Blood and Madness

“Aviator”: I’ve organized a rigorous strategic plan to ensure maximum candy procurement.

“Ghost”: Coo! No, quaggan means, “WoooOOOOooooh!”

“Pirate”: Quaggan’s a piwate. Yarr!

Child: Happy Halloween!

Child: Isn’t my costume the best ever?

Cub: It’s Holler… Hollow… It’s Candy Day!

Cub: Sweeeeeeets!

Kid: For some reason, I feel like running. Wooooooo!

Kid: What are you wearing? THIS is a real costume!

“Mad King Thorn”: Spooky comes, and spooky goes! Get ready, everyone. The black wind blows!
“Mad King Thorn”: Beware of shadows full of fright, for this is the Mad King’s merry night!
“Mad King Thorn”: Dance until your skeletons shake, for on the morrow you may not wake!
“Mad King Thorn”: Fear not! This candy doesn’t make your teeth rot, not even in your cemetery plot!
“Mad King Thorn”: The Mad King has returned! Long live the king!
“Mad King Thorn”: Behave, or I’ll take you back to my Mad Realm with me! (laugh)
“Mad King Thorn”: Mad King says, “Dance!”
“Mad King Thorn”: Mad King says, “Sleep!”
“Mad King Thorn”: Wrong! You lose!
“Mad King Thorn”: Ha ha! Woo hoo! Thou dost please His Majesty the Mad King!
“Mad King Thorn”: Happy Halloween, everyone!

Lunatic Courtier Amabel: By decree of the Mad King, all who approach yon tower do so at their own risk. Ye have been warned.

Lunatic Courtier Mogg: Tick, tock, the mouse ran up the clock, and time swallowed it whole- tail and all!

Lunatic Courtier Onnika: Don’t try for the Mad King’s treasure. You’ll be dead long before you’re rich.

Lunatic Courtier Sumner the Vindictive: If you stop to smell the roses, you’ll never reach the garden. If you eat all the apples in the orchard, you’ll never have a pie.

Golem Assistant: Testing… testing. Hello. Can you hear me? Good.
Golem Assistant: The candy corn we used on the Bloody Prince seemed to daze him, but we need more. We’ll need a living candy corn elemental.
Golem Assistant: And it won’t be easy. You’ll need to traverse the Made Realm and face challenges both within and without that chaotic plane.
Golem Assistant: Best the challenges, and you’ll obtain the elemental. Once you get it, bring it back to me.
Golem Assistant: Its essence will allow us to put that bloodthirsty brat back in his box.
Golem Assistant: And be careful. There’s no telling what wither the Mad King or the Bloody Prince have in store for you.

Golem Assistant: Fascinating. I’m reading conflicting energy patterns from the Mad Realm.
Golem Assistant: It’s like two weather patterns colliding and firing lightning everywhere.
Golem Assistant: One energy pattern belongs to the Bloody Prince. Assuming he’s going after his father, the other has to be the Mad King.
Golem Assistant: This must be what a war between two powerful spirit energies looks like.
Golem Assistant: We can’t let that rage spill over to our world. Please, hurry and gather that special candy corn elemental.

Golem Assistant: Can you imagine how utterly insane that family was? I’m an expert on the Thorns, and this new information shocks me!
Golem Assistant: Executions, deadly pranks, beheadings. And now a bloodthirsty son who was starved to death as a punishment.
Golem Assistant: Just when you think you know history. Makes my progenitors seem normal by comparison.

Golem Assistant: How interesting. I’m seeing a marked decrease in candy corn deposits in the world. I wonder if the Bloody Prince is involved.

Bloody Prince Thorn: How dare you. You struck my name from history!
Mad King Thorn: I would have given it back to you the moment you learned your lesson.
Bloody Prince Thorn: But I died in that box.
Mad King Thorn: What can I say? You were always a slow learner.

Bloody Prince Thorn: I will draw out your death, Father. I learned things in that box. Starvation is a slow, agonizing death.
Mad King Thorn: Oh, you’re still whining about that. I gave you food.
Bloody Prince Thorn: You locked me in there with a mouth full of candy corn! That’s not food. That’s… your ideas of a joke.
Mad King Thorn: Oh, look. The starving boy is being picky. You always were a whiner.
Bloody Prince Thorn: I don’t see why you’re so shocked. Your subjects butchered you. You should be used to uprisings.
Bloody Prince Thorn: After all, you killed your father. It’s time history repeated itself.
Mad King Thorn: So your plan her is poetic irony? Ooh, I’m so scared, Bloody Prince Thorn. (laugh)

Mad King Thorn: I forgot how much your little tantrums bored me, Eddie.
Bloody Prince Thorn: It’s Edrick! Edrick the Bloody! Let’s see how bored you’ll be when I tear you limb from limb, you maniac.
Mad King Thorn: Ooh, getting all emotional, I see. Why don’t you run to home to momma and cry.
Bloody Prince Thorn: I can’t. You beheaded her.
Mad King Thorn: Best birthday ever. What about you stepmother, Estrella?
Bloody Prince Thorn: You put her in a coffin filled with rates and dumped it into the sea! Henrietta was the only one who was kind to me, and you killed her, too.
Mad King Thorn: No, my massacring little moppet. That was you. (laugh) You decided to play Pin the Tail on the Drake with her.
Mad King Thorn: Of course, you literally nailed her hands to the drake. (laugh)
Bloody Prince Thorn: You… stop. Stop laughing! I… I did that? I remember the hammer. All that blood.
Mad King Thorn: Oh, you never liked her. And she bored me. Besides, I was proud of you for that.
Bloody Prince Thorn: Really?
Mad King Thorn: No. You’ve always been a major disappointment.