Did you know #1: There was once a golem uprising.

In 1284 A.E. an event occurred, now known as the Great Golem Uprising. During this event, all the golems in Rata Sum became defective.[1] It is somewhat suggested that Snaff lost control of the golems and caused the uprising, however this cannot be proven for now.[2] This has caused much anxiety in many citizens, including some Peacemakers who fear of a second uprising. This event caused the asura to put the sedition inhibitor in all golems.[3]

[1] Retired Researcher: You remember the great golem uprising of ’84?
Retired Researcher (2): How could I forget! I spent two days hanging by my ears from a sign post.
Retired Researcher: You should have known better than to ask for directions. They hate that.

[2] Peacemaker Officer: The Peacemaker golems certainly are functioning well these days.
Peacemaker Officer (2): Not too may hiccups. Remember when Snaff lost control of them? What a mess.
Peacemaker Officer: Don’t let Zojja hear you say that. As far as she’s concerned, Snaff could do no wrong.

[3] Peacemaker Officer: So, what should we do in the case of a golem uprising?
Peacemaker Officer (2): Impossible. The sedition inhibitor prevents any insurgent behaviour.
Peacemaker Officer: And if someone determined a way to suppress the inhibitor?
Peacemaker Officer: Well, then we die or we bow down to our new golem overlords.