Project Credit

“The greatest shame upon a norn, is that their story will never be told…”

Project Eavesdrop is a huge undertaking and I can’t do it alone. So here are all the magnificent bookahs who helped me out.

  • Gmr_Leon: For coming up with the awesome name for the project! And for finding most of the conversations in the Western and Eastern Commons, Rurikton, and the Ossa Quarter. Wow dude! Take a break!
  • Vahkris: For helping me and showing support in adding these lines to the wiki.
  • Aikala: For getting finding most of the conversations in The Creator’s Commons and the Interdiscriplinary Accessium.
  • Stierhai: For finding a conversation in The Song Bower that I missed.
  • Stupidbookah: Thank you for bringing to my attention one of the best dialogue that I have missed!