps how it’s done. Pick up a shield and get in there.
Shield Drill Sergeant: You’ll never block me like that! Try raising your shield just as I launch my attack.
Sergeant Liddy: Good! That’s how you black an attack. Again!

Q69Elder: Things were different back in my day.
Villager: Were they any better?
Elder: Not really.

Q70Villager: The craft fair is a good place for a family gathering.
Villager (2): Oh, yes! I think so too.

Q71Villager: Why do we need extra wheat?
Villager (2): I told you. My sister’s family is coming down from Shaemoor.
Villager: We should go there instead.
Villager (2): And risk getting robbed? Or worse? No thank you!

Q72Villager: The trade caravans are getting unreliable.
Villager (2): Damn centaurs.

Q73Amela: I hear there’s good money workin’ for the Inquest.
Villager: Hmm. I’m not sure.
Amela: Please. It’s perfect for you! You’ll be the envy of your friends!

Q74Child: Are centaurs evil?
Lord Mayor Johlin: It’s more complicated than just good and evil.
Child: What’s complicated mean?

Q75Villager: I can’t help feeling that the shadow of the day will become a long, dark night.
Villager (2): Queen Jennah won’t let that happen. She has a plan, I’m sure.

Q76Villager: Your turn to tend the fire?
Villager (2): Nope. Mine was last night.
Villager: Right. I hope we’ve got enough wood.

Q77Lord Mayor Johlin: We’re safe from centaurs here. The garrison protects us.
Villager: Protection isn’t enough. We’re at war! We have to win no matter the cost.
Lord Mayor Johlin: We can’t exterminate them.
Villager: Why not?

Q78Villager: Bet he’s at the tavern again.

Q79Villager: Men are dumb.
Villager (2): Stupid, even.
Villager: Makes it easy for us, though.

Q80Villager: I’m thinking of heading to the market. Know anyone who wants to go?
Villager (2): Have fun.

Q81Villager: We should move to Lion’s Arch. I want to raise a family somewhere safe.
Villager (2): Claypool is safe. Besides, Lion’s Arch is full of charr.

Q82Villager: Centaurs and bandits run rampart out here.
Villager (2): They think it belongs to them. But with the garrison nearby, we don’t have to worry.

Q83Villager: I hear there’s good money workin’ for the Inquest.
Villager (2): As long as ya have no morals, it’s a good-paying job.

Q84Villager: My sister’s friend’s uncle went into that dank cave and hasn’t been seen since.
Villager (2): Nobody went after him?
Villager: Not that I know of. Her friends are too scared to leave town.

Q85Child: Come on! Jump. I did it. It’s easy!
Child (2): I don’t want to. I’m tired.
Child: Captain Thackeray would do it. He’s never tired.

Q86Child: (laughing)
Child (2): (laughing)

Krytan Freeholds

Q87Shady Customer: (whistle)
Sister Liz: Thief! Give that back!

Q88Abbey Brother: I wonder if the centaurs would be less hostile if we shared our beer with them.
Sister Melea: I think they want our land and crops, not our beer.
Abbey Brother: Just a thought. More for me, then.

Q89Sister Melea: I fear for my life every time I leave the monastery.
Brother Gellan: Why is that?
Sister Melea: Centaurs. Such godless creatures. They have no moral compass whatsoever.

Q90Abbey Brother: Here’s a hint: apple peels. A couple handfuls in the keg give a light, fruity tone. Now as no more!
Sister Melea: I wasn’t asking.
Abbey Brother: Good, good. Because my lips are airtight.

Beetletun Farms

Q91Seraph Soldier: Centaurs are honorless beasts.
Seraph Soldier (2): That weakness will be their downfall.

Q92Child: Follow me. I’ll take you there.
Child (2): We’re here.

Shire of Beetletun

Q93Steward Mikael: I’m so happy Lord Caudecus hired me.
Chef Gregory: I would be too if I were you. Actually, I’d be shocked.
Steward Mikael: What are you saying?
Chef Gregory: Just that he’s very generous to give you a job.
Steward Mikael: You know I outrank you.
Chef Gregory: Technically, sure. But the head chef would be lost without me.

Q94Spencer: Hey, let’s play Minister and Queen.
Norma: I’ll be Caudecus the Wise!
Spencer: You mean Lord of Beetletun!
Norma: No, it’s Lord Beetlestone!
Spencer: It’s called Minister and Queen. He’s Minister Caudecus.
Norma: Minister Caudecus let me pet his dog.
Spencer: He doesn’t have a dog. Idiot.
Norma: Oh yeah? I saw him beating up a centaur with his bare hands! He had three dogs with him!
Spencer: Oh, yeah? My parents know Minister Caudecus.
Norma: I’ve been to his mansion.
Victoria: I went to his mansion, AND I ate his food.

Q95Steward Mikael: Beer, ale, wine, food, dancer… Hmm, what else do I need to order?
Chef Gregory: More food, I imagine. You never get enough.
Steward Mikael: Fine. More crackers, then.

Q96Villager: I should speak to the minister. I’m sure he’ll listen to me.
Villager (2): Even if that’s true, I doubt there’s anything more that can be done.
Villager: There’s nothing the good minister can’t do if he puts his mind to it.
Villager (2): Oh, Minister Caudecus and his gorgeous eyes. Those eyes! They permeate my soul.
Villager: Just imagine if we could capture that feeling in a bottle.
Villager (2): We should follow him around and see if there’s a way to do it.
Villager: With magic, anything is possible.

