The Gardens

“Life is learning. The Dream gives us the what, and sometimes the how, but it rarely gives us the why.”

The Gardens are the lowest levels of the Grove reaching all the way to the depths of Tyria. The Gardens are the residential areas of the city. It is separated into four quarters, one for every cycle of the awakening: Dusk, Day, Dawn, and Night.

We learn about the Nightmare Court and their interaction with the Sylvari. “When the Nightmare Court was stalking us, it was the darkest night I’ve ever known.” We also sat in into some Mentor sessions. “If the Dream knows everything, and we known the Dream, why do we have to study?” and “What is… the Dream?” As always, the sylvari are ever curious, talking about other races such as humans and hylek.

As with the Gardens we learn a lot more depths of the Cycles. “Caithe is a delicious example of those born in the Cycle of Night.” and “Many view the night as a cloak that dampens the senses. Others see it as revealing hidden aspects.”

G01Citizen: Are you going to be on the training field later?
Citizen (2): Oh, not for a few days. I have to focus on my studies.

G02Citizen: Don’t forget! You promised to teach me how to juggle later!
Citizen (2): I’m unlikely to forget. You keep reminding me. (laugh)

G03Citizen: Have you heard? There’s a human in the Grove.
Citizen (2): I heard. I plan to go in search of it tomorrow.

G04Citizen: Have you seen Caithe this evening?
Citizen (2): No. She travels so much, I can’t keep track of when she’s in the Grove and when she isn’t.

G05Citizen: He left yesterday. One minute he was here, and the next, he was gone.
Citizen (2): You’re not surprised, I assume?
Citizen: I sensed his restlessness, though I’d hoped for some warning.
Citizen (2): The wind gives no warning. It blows where it will and takes the leaves by surprise.

G06Citizen: I don’t understand why you’re so angry.
Citizen (2): Do you think the firstborn would welcome your breaking the tenets of the Ventari Tablet?
Citizen: No, I suppose not. But it’s my choice and my responsibility. Why are YOU angry?
Citizen (2): Your choices affect me because I love you. When you hurt, I hurt.

G07Citizen: I met one, outside Lion’s Arch. That city holds many dangers.
Citizen (2): You met someone from the Nightmare Court? And you survived?
Citizen: I did. Others… didn’t.
Citizen (2): What are they like?
Citizen: Members of the Nightmare Court are cruel. They’re capable of terrible evil.
Citizen: When you’re near them, you feel nothing from them but cold emptiness.
Citizen: When the Nightmare Court was stalking us, it was the darkest night I’ve ever known.
Citizen (2): You must have been terrified. How did you get away?
Citizen: We ran faster than those who didn’t.

G08Citizen: I’m feeling twitchy.

G09Citizen: In her eyes, I am dishonored. I cannot even look at her in my current state.
Citizen (2): My friend, you couldn’t help what happened.
Citizen: It doesn’t matter. I failed, and therefore, I am unworthy of her love.
Citizen: I must win back her favor.
Citizen (2): Forget her. You’ll find another love.
Citizen: Don’t say such things. How could I forget her when she rules my heart?
Citizen: I’ll challenge her new love to a duel.
Citizen (2): But you lost to him last time.
Citizen: This time I’ll be ready. I’ll practice until my hands bleed.

G10Citizen: It’s absolutely clear to me. Sweetgrass purifies the air.
Citizen (2): Sage also purifies, but with less subtlety. I prefer it.

G11Citizen: I’ve heard hylek drums recently. If you’re going beyond the Grove tonight, be careful.
Citizen (2): I will. I know the hylek have been restless.

G12Citizen: Please, don’t be angry.
Citizen (2): You have offended me. Something would be amiss if I were not angry.

G13Citizen: The belladonna plant, on the other hand, wishes us nothing but ill.
Citizen (2): It’s jealousy. She’s beautiful and deadly to her enemies, but not as much as we are.
Citizen: Sometimes beautiful and deadly have their uses.

G14Citizen: The charr are two-legged predators. They know only conquest and devouring.
Citizen (2): I don’t believe that. I’ve heard they create as well. Fabulous stuctures of metal and motion.

G15Citizen: The datura bush outside my hut is blooming. Its flowers spiral open.
Citizen (2): I’ve seen them. They have great wisdom.

G16Citizen: They made sure he understood he wasn’t welcome here anymore.
Citizen (2): That’s what happens when you withdraw your oath of fealty to the Grove.

G17Mentor: A whisper in the right ear can kill a culture.
Mentor (2): Language is magic. Words carry power.
Mentor: Choose your words and direct them with…
Mentor (2): …noble demure!
Mentor: For once a vile word has found its mark, there is no cure.
Mentor (2): There is no cure!

G18Mentor: Many view the night as a cloak that dampens the senses. Others see it as revealing hidden aspects.
Sapling: I suppose it depends whether you bloomed during the Cycle of Night, or Day.

G19Mentor: The newborns come in greater numbers every day.
Mentor: I worry that we can’t guide them all down the right path.
Mentor (2): We have to trust in the wisdom of Ventari and nature itself. If they come, it’s for a good reason.

G20Mentor: Tomorrow we will take you to the training fields where you can put your energy to good use.
Citizen: I’m ready now. Why must we wait?
Mentor (2): Before all else, you must learn to conquer your own needs. Food. Water. Rest.

G21Mentor: Wisdom doesn’t translate as easily as knowledge. It must be earned.
Citizen: I feel so ephemeral. As if I still have one foot in the Dream.
Mentor: Your life will acquire substance as you live it.

G22Mentor: You will face four challenges in your travels. Fear, addiction, power, and convenience.
Citizen: What does that mean?
Mentor (2): Just remember it. You’ll recognize them when you face them. Hopefully before, not after.

G23Sapling: How do you know where to begin your life?
Mentor: You don’t have to worry about it. It’s already begun.

G24Sapling: If the Dream knows everything, and we known the Dream, why do we have to study?
Mentor: Life is learning. The Dream gives us the what, and sometimes the how, but it rarely gives us the why.
Mentor: Though your connection to the Dream is a great gift, do not rely on it entirely. The wise sylvari always questions.

G25Sapling: Mentor, where is Ventari now?
Mentor: Where is he? He’s dead.
Sapling: What does that mean?
Mentor: No one knows what death is exactly. The Dream doesn’t reveal what happens after death.

G26Sapling: What is… the Dream?
Mentor: All we know is that the subject of the Dream is life in all its beautiful and terrible moments.
Mentor: The Dream focuses our attention upon the world at large. It expands our awareness beyond ourselves.

G27Warden Watcher: Is there anything I should know?
Warden: Even if there were, I wouldn’t tell you. The Night has a right to guard it’s secrets.
Warden Watcher: Oooh, aren’t you spooky?

G28Warden: Anything interesting happen?
Warden Watcher: Where to begin! The squirrels are nesting, and there’s a turf war going on between crows and gulls.
Warden: And you’re not dead from all the excitement?

G29Warden: Caithe is a delicious example of those born in the Cycle of Night.
Warden (2): She’s a mystery to us all, which is probably why she’s so popular… and so feared.

G30Warden: She told me that the dragon’s corruption has reached the farthest corners of the world.
Warden (2): It’s a terrible virus that weakens all nature.

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