Q97Foreman Saaln: They don’t bother me during the day, but at night those wooden dragons put me on edge.
Thomas Ploit: I swear they move at night.

Q98Dugh: Amaybel. The name rolls of the tongue and fills the cheeks with joy.
Owen: Yeah, I’ve always liked that name.
Dugh: Not too much though, right?
Owen: Seems like a nice name.
Dugh: Okay. Good.

Q99Owen: You should join the Seraph and go fight centaurs. Girls love a guy in uniform.
Dugh: And centaurs love to shoot guys in uniform. No thanks. I’ll find another way.
Owen: Coward!

Q100Dugh: It’s hard to follow someone who’s always checking a mirror.
Owen: Follow?
Dugh: Never mind.

Q101Dugh: I’ve lived in Beetletun my whole life.
Boubeth: How exciting for you.

Q102Dugh: I could see myself marrying a pig farmer’s daughter.
Gloria: You don’t say.

Q103Dugh: I heard about bandits in the west. As long as they don’t come here, I’m happy.
Hermann: Grow some…courage.

Q104Amaybel: If centaurs ever come here, they’ll be paralyzed by my beauty.
Dugh: I’ll kill them before they get the chance!

Q105Amaybel: I can spend hours looking in the mirror.
Chloe: Really? I can’t. Mirrors make me look fat.

Taminn Foothills

Q106Krug: You help ettins work together to crush hoof beasts. Ettins not work good with other ettins.
Ludlow: You mean “ettins don’t work well with other ettins.”
Krug: Huh?

Q107Krug: You not make sense!
Ludlow: I don’t make sense? You leave half the words out of every sentence!

Q108Fat Hands: Me go crush puny hoof beasts!
Krug: No! No go alone!
Fat Hands: Me not scared like you!
Krug: Krug not scared!

Q109Ludlow: I still don’t get what you want me to do. You want me to make the ettins fight? Is this supposed to be hard?
Krug: Me said already. You no listen. You stupid for a human.

Q110Tamini Chieftain: Brothers! The humans cower in wooden shacks and whisper to their children that we will butcher them. And they are right!
Tamini Chieftain (2): We are unstoppable! We go where we will, we take what we will, kill who we will!
Tamini Chieftain (3): The humans cannot stop us, for we are the wind itself! When we run, they tremble!

Godslost Swamp

Q111Lionguard: Whoever decided to station me at the swamp must really hate me. It’s so humid, I can feel my armor rusting.
Lionguard (2): Maybe you’d start getting better assignments if you stopped complaining.

Q112Lionguard: Don’t you ever get tired of following soldiers around, blessing them?
Priestess of Balthazar: Don’t you ever get tired of helping people? No? Well, neither do I.

Q113Lionguard: Have you seen the bugs out here?
Lionguard (2): Neat, aren’t they?
Lionguard: If by “neat,” you mean “heart-stoppingly huge.”

Q114Scholar Taryn: This’ll lead straight into the Underworld, if it works right.
Brother Ral: And if it doesn’t?
Scholar Taryn: I suppose we’ll discover that later.
Brother Ral: Indeed. We discovered what would happen.
Scholar Taryn: Yes, yes we did. Think we should do it again sometime?
Brother Ral: Oh, probably not. That never stops us, though.
Scholar Taryn: When it comes to science, err on the side of curiosity.

Q115Lionguard (asura): So, bookah, how is that whole “praying to a bunch of invisible beings” working out for you?
Lionguard (2, human): I wouldn’t mock others for odd beliefs. Your kind believes the world is a machine.
Lionguard: It is, yes. It’s a terrific structure to be studied and understood.
Lionguard (2): How can you study something as big as the world when your own golem ran off?
Lionguard: It didn’t run off, it just had an unscheduled momentum overload.
Lionguard (2): And you think it’ll return one day?
Lionguard: Yes. It’s only been two weeks.
Lionguard (2): Now that, my friend, is an act of faith.


Watchman Rebec: The fields beyond Shaemoor are Kryta’s breadbasket. Since the centaur attack, citizens are trying to rebuild their lives, but it’s tough with bandits and dangerous wildlife roaming the area. Don’t wait for an invitation, jump in and help them!

Recruiter Donald: Shaemoor Garrison is all that stops the centaur war from reaching Divinity’s Reach. We Seraph bleed and sweat every day to keep it that way, but the constant combat takes its toll. We’re exhausted. At any moment, the centaurs could gain the upper hand. Please, help us fight them.

Watchman Cevin: This area supplies a lot of the materials for Divinity’s Reach and Beetletun alike. There are many threats to the workers, and any damage to them or their livelihoods could impact the entire region. We could use some help to keep things running smoothly.

Sister Kathy: The citizens of Beetletun are harried by the constant threat of centaur attacks. Many have moved to the city to avoid being captured by centaurs, who take their captives to a prison camp in the eastern hills. Tunwatch does what it can, but even the Seraph can be defeated.

Delilah: Humans aren’t the only people harassed by the centaurs. There’s a friendly ettin tribe lead by Krug to the south. They would be powerful allies if we could get them to work together.

Aton Westward: These monks and their theological teachings have been… insightful, but the real secrets are yet to be revealed in the Godslost Swamp. Where else but the ruined Temple of the Ages would we learn what truly became of the Six Gods? We should have the answer already; unfortunately, progress has been slowed by those rifts to the Underworld.

Soldier Tegwin: The city of Claypool is burdened with many of the same problems you see here, at the trading post. Centaurs are near neighbors, and it’s difficult for Claypool to maintain a standing militia being so far from Divinity’s Reach.